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As streets were virtually depleted, churches were a hive of activity throughout the Easter holidays in Kuruman and that alone was reflective of the entire district, the country and world alike that Christianity remains part of the revered and sanctified religion. 

A survey carried out in the mining town proved beyond doubt that the Easter holiday is such a great day apart from commemorating the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. Believers that  inclu-ded visitors from other towns and cities stole some few hours of their visits from their esteemed families and friends just to listen to men of the collar reiterating the  whole story found in Matthew 27 (death) & 28 (resurrection).Many of these churches were identifiable by their emblematic inscriptions on their uniforms and their distinguishable choral singing. There are also other missions that need accom-plishing during the same period where saints and non-believers are brought together. Engagements, marriages and other social gatherings make the Easter holiday a befitting centre of merriment and conflict resolution. Though not openly declared, Easter holiday is also used as a conduit, one elder disclosed, to appease fallen heroes and heroines in many families. With clear conscience and convic-tion he said that naturally society is clustered where cults and norms tend to be a classification.” Christians must pray, preach and sing in pursuit of their faith while for those who believe in their ances-tral spirits Easter is their time too to brew, booze, sing and dance in hope to better their fortunes”

The revelations above are a true mani-festation of the broader term of religion where its confinement and definition is aptly understood better by the individual believer or grouping. It also revealed that in any religion hypocrisy thrives like weeds in a garden and therefore not all that frequent the church are real saints to the word.

Die ovaalbaanmanne en -vroue van Kathu het op 08 April 2017 weer baie goed gevaar by die ovaalbaan-wedrenne in Vryburg.

In die 1660-klas het Edward Van Den Heever derde plek behaal. 

In die 2.1-klas het Schalk Van Der Merwe tweede plek behaal. 

In die Lexus-klas het Nicky Beukes eer-ste plek behaal. 

In die 2 wiele-klas was Myrijke Theron eerste en Danelle Janse Van Vuuren twee-de. 

Baie geluk aan al die drywers.

While the retail sector is trying to recover from the spate of violent armed robberies in December, the next peak season for crime is right on our doorstep.  

“All indications suggest that the retail sector experienced over 150% increase in robberies in 2016. In the same period, the use of plastic explosives in attempts to steal from cash deposit devices increased by over 400%. We can reasonably expect to see a spike in business crime during April as consumers go on holiday and the volume of cash increases at retail stores across the country,” says Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect Management Solutions.

As consumers plan to take a break, criminals certainly don't prepare to take time off – this is, in fact, their peak period for business. The trends show that syndicate attack in groups of 6 to 12 armed men, with armed robberies as the highest number of attacks, closely followed by business burglaries.

The common use of plastic explosives in the execution of an armed robbery against cash deposit devices and the dramatic increase in this kind of attack suggest that criminals are enjoying an abnormally high degree of success and that many of the devices in use are not strong enough to offer the type of resistance necessary to discourage them. 

During a burglary, the findings show that general retail stores that only trade during the day time are attacked when the stores are closed for business - the pattern with these occurrences is that an assortment of cutting machines, angle grinders and the like are generally used to access the safes.   

Security professionals caution that robberies are more often than not executed with careful planning by organized crime syndicates who collect as much information about the target as is possible. Information about the amount of cash and the general what, when and how the cash is protected is gleaned from within the business either by observation or by the help of employees or contractors, and in some cases, both.

It is a commonly held view in the security industry that more than 90% of all attacks on business involve voluntary or involuntary participation from the inside. 

The official crime statistics for the period 2015 /2016 show a 15% increase in attacks on cash in transit vehicles and while they are primarily responsible for moving the R130-billion in circulation in South Afri-ca, the CIT industry is expected to remain high on the criminal agenda.  

We welcome the Minister's recent commitment to a specialized police task force approach to cash crime as this is an essential part of the cash industry's response to this extremely violent and potentially crippling crime.

Criminals are without a doubt becoming smarter and more determined in their methods. Their common use of explosives is indicative of how better skilled they are becoming

“Time is a very important consideration of the attackers. The practice by some retail organizations, of closing their stores or, in larger operations, the cash collection precinct within the store, during the CIT collection, has proved to be a particularly successful tactic in countering and reducing the risk of attack during the store's most vulnerable time of day,” says Phillips

He adds that in his experience only hardened and robust cash deposit devices offer meaningful resistance to the very violent attacks to which they are exposed.  Over December, Cash Connect experienced 10 attacks on its cash vaults and every one of them were defended. A simple cash device that is constructed of mild steel plate and very light in weight, can't reasonably be expected to safeguard cash. 

With many of the latest attacks, CCTV footage shows that criminals are able to disable alarm systems and proceed straight to the cash vault, in a manner that suggests a familiarity with the layout of the store and where the cash is kept.

Armed reaction companies suggest that businesses should make sure there is more than one panic button with quick, easy access to armed response on the site. The jamming of security systems and devices is also a common tactic used to block the signals that go to the security company. The use of an alarm system connected to both a radio transmitter and landline could counter this. 

“Our cash vault technology, which is built to SABS Category 4 standards, has been vigorously tested over the past few years by determined criminals using every kind of tool from explosives to sled hammers. It has undeniably delivered on the level of deterrence and defense, necessary to discourage a repetitive attack of violent crime,” says Phillips. 

Laerskool Seodin se o/13 hokkie groep het vanaf 8 tot 12 April 2017 na Bloemfontein toe getoer en aan die Elsie Coetzer toernooi deelgeneem. Daar was 102 spanne wat deelgeneem het. Hulle het elke dag afrigting ontvang waar die meisies verskeie tegnieke en vaardighede geleer is. Daar was daagliks ook wedstryde gespeel teen verskeie skole se spanne. Seodin se hokkie bokkies het baie goed gevaar tydens die toernooi. Hulle is ook dankbaar vir hulle getroue afrigter, juffrou Juliana Steyn, wat hul  vergesel het na Bloemfontein asook hul busbestuurder was en gesorg het dat die meisies veilig kon reis.

Die Trysome eerste rugbyspan van Hoërskool Kathu se spelers wie gekies is om in September in Australië te gaan deelneem, van links na regs: Shaun Fourie, Mnr. Fourie, Charl Olivier, Mnr. Olivier, Danie Marais, Mnr. Marais(afrigter), JP Pienaar, Oscar van Wyk en mnr. Van Wyk. Die Remax eerste netbalspan van Hoërskool Kathu het tydens die April skoolvakansie in George deelgeneem. Die Remax span het onderskeidelik gewen teen Werda 56 – 3 en teen Kimberley Girls' High 24 – 2. Sewe speelsters is ook gekies om in Australië te gaan deelneem, hulle is Marliaan Liebenberg, Inge Gerber, Rianda Kernekamp, Chantel Brits, Mishquah Senye, Helizma van der Merwe en Demi Mac Vay.

April 1, 2017 (well known as April Fool's Day worldwide) was indeed a sad day for the Moletsane family. 

The family lost a young teenager aged 19 named Modisaotsile after a group of notorious young men in the village attacked him with knives, pangas, and axes. Locals agitated by the sordid incident, as well as fellow young men in the area, spent the whole day in the hunt for the culprits. The determined search resulted in identifying where individual criminals stay within the village and the situation was that of a mouse and a cat discovering one another in an open yard. 

The three suspected murderers managed to escape unharmed and handed themselves to the police that had attended to the ugly scene. Community elders also intervened to ensure there was no further bloodshed. 

April 3, 2017 a decisive meeting was convened involving the community and the police. The Cluster Head General Johan Bean and Mothibistad Station Commander Lieutenant Colonel Sanyaka also attended the meeting. The outcome of the meeting was to establish a vibrant working committee with the police that will monitor any suspicious groups within the village and the surroundings. 

There are notorious groups within Mothi-bistad, Magojaneng and Mapoteng villages that need regular surveillance and behave like tortoise - when discovered they hibernate their ugly heads only to let them protrude at a later stage when the community is relaxed for another heinous act. 

Meanwhile, the community descended on the Mothibistad magistrate court in numbers to ensure the suspects are not granted bail. The court hearing was postponed to April 12, 2017. 

The community has been intermittently raising two parallel intriguing issues in these villages leveled against the police and the justice officials. The police station's response to matters of urgency leaves a lot to be desired and will always defend itself behind the inadequacy of resources - both manpower and vehicles. 

The ends of justice favor, in most instances, the suspects who are seen moving on the streets within days committing the same crime. This is dampening the spirit of the police where a good job has been done. At the same time, the justice officials claim that dockets brought to them are too porous - lacking facts and figures or evidence – and are not water-tight enough to incarcerate the suspected culprits.

The effort to fight serious and violent crime against women and children has yielded positive results when a 20-year old man was sentenced to a total of 16 years imprisonment on different charges. 

According to Lieutenant Colonel Dima-katso Mooi from the SAPS Provincial Corporate Communication office in Kimberley, the Upington Regional Court sentenced Eldino Rhyn Dino aged 20 to twelve years imprisonment for rape with five years suspended and for sexual assault four years imprisonment, suspended for five years with conditions

The accused committed these offenses during August and December 2014. In the first incident, Dino forced an 11-year old girl to suck his private part while in the other incident Dino followed a 14-year old to the toilet and fondled her private parts. He was charged with rape on the first incident and sexual assault on the other.

The Provincial Management in the Northern Cape has welcomed this sentence and commended the investigating team for their commitment and endeavor for ensuring that offenders face the might of the law. 

The national demonstration cam-paign called by different civic orga-nisations and political parties on April 07 in the country, as a clarion call for President Jacob Zuma to step down, re-ceived fewer blessings in the town of Kuru-man in the Northern Cape. Organised by Ms Linda MacLoughlin and legally sanctioned by the local authority, the event was lack-lustre. Only thirty or so people gathered at Kurukuru Park opposite Cashbuild, carrying their descriptive plac-ards. Asked why the response was so passive in the area, the convener said that mes-sages had been sent to a number of interest-ed people in town that dissuaded them from doing so and, as a result, they had no choice but to simply comply. However, many peo-ple passed by and noticed the teaspoonful gathering at the venue and waved their hands in solidarity. The very few people who gathered at the venue were bold enough to state that the state president has to step down for the good of the nation. In their lay language, they said that the de-clared junk status of the economy by the rating agencies was directly as a result of an individual who does not care about the re-percussions borne to the majority of poor South Africans. Asked whether or not their assembly was driven by political motive, they boldly said that the campaign was a-political and therefore they wanted to express their views with fellow South Africans, so that when na-tional decisions are taken, the leadership must think about the people first - not their individual relationships at the top echelons of power where the consequential vendetta has cost the economy and directly the poor person on the street, dearly.

Die naweek van 18 - 19 Februarie 2017 het die provinsiale toernooi in Upington plaasgevind tussen 4 distrikte, naamlik Francis Baard, Namak-wa, ZF Mcqawu en John Taolo Gaetsewe (waaronder Kathu klub resorteer).  Baie van die klub se lede is opgeneem in die provinsiale spanne – Senior A en B en O/21.
Na afloop van die Provinsiale Toernooi is proewe gehou om die Noord-Kaap se bes-te netbalspelers te kies wat aan die Nasio-nal Brutal Fruit Toernooi sal deelneem. Hierdie premier liga sal op DStv se Super-Sport kanale uitge-saai word vir 8 aan-eenlopende naweke, vanaf 21 April tot 11 Junie. Die volgende spe-lers van Kathu Klub het die Brutal Fruit span gehaal :  Heleen Aucamp, Beneshia Christie, Eva Batista, Antonina Aparicio en Teresa Faz-Tudo. Voorbereiding is reeds in volle swang en die spelers sien daarna uit om in ste-de soos Durban, Kaapstad en Bloem-fontein te gaan deel-neem. Gedurende die Pro-vinsiale Toernooi in Upington is spelers ook geïdentifiseer wat Noord-Kaap in Durban gaan ver-teenwoordig gedu-rende die Spar Nasio-nale Kampioenskap-pe in Durban. Die spelers van Kathu Klub wat in hierdie oefengroep ingesluit is, is Melanie Mostert, Desiree Leshope, Elouise Badenhorst, Beneshia Christie, Teresa Faz-Tudo en Antonina Aparicio Kathu Netbalklub kan met trots spog op die talent tot hul be-skikking wat eers-daags aan die JTG Streeksliga gaan deelneem. Graag wil Kathu Netbal Klub die bogenoemde spelers alle sterkte toewens, ons weet julle sal ons naam hoog hou. Die Kathu Gazette is baie trots op ons plaaslike spelers wat so mooi presteer. Sterkte met jul krag-metings !

To commemorate the late Johannes Baaitjie, a soccer team was formed from experienced veteran players. They play in honor of Johannes Baaitjie and believe that their dedication to the soccer team will take them to new heights.The team played two 4-team tournaments and won both tournaments. The guys showed great teamwork and there was huge support from the community. This team is the first of its kind in South Africa where a political party member is commemorated in the form of a soccer club. The team has 40 registered players and is growing by the day. Team director Mr David Willemse and head coach Mr Am-pie Koeraan want to involve the members of the community

Die jaarlikse Kalahari Golf Challenge het vanjaar plaas-gevind vanaf 8 tot 11 Maart. Vanjaar se toernooi was amptelik die agtiende byeenkoms waartydens verskeie gholfspelers deelgeneem het. Die Kalahari Golf Challenge word aangebied deur Sishen Gholf Klub. Japie van Dyk, die Klub Kaptein se-dert 2011, en sy komitee van 2017, was grotendeels verantwoordelik vir die groot geleentheid, wat reeds ont-staan het vanaf 2000. Oorspronklik het die Golf Chal-lenge ontstaan, omdat 'n paar spe-lers destyds meer ernstig teen me-kaar wou meeding, maar ook omre-de dat fondse ingesamel moes word.  Die toernooi het klein begin, maar met verloop van tyd baie gegroei en vanjaar het om-en-by 250 spelers deelgeneem. Die jaarlikse toernooi lok verskeie spelers vanaf verskeie plekke onder andere Rustenburg, Pretoria, Jo-hannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Shepston asook vanaf omliggende dorpe soos Black Rock.Die toernooi geskied oor die loop van vier opeenvolgende dae, ge-woonlik vanaf 'n Woensdag tot 'n Saterdag. Die eerste twee dae is IPS en die laaste twee dae word Better Ball gespeel soos die spelers in hul gholftaal praat.  Al vier dae se punte word dan bymekaar getel en so word dialgehele spanwenner en onder-skeidelik 'n dames-en manswenner bepaal. Vanjaar was die dameswenner, El-sa van Wyk, die manswenner, An-drew Seme en die algehele span-wenner was die spelers van die borgspan DTS vir spelers om te kan deelneem aan die gholftoernooi, moet hulle om-en-by 'n jaar voor die tyd al inskrywings voltooi en indien. In-skrywings vir volgende jaar open ge-woonlik vanaf Augustus maand. Wat die Kalahari Golf Challenge ook 'n heerlike geleentheid maak vir nie net die spelers nie, maar ook vir die gemeenskap, is dat daar daag-liks gaskunstenaars optree wat 'n lekker gees tot die hele samesyn meebring. Vanjaar was Pieter Koen, Dewald Dippenaar en Anton Botha van die gaskunstenaars wat gesorg het vir 'n goeie gees daagliks en saans.Vanjaar se sukses vir 2017 se Challenge, kan, volgens Japie, toe-geskryf word aan die feit dat baie goeie terugvoering aan hul gegee is, asook, omdat sommige spelers sommer reeds die week laat weet het dat hul volgende jaar se Chal-lenge sal bywoon.
Tans word die toernooi gehou, nie om wins te maak nie, maar wel vir die versekering dat die Challenge moet voortbestaan en dat die spe-lers die spel moet geniet mooie omgewing van die Kalahari. Hierdie is ook Sishen Gholf Klub se grootse gholftoernooi en die lede van die komitee streef daarna dat die toernooi vir nog 'n hele aantal jare moet plaasvind en voortbe-staan.

Huis Jan Vorster oorlede :

Mev. Anna Brunsdon (79) wat die afgelope twee jaar 'n inwoner van Huis Jan Vorster was, is oorlede. Mev. Brunsdon is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley opge-neem nadat sy eers 'n galblaas operasie ondergaan het maar later ook met ander inwendige organe probleme ondervind het. 

Mev. Brunsdon laat vier kinders agter: Mev. Lynette Stander van Postmasburg, skool-hoof by die plaaslike Laerskool, mev. Desiré Lund van Beaufortwes, prof. Alfred Brunsdon van Lichtenburg en Bennie Brunsdon van die Kaap. Ook agt kleinkinders en drie agterkleinkinders. 

 'n Roudiens word Vrydag, 21 April 2017 om 14:00 by Huis Jan Vorster vir mev. Bruns-don gehou. 

Stryd teen kanker:

Mev. Amanda Calitz (58) wat 'n lang stryd teen kanker gehad het (wat ons periodiek oor berig het) is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorlede waar sy opgeneem is toe sy ernstige simptome ontwikkel het weens haar kankerprobleem. Mev. Calitz het haar eerste operasie in April 2012 on-dergaan nadat kolonkanker gediagnoseer is. Sy het sedertdien gereelde behandeling ondergaan; ook nadat daar in 2016 ver-spreiding gediagnoseer is. Amanda was 'n sersant-majoor in die Weermag op Lohat-lha. Hulle het in Februarie 2017 na Da-niëlskuil verhuis omdat familie wat daar woon behulpsaam kon wees. 

 Mev. Calitz laat drie kinders agter asook 'n suster en skoonsuster in Daniëlskuil. 

 'n Roudiens word op Saterdag 22 April 2017 om 11:00 in die NG. Kerk op Post-masburg vir mev. Calitz gehou. 

 Aan die familie en vriende van mev. Anna Brunsden en mev. Amanda Calitz ons diepe meegevoel met die heengaan van geliefdes wie se plekke in hegte familie-verbintenisse nou groot leemtes laat. Mag Hy u metgesel wees in hierdie hartseer tye.

Mev. Emma Marais van Springbokstraat Postmasburg wat eers in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Upington was met 'n bynier-probleem en later na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorgeplaas is, is weer tuis na-dat die medikasie en behandeling in Kimberley suksesvol verloop het.  Na verneem word is sy swak maar maak goeie vordering.

Mnr. Dawid Swanepoel van Vleistraat Postmasburg wat in die Gariep Hospitaal was waar 'n gewas verwyder is, is ook tuis en die goeie nuus is dat die gewas geen gevaar inhou nie. 

 Mnr Theo Coetzee van Houtstraat  Postmasburg is ook tuis maar is nog onge-steld. Hy gaan weer in die dae vir toetse en vir 'n opvolg ondersoek na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley. 

Matthew 6:6 NIV “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Prayer is intimate communication with our Father in heaven. The Lord invites us all to pray and we are urged to pray with-out ceasing.
Jesus also frequently prayed. We read in Luke 6:12 ”One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.”
We must be careful not to pray with selfish motives, but to pray according to the will of God. Our prayers should also be offered in faith. Through our prayers God can bring about revival and change can come in our circumstances.
John Wesley wrote : “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer.”
It is important to honour God in our prayers and acknowledge His sovereign-ty.
James 5:16 Ampl “......The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a right-eous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working).”

Ons Vader stel nie net belang in ons geestelike lewe nie, maar in ons hele menswees. In ons eenheid met Christus is dit God se begeerte dat Sy kinders vrolik moet wees en die goeie van die lewe wat Hy hier op aarde vir ons gee, geniet. In Prediker 3:13 staan geskryf dat om die goeie van die lewe te geniet n gawe van God is. Ons kan die saamwees met familie en vriende geniet. Geniet die lieflike natuur om ons, uitstappies, goeie musiek, om n mooi boek te lees en om n stokperdjie te beoefen. Miskien is jou huwelik somber. In Pred. 9:9 lees ons: “ Geniet die lewe met die vrou wat jy liefhet, al die dae van jou nietige lewe wat Hy jou gegee het onder die son -....” Geniet ons dit om die Here te dien en te eer? Jesus vermaan ons in Matt. 6:16 om byvoor-beeld nie met n lang gesig te vas soos die skynheiliges nie. By eredienste is ons dikwels baie ernstig en glimlag skaars. Ons behoort dit te geniet om as gelowiges saam die Here te aanbid. Besluit vandag om elke oomblik die lewe te geniet wat God jou gee.

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Die ovaalbaanmanne en -vroue van Kathu het op 08 April 2017 weer baie goed gevaar by die ovaalbaan-wedrenne in Vryburg.

In die 1660-klas het Edward Van Den Heever derde plek behaal. 

In die 2.1-klas het Schalk Van Der Merwe tweede plek behaal. 

In die Lexus-klas het Nicky Beukes eer-ste plek behaal. 

In die 2 wiele-klas was Myrijke Theron eerste en Danelle Janse Van Vuuren twee-de. 

Baie geluk aan al die drywers.

Local poet releases a book

Adelaide January, a young poet from Seoding village in Kuruman released a book titled Mending Broken Pieces. She started writing at the age of 16 years old.

She completed matric at Wrenchville High School and obtained a Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Management. Currently she is studying towards a Diploma in Public Relations.

In 2003, she established an organization called Kurara Wordsmiths (KWS) which aims to provide a platform to poets and writers in and around Kuruman. Kurara Wordsmiths have an annual event that allows them to share their talent.

Her greatest achievement includes being one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016 for making an impact in her community.

Mending Broken Pieces is a prose and poetry book that consist of eleven poems, mostly written in the English language with some parts of the work in Setswana. It took her two years to publish this book as it is very close to her heart and is all about what she is passionate about.

Adelaide is inspired by her surroundings and social issues within her community. Her role model is Lebo Mashile, who is a well-known international and national poet and television personality.

Adelaide’s advice to upcoming writers and poets is : “Keep writing, equip yourself and polish your talent and technique by attending workshops and showcasing at various events.”