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On Wednesday 06 June 2018, the Corporate Social Responsibility team of Assmang Khumani mine held a socio-economic development stakeholder day to visit the sites of their current projects.

The site visits were attended by stakeholders who included, amongst others, management team members, unions, officials from the Department of Mineral  Resources, councillors and officials from Gamagara municipality, subcontractors associated with the projects and the media.

The aim of the site visits was to introduce the beneficiaries in the communities and to show everyone the progress made with the projects. The beneficiaries had the opportunity to explain the projects to the visitors and comment on their experiences.

During the visit the completed projects of the Olifantshoek second reservoir, 1.7km paved road in Dibeng and Frikkie Meyer Road upgrade were handed over to the Gamagara municipality.

Two enterprise supplier development projects were visited in Deben, namely M-Shex Holdings - a waste recycling company, which is a small black owned business, as well as New Era Woodworks which is a woodworking factory owned by local black youth.

The group was also joined by the Mayor of Gamagara municipality for the handover of the Frikkie Meyer intersection.

The mayor thanked Khumani mine for their contributions in the Gamagara community and especially mentioned his satisfaction with the implementation of the four way stop constructed at the Frikkie Meyer intersection, as this intersection has already claimed a number of lives.

The recent closure of the R31 road, commonly known as the Hotazel road, by mining interest communities, led to the establishment of a stakeholders forum comprising of municipalities, mining houses, traditional leaders, affected community members and former mine workers.

The reason behind the closing of the road was the continuous outcry from communities that the mines are not doing enough to contribute to the growth of the area and that employment and business opportunities are given largely to people from outside the district.

The district municipality, together with the mines, held a second consultative meeting with the concerned group on 05 June 2018. The meeting was chaired by the Executive Mayor of John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality (JTGDM), Councillor Sofia Mosikatsi, who noted with concern that most of the stakeholders who had been invited, did not attend nor send apologies, which in turn causes delays in decision making.

The mayor requested the members to raise issues with respect and also emphasised that any decision that was to be taken should be to the benefit of the communities of the district.

The community members raised concerns about the non-attendance of Dikgosi and some mining houses. They also requested the attendance of the Department of Mineral Resources. They raised a range of issues relating to unemployment, environmental issues, non-compliance to mining acts, corruption and skills transfer, which according to them is not being done to address the skills shortage in the district.

The other main issue raised was the skills development centre, which they requested should be built in the district, because the current one in Mothibistad does not equip the youth with the necessary skills needed at the mines, said the members.

There was also a request from the group that government and the mines should have open channels for communication. They also requested that the solar parks should from part of the forum. The other request was to organise another mining indaba in the district, because the members felt that not all communities of the district were invited or not part of the recently held mining charter imbizo.

When wrapping up the deliberations, the Municipal Manager of JTGDM, Mr Disang Molaole, also emphasised a district approach to resolving the issues affecting the district. He also mentioned that community organisations and municipalities often clash when sending requests to the mines, and that should be avoided at all costs, but that does not mean that community members or individuals cannot approach mines for funding.

The meeting also resolved that mines should prepare presentations which will inform everyone about the total number of local labour force and the skills they possess as well as the number of retrenchments. Recruitment and procurements at the mines should also form part of the next agenda and a presentation from Department of Mineral Resources on legislations affecting mining. All of these should be done in a transparent manner and that there should be accountability by both government and the private sector.

JTGDM Communications


On Tuesday 12 June 2018 a Gamagara municipal worker discovered a human foetus in a plastic bread bag at the traffic circle situated nearby the municipality.


A case of concealment of birth has been opened for police investigation.


According to the Provincial Head of the SAPS Corporate Communication in Kimberley, Brigadier Mohale Ramatseba, no arrest has been effected as yet and anyone with information is kindly requested to contact Captain Boshoff at 083 390 6749 or Sergeant Tumelo Ndenzele at 053 723 9123.


All information will be treated as confidential.



The concept of money - how it works, how to manage it, how to spend it - seems like something we all should be knowledgeable about. However, it is not that simple. When you start earning your own money, you realise that there are various credit and lending options available which can cause you to spend money you do not necessarily have - behaviour that will catch up with you sooner than you think.

Regrettably, financial education is often not taught at home or school, and therefore it becomes all the more important to educate oneself on money related matters from an early age. In light of Youth Day on 16 June, Iemas Financial Services highlights a few important financial principles that the youth in particular needs to be aware of:

 “Many young people apply for a credit card, not always knowing how it works or how to manage it. A good rule is to rather acquire a credit card later in life when you are financially better established, or to settle your credit card debt first at the end of every month in order to build and maintain a healthy credit score” advises Johan Nel, CEO of Iemas Financial Services.

Loans and Debts: “Having a vehicle or home loan from an early age is not necessarily a bad thing as it can increase your chances of qualifying for other debt. The key is to manage your debt responsibly by paying your instalments on time, every time! A good place to start is by taking out an educational loan. This way you invest in your future

Culture of Saving: Save for your retirement when you first start working. Individuals who begin saving and investing in their twenties have a far better chance of reaching financial independence by age sixty.

As South Africa’s largest financial services co-operative, Iemas Financial Services promotes financial inclusion by offering various financial products according to the individual’s unique financial requirements.


Iemas het ‘n langtermyn verbintenis met Hoërskool Kathu gesluit om sodoende meer betrokke te raak en terug te ploeg in die gemeenskap, die leerders uit die gemeenskap en die skool. Meneer Rabekane van Iemas het dit beklemtoon dat dit vir hul gaan om terug te ploeg in die gemeenskap. Vir Hoërskool Kathu is dit ‘n eer om met Iemas verbind te wees en die skool sien werklik uit na die verbintenis met Iemas.

Foto: Mnr. Marais, Mnr. Rabekane (Iemas) en mev. Kasselman, by die pragtige bord van Iemas op die skool se sportgronde.

Laerskool Black Rock wil graag geluk sê aan twee  Black Rock leerders wat na afloop van die Mini Cravenweek in Bloemfontein, vanaf 30 Mei tot 3 Junie, as Griekwas verkies is.  Diwan Muller is verkies tot die o/13 Griekwas Cravenweek A-span en Karst Smits is verkies tot die Griekwa 7's span. Julle maak julle ouers en skool waarlik waar trots!




Foto: Links is Diwn Muller en regs Karst Smits.

Well done to two of Rehoboth Christian School’s learners who entered the Art Competition of Kumba Iron Ore. Ané du Plessis got first place for the Gr 8-11 Art Competition and she received a Canon Camera. Claris Vos also walked away with the first place title for Grade 1-3 Art; she received a Samsung tablet. Well done and congratulations to these two artists who did excellently at this competition! 


Photo: Ané du Plessis.

Photo: Claris Vos.

World Environment Day was celebrated globally on Tuesday 05 June 2018, and Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen mine commemorated this day by opening the Sishen Education Centre at Tamaga Lodge, situated on the Sishen Nature Reserve, outside of Kathu in the Northern Cape. 

The Northern Cape Provincial Government Gazette declared the Sishen mine owned farms Brookes and Bredenkamp as provincial nature reserves in April 2018.

The primary purpose of the reserve is to conserve a representative portion of the Kathu bushveld ecosystem to preserve nature for the benefit of the community.

The opening of the education centre on the reserve creates an awesome opportunity for Sishen to make a positive impact towards environmental education for the youth in the Northern Cape.

The Education centre will be run in partnership with Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA) - an organisation that currently runs environmental education centres (EECs) in a sustainable manner at different locations in South Africa.

Kumba Iron Ore’s CEO, Themba Mkhwanazi, highlighted that with the environmental education centre, the school learners and tertiary students can experience nature, and learn in an inspirational natural environment.

The centre will focus on supporting the learning of environmental sciences and mathematics, and in so doing, assist to raise regional pass rates by nurturing interest and understanding of the world we live in.

“We see this initiative as a long-term community investment project that will uplift the local communities surrounding the Kumba mines - even beyond the life of Sishen,” Mr Mkhwanazi said.

Having become a leading implementer of many environmental education initiatives, WESSA expressed their excitement to be able to start this journey with Sishen mine. WESSA’s Human Resources Manager, Sarah Alcock, represented the CEO Dr Thommie Burger at the launch. 

“The common denominator that unites our two organisations is a genuine passion for environmental education and the impact that this has on people’s lives and the environments in which they live. WESSA has a long-term vision to work with Anglo American in the Northern Cape - to create and maintain a truly special partnership whereby all stakeholders can benefit and prosper.

“Together with the primary and secondary schools in this beautiful province and the youth in the neighbouring communities, the opening of this environmental education centre will have unquestionable impact,” stated Ms Alcock in her address.

Sishen mine is located in an area lush with camel thorn trees – a protected species. In fact, Kathu is home to the world’s third-largest camel thorn tree forest.

The biodiversity offset projects in this area are thus primarily concerned with camel thorn tree preservation. Kumba’s environmental strategy identifies how important nature conservation is to the company and by implementing initiatives such as the education centre, the company aims to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Kumba Iron Ore Sishen communication

On Friday 01 June 2018 women from Tshipi é Ntle mine got together to celebrate the progress made by women in mining and also to commemorate Child Protection Day.
The Chief Executive Officer of Tshipi é Ntle mine, Ezekiel Lotlhare, and the Women in Mining (WIM) forum organised a special guest speaker, Sisiwe Dlamini Mthethwa - Senior HR Manager Human Resource Development Transformation, to address and empower women in the industry that is historically male dominant. She spoke more about the introduction of government legislation, seeing more women pursue opportunities in the industry and and succeeding remarkably.
The women in mining forum aims to empower women to uplift themselves and others to positively influence those around them. During Ms Sisiwe’s speech, she got women to brainstorm ideas that will enhance WIM in the future. She also emphasised unity in the work forum and urged women not to engage in gossips and debacles that will cause conflict around the work place.
The main core strategies that were discussed during the launch were the evaluation of social labour plans, empowering women in mining to lead in a man‘s world (employment equity) and also understanding the current state of the mining industry in order to make a positive contribution. It was only by 1990 that women were allowed in the mine as workers.
Ms Sisiwe got into mining in 2007, while the initiation of women in mining was still seen as taboo, “I used to wear men’s PPC and men’s boots that hardly fit. At the time, I had to adjust, but today, times have changed and there are women’s PPC and the WIM forum is broad.”
Present at the event was also Coach & Industrial Psychologist Susan Bezuidenhout, who got women to initiate physical activities, as an ice breaker to break the tension, which resulted in women opening up and having fun. The WIM committee (front from left to right) : Colleen Daries (Chairlady), Motshidiso Masiso, Athini Njengele and Lerato Mabe. Back from left to right :  Colette van Eeden, Tshepang Mthimkhulu and Granny Phokoje.

The official opposition party of South Af-rica, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has reiterated its call to the MEC of Co-operative Governance, Human Settle-ments and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA), Bentley Vass, to place the Gamagara local municipality under administration.
This comes after Ratings Afrika last week published its latest Municipal Financial Sus-tainability Index, revealing Gamagara muni-cipality as the worst performing municipality in the Northern Cape.
According to Melinda Hattingh, MPL and DA Constituency Head of Lohatla, it does not come as a surprise to the DA that Gama-gara municipality is performing so badly.
“The placement of ANC cadres in senior management positions has, to a large ex-tent, destroyed the operations of this munici-pality. The placement of Moses 'Maserati' Grond, as the Municipal Manager, is a prime example. His lavish lifestyle took prece-dence over dealing with service delivery is-sues and also came at the cost of service delivery. Whilst he has since been removed
tinues his legacy of corruption and mal-administration,” the DA's media release ex-plains.
“Earlier this year, the DA called on Mr Vass to place the municipality under administra-tion after it came to light that the municipality had failed to fulfill its payment obligation to Eskom for outstanding debt exceeding R65-million. The municipality also owes money to other institutions.
“At the last known date, Gamagara owed R62-million to Anglo American after it lost the court case against the disastrous pro-perty evaluations and R7.6-million to John Taolo Gaetsewe district municipality after at least two payment agreements had not been honoured by Mr Grond.
“The municipality is also believed to be in arrears on its repayments to the Develop-ment Bank of South Africa. They further owe at least R14-million to Sedibeng Water. This amount could be more, however, because despite numerous requests by councillors for Mr Grond to produce proof of his agree-ment with Sedibeng, he consistently with-held important financial information from council.
“It is clear that the most basic responsibility of municipal management and the ANC-run
council, ie to manage the municipal finances of Gamagara, have been eroded to a point of no return. As a result, it is the people of the Kathu and its surrounds, who suffer the most. Residents constantly face the threat of load shedding and water shedding. They frequently also have to live alongside sew-age, due to the municipality's failure to up-grade and maintain infrastructure.
“Despite our previous efforts, pleas to CoGHSTA having fallen on deaf ears. The DA will keep on trying to hold incompetent employees, who are mostly ANC cadres, ac-countable and to have the municipality pla-ced under provincial administration.
The only viable chance, however, to really turn Gamagara municipality around is with a significant change in both provincial and lo-cal government at the ballot boxes in 2019 and 2021 - a change that only the DA can bring,” the media release concluded.
The question the Kathu Gazette raises is : Where did all the money go ? Bank sta-tements and audited financials must surely reveal the beneficiaries of huge amounts missing from the municipality's coffers. The-se beneficiaries must be identified and brought to book together with the person(s) who unlawfully authorised these payments.
as Municipal Mana-ger, he still remains as the Chief Finan-cial Officer, and con-tinues his legacy of corruption and mal-administration,” the DA's media release ex-plains.

Foto: Liam Ferris van Hotazel Kollege het op 2 Junie aan die Griekwaland Wes rugbyproewe vir 0/13 te Kimberley gaan deelneem.  Hy het hom goed van sy taak gekwyt en die Griekwaland Wes 7’s span gehaal.  Wel gedaan, Liam!


The Democratic Alliance congratulates the sixteen young dancers from Kathu who made the Northern Cape proud at the recent DanceStar World Dance Masters held in Croatia. They achieved four first place, two second place and four third place awards in the competition, which featured more than 7 000 participants from 30 countries.




It is remarkable that, of the approximately 850 dancers representing South Africa, all sixteen representing the Northern Cape hail from the same dancing studio in Kathu. It seems that the town will no longer be known only as a mining town, but also for the quality of its performing artists.




The performing arts is a valuable sector for the creation of sustainable jobs, but it is sadly untapped in the Northern Cape. With an expanded unemployment rate of 41%, more needs to be done in the province to promote art as an avenue of job creation.




A DA-government will allocate more funding for the creation of cultural spaces, bringing art to communities, and investigate tax incentives for companies that donate to the arts.




We need Total Change in 2019 to build on the performing arts as an avenue of job creation.



Na Rietfontein se sprokie  begin in die Klein Skole liga is hulle nou  hul onoorwonne status kwyt,  hul moontlike deelname in die uitspeel rondtes daarmee heen na die loesing teen Keimoes Hoἕrskool.




Kort na hanekraai het die rugby –en netbalspan die langpad na Keimoes  aangepak om  Keimoes Hoër in hul agterplaas te pak. In ‘n naelbyt stryd het Rietfontein se netbalspan goed rekenskap van hulle gegee, maar moes met 18-16 die knie  voor  die gasheer buig.




Skuins na twaalfuur die middag het die twee onoorwonne rugby spanne mekaar gepak. Die atmosfeer was elektries en die fanatiese tuisskare was bankvas agter die tuisspan. Binne die eerste vyftien minute was Rietfontein geskok met twee vinnige drieë deur Keimoes. Die keerpunt in die wedstryd was toe Rietfontein se losskakel, Anver du Plessis die veld met ‘n nekbesering verlaat het. Dit was ‘n gevoelige slag vir Rietfontein wie span deur ‘n string beserings gery word. As gevolg van hierdie besering moes daar gedwonge verskuiwings aan die agterlyn gemaak word en dit het die span planloos en eendimensieel laat voorkom. Keimoes het die situasie uitgebuit deur taktiese skopwerk en met aanvallende spel Rietfontein tot foute gedwing en veld gewen. In die skrum het Rietfontein Keenan Bock en Renaldo Benn gemis want Rietfontein het swaar gekry. Keimoes het baljaar met die oorvloed balbesit.  Veral die losskakel en die linkervleuel van Keimoes was die angel in hul span.




Ten spyte van die loesing is daar ‘n paar insidente wat ‘n skadu oor die wedstryd werp. Daar was geen paramedici teenwoordig. Toe Anver du Plessis beseer was, was hy net van die veld gehaal sonder dat ‘n kundige sy besering geassesseer het.  Marquin Vries, haker van Rietfontein se kop  is teen die atletiekbaan se randsteen oop gekloof. Daar was net ‘n bietjie water oor sy kop gegooi, die wond met gaasverband toegedraai en die skeidsregter het hom toegelaat om verder te speel. Die speler moet onmiddellik volgens Boksmart vir harsingskuddingstoets gestuur gewees het. Rietfontein se bestuur het hom na die wedstryd na Keimoes hospitaal geneem vir steke. Gedurigdeur was daar geniepsige spel deur Keimoes en laat in die wedstryd het die skeidsregter uiteindelik ‘n Keimoesspeler met ‘n geelkaart afgestuur. Verder was daar geen doodlyn agter die pale wat beteken die spelers kon enige plek ‘n drie druk.




Ten spyte van die loesing van 31-0 gaan Rietfontein op 21 Julie Grobbelaarshoop pak om hul seisoen op ‘n hoogtepunt te probeer afsluit.




Keimoes druk vyf drieë en verdoel drie daarvan.


Huis Jan Vorster oorlede :

Mev. Anna Brunsdon (79) wat die afgelope twee jaar 'n inwoner van Huis Jan Vorster was, is oorlede. Mev. Brunsdon is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley opge-neem nadat sy eers 'n galblaas operasie ondergaan het maar later ook met ander inwendige organe probleme ondervind het. 

Mev. Brunsdon laat vier kinders agter: Mev. Lynette Stander van Postmasburg, skool-hoof by die plaaslike Laerskool, mev. Desiré Lund van Beaufortwes, prof. Alfred Brunsdon van Lichtenburg en Bennie Brunsdon van die Kaap. Ook agt kleinkinders en drie agterkleinkinders. 

 'n Roudiens word Vrydag, 21 April 2017 om 14:00 by Huis Jan Vorster vir mev. Bruns-don gehou. 

Stryd teen kanker:

Mev. Amanda Calitz (58) wat 'n lang stryd teen kanker gehad het (wat ons periodiek oor berig het) is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorlede waar sy opgeneem is toe sy ernstige simptome ontwikkel het weens haar kankerprobleem. Mev. Calitz het haar eerste operasie in April 2012 on-dergaan nadat kolonkanker gediagnoseer is. Sy het sedertdien gereelde behandeling ondergaan; ook nadat daar in 2016 ver-spreiding gediagnoseer is. Amanda was 'n sersant-majoor in die Weermag op Lohat-lha. Hulle het in Februarie 2017 na Da-niëlskuil verhuis omdat familie wat daar woon behulpsaam kon wees. 

 Mev. Calitz laat drie kinders agter asook 'n suster en skoonsuster in Daniëlskuil. 

 'n Roudiens word op Saterdag 22 April 2017 om 11:00 in die NG. Kerk op Post-masburg vir mev. Calitz gehou. 

 Aan die familie en vriende van mev. Anna Brunsden en mev. Amanda Calitz ons diepe meegevoel met die heengaan van geliefdes wie se plekke in hegte familie-verbintenisse nou groot leemtes laat. Mag Hy u metgesel wees in hierdie hartseer tye.

Mev. Emma Marais van Springbokstraat Postmasburg wat eers in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Upington was met 'n bynier-probleem en later na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorgeplaas is, is weer tuis na-dat die medikasie en behandeling in Kimberley suksesvol verloop het.  Na verneem word is sy swak maar maak goeie vordering.

Mnr. Dawid Swanepoel van Vleistraat Postmasburg wat in die Gariep Hospitaal was waar 'n gewas verwyder is, is ook tuis en die goeie nuus is dat die gewas geen gevaar inhou nie. 

 Mnr Theo Coetzee van Houtstraat  Postmasburg is ook tuis maar is nog onge-steld. Hy gaan weer in die dae vir toetse en vir 'n opvolg ondersoek na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley. 

Matthew 6:6 NIV “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Prayer is intimate communication with our Father in heaven. The Lord invites us all to pray and we are urged to pray with-out ceasing.
Jesus also frequently prayed. We read in Luke 6:12 ”One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.”
We must be careful not to pray with selfish motives, but to pray according to the will of God. Our prayers should also be offered in faith. Through our prayers God can bring about revival and change can come in our circumstances.
John Wesley wrote : “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer.”
It is important to honour God in our prayers and acknowledge His sovereign-ty.
James 5:16 Ampl “......The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a right-eous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working).”

Ons Vader stel nie net belang in ons geestelike lewe nie, maar in ons hele menswees. In ons eenheid met Christus is dit God se begeerte dat Sy kinders vrolik moet wees en die goeie van die lewe wat Hy hier op aarde vir ons gee, geniet. In Prediker 3:13 staan geskryf dat om die goeie van die lewe te geniet n gawe van God is. Ons kan die saamwees met familie en vriende geniet. Geniet die lieflike natuur om ons, uitstappies, goeie musiek, om n mooi boek te lees en om n stokperdjie te beoefen. Miskien is jou huwelik somber. In Pred. 9:9 lees ons: “ Geniet die lewe met die vrou wat jy liefhet, al die dae van jou nietige lewe wat Hy jou gegee het onder die son -....” Geniet ons dit om die Here te dien en te eer? Jesus vermaan ons in Matt. 6:16 om byvoor-beeld nie met n lang gesig te vas soos die skynheiliges nie. By eredienste is ons dikwels baie ernstig en glimlag skaars. Ons behoort dit te geniet om as gelowiges saam die Here te aanbid. Besluit vandag om elke oomblik die lewe te geniet wat God jou gee.


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Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas, along with a delegation, is attending the Bloodhound Supersonic Car's (SSC's) first ever public run, which is sche-duled to take place at the Aerohub Enter-prise Zone, Newquay Airport, Cornwall in the UK.
The delegation to the UK includes senior politicians, government officials and pupils from various schools, comprising six pupils from high schools offering science, techno-logy, engineering, mathematics and tourism subjects, as well as the top two pupils in ma-thematics and science from Rietfontein High School.
The spokesperson for the Premier's Of-fice in Kimberley, Bronwyn Thomas-Abra-hams, stated that the objective of the United Kingdom mission was to show the pro-vince's support for the Bloodhound project and to strengthen partnerships with the UK and Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) stakeholders.
She said that the opportunity will be used to promote the Northern Cape and Green Kalahari as tourist destinations and explore educational opportunities presented by the Bloodhound project for fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathe-matics and tourism. Further clarity will be gained on the project details and roll-out for the South African run at Haksteenpan in the Northern Cape.
This project has been supported by the
province since 2010 with the small villages in the Mier area preparing the track. The pro-ject has contributed significantly to job creation in this area with over 300 communi-ty members assisting with the track clear-ance.”
Ms Thomas-Abrahams said that the MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Bongiwe Mbin-qo-Gigaba, would serve as the acting pre-mier from October 22 until November 01. DFA

Local poet releases a book

Adelaide January, a young poet from Seoding village in Kuruman released a book titled Mending Broken Pieces. She started writing at the age of 16 years old.

She completed matric at Wrenchville High School and obtained a Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Management. Currently she is studying towards a Diploma in Public Relations.

In 2003, she established an organization called Kurara Wordsmiths (KWS) which aims to provide a platform to poets and writers in and around Kuruman. Kurara Wordsmiths have an annual event that allows them to share their talent.

Her greatest achievement includes being one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016 for making an impact in her community.

Mending Broken Pieces is a prose and poetry book that consist of eleven poems, mostly written in the English language with some parts of the work in Setswana. It took her two years to publish this book as it is very close to her heart and is all about what she is passionate about.

Adelaide is inspired by her surroundings and social issues within her community. Her role model is Lebo Mashile, who is a well-known international and national poet and television personality.

Adelaide’s advice to upcoming writers and poets is : “Keep writing, equip yourself and polish your talent and technique by attending workshops and showcasing at various events.”