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The Northern Cape Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) arrested another suspect allegedly linked to the Postmasburg double murder.

Tsame Frak Baxane (31) was arrested on 05 October in Daniëlskuil for his alleged involvement in the murder of Johannes Baaitjie and his associate Shupping Nose on 17 August 2016.

Baxana appeared at Daniëlskuil magistrate’s court on 06 October 2016. The case was remanded to 17 October 2016. He is expected to appear along with the four other suspects previously arrested in connection with the same murder case.

Speaking on behalf of the Hawks, Captain Philani Nkwalase said that the Hawks distance themselves from the media reports implying that the ANC in Upington plotted and planned the murder of Johannes Baaitjie. “Our Investigating officer only put to the court the statements of the accused as recorded. Our on-going investigations on this particular case, led to the arrest of only five suspects, although we cannot at this stage rule out the possibility of further arrests,” he said.

Na ‘n lang afwesigheid en omstuimigheid by die Rietfontein polisiestasie is die gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum uiteindelik op 06 Oktober gestig.

Die hoop is uitgespreek dat dit die verhouding tussen die polisie en die gemeenskap sal versterk sodat die hele Miergebied ‘n veilige en aangename plek vir almal kan wees.

Kaptein Andreas, die stasiebevelvoerder van die SAPS Rietfontein, het weereens sy steun en algehele samewerking belowe in die stryd teen misdaadbekamping.

Die voorsitter, oud-Kaptein Martiens de Wee, het onderneem om so gou moontlik aan die werk te spring, het samewerking tussen die polisie en gemeenskap bepleit en het onderneem om die belange van die mense ernstig op die hart te dra.

Die forum sal maandeliks hul sitting hou en kwartaalliks met die gebiedspolisiëringsforum te Upington vergader.

Alle sterkte word die GPF vir hul werk toe gebid.


Op die foto verskyn die lede van die GPF saam met die polisie. Voor vlnr : Jan Basson - Sekretaris, Magrietha Eiman - Ondervoorsitter en Kaptein Martiens de Wee – Voorsitter. Middel vlnr : Konstabel Gerald Tieties, Freddy Raats - Tesourier, Moira de Wee – Hulpsekretaris, Baggie Josef – GPF Upington en Sera Beukes.

Tweede ry van agter vlnr : Kaptein JC Andreas - Stasiebevelvoerder, Ronel Titus – addisionele lid, Marsella Visagie – addisionele lid en Kaptein George  Brooks.

Agter vlnr : Kaptein Jacques September en Christo Esterhuizen.

Tydens ‘n algemene vergadering op 11 Oktober 2016, is ‘n nuwe bestuur vir die Goue Gerwe verkies. Voor: Petro Sache (Ondervoorsitster), Delinda Coetzee (Sekretaresse) en Poppie Landman (Tesouriere). Agter: Rose Bothma (Voorsitster) en Annie Steyn (Addisionele Lid).

Sacha Bourquin with Thomas Viljoen and his donkey car. Middle photograph: Marthani Martins (So Kreatief). Other photographs: Philippa Swart

Curro Kathu maak krieketgeskiedenis


Dinsdag 11 Oktober 2016 was 'n geskiedkundige dag vir Curro Kathu deurdat hul 0/15 A krieketspan die 0/15A-span van Hoërskool Kathu met 42 lopies geklop het.


Sishen Intermediate Mine School embarked on a journey to Mahikeng North West, to watch a play at Mmabana Arts Culture and Sports on 3 September 2016. The gist of the trip was to let learners who are in creative arts at school, to explore all the techniques of playmaking in the theatre. This would enable them to reflect on the practicality of what they are taught in the classroom of creative arts.

The name of the play was “this is for keeps”. It had (the play) a tremendous impact on the learners as it outlined the challenges pupils witness everyday such as poverty, unemployment and all forms of abuse. The learners were also able to perform well in their formal examination assessment based on what they learnt in the theatre. 

The trip was made possible by prominent businessmen in Kathu, Mr Happy Olyn who runs My Idea Garden and Mrs Zelda Terblanche of Zanray Petrol Station. A total amount of R49 880 was raised for transport, food and tickets at the theatre for 80 learners and 4 teachers. “We would like to express our appreciation of the financial assistance we received from Mr Olyn and Mrs Terblanche for making this trip a success. This would have been impossible without you. I would also like to urge you to continue investing in education”, said Miss Bolokang who is one the teachers who accompanied learners to Mahikeng.


Some of the learners.

The Northern Cape provincial government this week proudly joined in the celebrations of the 365 days countdown to the Bloodhound Supersonic Car’s (SSC) 1600km/h world speed record attempt next year.

This sees the culmination of a collaborative effort between the Northern Cape provincial government and Bloodhound stakeholders dating back to 2009.

The site at Hakskeen Pan in the Dawid Kruiper local municipal area of the ZF Mgcawu district municipality of the Northern Cape, was selected after a bespoke computer programme assessed satellite earth observation imagery of over 20 000 potential sites. Detailed ground investigations were conducted in favoured locations before a shortlist of 35 potential desert sites was compiled in 2009.

The Bloodhound Project is an international education initiative which is focusing on setting a 1600 km/h land speed record. Its aim is to inspire young people about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in part, by sharing the adventure – and all the data – and making these subjects as accessible and exciting as possible.

The project was endorsed by the Northern Cape provincial government, spearheaded by the Department of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism.

The MEC responsible for finance, economic development and tourism, Mac Jack, has applauded the 350 volunteers for a job well done.

“Primarily, we need to thank the Northern Cape Department of Roads and Infrastructure, through their Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP) initiative, for funding the project and paying stipends to the volunteers who are mostly residing in the David Kruiper municipality, formerly Mier municipality, where the main event is going to take place,” said Mr Jack.

The project has contributed significantly to job creation in the area with over 300  local community members having been contracted to assist with track clearance. Since November 2010 over 15 800 tonnes of stones have been removed from the track and safety zones. These volunteers were exposed to sweltering sunshine on the pan, clearing stones and other obstacles.

“The team has achieved something truly astonishing in the scale and quality of their work since they began clearing more than twenty million square metres on what has to be the best straight-line race track in history by hand since 2009. They have cleared the track which is equivalent of 4800 soccer pitches of stones and various other obstructions. To keep up with the demand of the work, they needed to drink 3000 litres of water every day as they checked an area of (20 x 1.5) km in temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius,” Mr Jack said. At the countdown event, MEC Jack, Premier Sylvia Lucas and the Bloodhound team led by the driver Andy Green presented them with certificates and medals in recognition of the sterling job they had done.

The ceremony at the Hakskeenpan took place after a series of meetings between the Northern Cape provincial government led by MEC Jack and the Bloodhound team in London recently. During the visit, the MEC attended a press conference were the announcement of Geely, as a main sponsor for the Bloodhound Project was made.

In his on-line monthly column, Andy Green commended the Northern Cape provincial government for their support. “After the truly heroic effort that the Northern Cape government team has put into clearing the track for us over the past 7 years. To make that even more impressive, the team was not just walking along and picking up a few stones as they go. They were scraping the whole surface - every square metre of it - to remove all the debris, however small.” 

The Bloodhound Project has not only had a massive impact on the local communities in Mier, but has already drawn global media attention to the Northern Cape province. The project has incorporated tourism, infrastructure development, community upliftment, skills transfer and overall economic development for the Northern Cape. The project also continues to play an integral part in the positioning of the Northern Cape province as one of the premier extreme sports and recreation destinations in the world.  

The nearby communities have also benefited from infrastructural improvements, including a fresh water pipeline and a sophisticated communication network.

According to Premier Sylvia Lucas, the province has put its full support behind the Bloodhound team as it recognised the tremendous potential of this project. “Local beneficiation was of paramount importance and the local communities continue to benefit in terms of employment and infrastructural improvements. However, the deciding factor was the fact that youth development and education play such a cardinal role in this project. Bloodhound has had a huge impact on the local learners and this has spread globally. The excitement of building a vehicle capable of breaking the 1000-miles an hour record is serving as inspiration to an entire generation of youngsters and reigniting an interest in science and technology. And our children will have the incredible opportunity of being part of history in the making,” said Ms Lucas.

The Bloodhound project has also played in pivotal role in the destination marketing efforts of the province by drawing global attention to a very remote part of South Africa’s largest province. The province has been promoting itself as a premier destination for extreme sports and outdoor adventure and this high octane adventure has definitely highlighted this positioning. In addition, it has also given the province the opportunity to showcase its tourism potential and the diversity of experiences to be enjoyed in the area surrounding Hakskeenpan.

The pan lies in the heart of the Kalahari Red Dune Route and visitors have been encouraged to explore the fascinating offerings of this diverse region, which offers something for any type of traveller whether looking for luxury, adventure, culture or family fun.

For more information, visit www.experiencenortherncape.com Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism



MEC Mac Jack next to the Bloodhound Rocket Engine at the Bloodhound Technical Centre in Bristol, London.

Signifying the beginning of construction of the R12-billion Kathu Solar Park greenfield project, top level representatives of the various companies involved, converged on Thursday 06 October 2016 to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony. The project promises to inject a new lease of life with lots of opportunities for the people from the region in general and for Kathu in particular. From left to right : Cedric Faye (Kathu Solar Park), Mike Goldblatt (Lereko Metier), Siyabonga Mbanjwa (Sener), Ramón Jiménez (Acciona), Mohamed Hoosen (Engie), Memory Mashingaidze (PIC), Vusani Malie (SIOC-cdt), Miklats Echevarria (Sener), André Wepener (Investec), David Leich (Engie) and Roberto Felipe Rodriguez (Acciona).


Kathu Solar Park celebrated its groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday 06 October 2016 at their site approximately 10 km from Kathu.

The event marked the beginning of the construction phase, being the second phase of the R12-billion project that commenced on 26 May 2016 with the first phase. The first phase consisted of the deforestation and levelling of the site that matches the size of 400 rugby fields (8km2).

Present at the prestigious event were top level representatives of the various companies who had formed collaborations to establish the project, ie Engie, Sener, Acciona and South African investors SIOC Community Development Trust, the Investec bank, Lereko Metier and the Public Investment Corporation.

Speaking at the event, Siyabonga Mbanjwa – Regional Managing Director of Sener, quoted Armerican environmentalist and politician Al Gore who once said “Once the renewable infrastructure is built, the fuel is free forever. Unlike carbon-based fuels, the wind and the sun and the earth itself provide fuel that is free, in amounts that are effectively limitless.”

Mr Mbanjwa said that besides providing leading cost efficient sustainable solar power generation to the region, the project also develops the local industrial network by creating jobs and local manufacturing, supply and subcontracting opportunities. He added that they intend exceeding their targets for spend on local content, black empowered business, small business and women-owned businesses. He confirmed that approximately 1200 jobs would be created during the construction phase alone and that over 80% employees on the project would be South African and over 20% would be from the local communities within the John Taolo Gaetsewe district.

Cedric Faye the CEO of Kathu Solar Park said that the project has four commitments, namely : (i) Local content – 42% during the construction phase. (2) Local employment, especially during the construction phase. (3)  Empowerment of the local trust and shareholders to ultimately improve local healthcare and education, and (4) 1% of the revenue spent locally for economic development. He stressed though that local suppliers and technicians must be able to implement world class safety and technology.

Ramón Jiménez – Managing Director of Acciona, said that Kathu Solar Park reflects Acciona’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions to the environment.

Mohammed Hoosen – CEO of Engie SA and Chairman of Kathu Solar Park, said that this project harnesses the abundant sunshine of the Northern Cape and that he was grateful that the South African government had realised the value of power procurement programmes such as this one. He expressed his pleasure about the project now entering into phase 2 - the construction phase - projected for 28 months and ending October 2018, after which the third phase will commence, ie the 20-year long operation and maintenance phase. Mr Hoosen said that continued investment in similar projects will help the global economy in general and the South African economy in particular to turn around the slow growth.

Representatives from the Rand Merchant Bank, Nedbank Capital, ABSA Capital, Investec and the Development Bank of South Africa who funded the project, were also present.

The Senior IPP Executive of Eskom Gauteng Motlatsi Makhari was also present. Eskom has a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Engie-led consortium for the 100 MW power that will be generated from the plant that employs parabolic trough solar technology.

The Ambassador of Spain in South Africa Juan Snell and a representative of the French Embassy in South African, William Roos, also graced the occasion.


The Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development’s Veterinary Services have tested about 2600 cattle for Bovine Brucellosis in the Severn area in the Joe Morolong local municipality recently.

Bovine Brucellosis is a chronic disease that causes abortions and reduces fertility in cattle. It is caused by Brucella abortus bacteria. It is mainly spread between herds through the introduction of infected cattle and within herds when infected cattle abort or give birth. During the birthing process, millions of bacteria are released into the environment. Cattle are curious by nature and will sniff and lick an aborted foetus or afterbirth. Brucella organisms then enter the animal through the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes. The incubation period is highly variable, ranging from a few weeks up to many months before an infected animal tests positive. This makes testing and removing positive animals a challenge.

Once an animal is infected, there is no treatment to effectively cure the disease - the animal should be slaughtered to remove it as a source of infection to healthy animals.

The samples from the animals were sent to the department’s laboratory in Kimberley for testing, where results are normally released within three to four weeks.

Severn is about 70 km from the Botswana and South African borders in the John Taolo Gaetsewe district municipality.

The campaign is part of government’s effort to deliver and speed up services to communities, especially to the far-flung areas of the province.

The campaign was also used as a platform to give farmers practical advice and guidance regarding their farming. Farmers were also educated about the understated zoonotic implications of Bovine Brucellosis. When the disease is transmitted to humans, it causes severe debilitating signs.

The department would like to thank the farmer’s unions for their cooperation in making this campaign a success. Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development


Herewith Gertjie Cloete and Spekkies Coetzer thank Francois Burger owner of IDL services for their sponsorship of new Bellingham & Smith cricket bats.

IDL Services is also the main sponsor for The Crusaders team in the Last Man Standing league. 

Lede van die Kumba Kathu fietsryklub het op Sondag 18 September 2016 deelgeneem aan die jaarlikse Pennypinchers Lions Karoo to Coast Bergfiets wedren.

Die Pennypinchers Lions Karoo to Coast Bergfiets wedren is ‘n 100km grondpad van Uniondale na Knysna via die Prince Albert Bergpas.  Die roete is skilderagtig mooi en uitdagend.

Die uitslae is soos volg:

Louis Janse van Vuuren                    5 uur 40 minute 46 sekondes

George Snygans                                 6 uur 57 minute 47 sekondes

Debbie Kriel                                                         7 uur 36 minute 25 sekondes

Jo-liza Marais                                       7 uur 39 minute 26 sekondes

Blackie Swart                                       7 uur 39 minute 26 sekondes

Riaan Laubscher                                                7 uur 44 minute 57 sekondes

Ongeveer 4500 persone het deelgeneem en net 2715 persone het die wedren voltooi.  Ons wil ook hiermee baie dankie se aan al die persone wat donasies gegee het.  Sonder julle donasies sou dit nie vir ons moontlik gewees het om die wedren by te woon nie.

Winners of the A-league - Kathu.


The John Taolo Gaetsewe District Netball season came to an end on Saturday 10 September 2016, with Winners Day at Sivos Sportgrounds. This was a milestone, as it is a whole new netball district.

The clubs that participated were: Kathu, Olifantshoek, Maradonna, Kuruman, Cassel, Blizzards, Sesheng and two male teams, Kathu Male Team and Blizzards Male Team.

Khumani Mine Financial Manager, Wilson Smith was proud to see their sponsorship paying off.

Maria Maiya, chairperson of Northern Cape Netball Association congratulated JTG Netball region with all that they accomplished in this first year of existence.

During the prize-giving ceremony, the following awards were handed over: Best Development coach – Refilwe Photlhe Maradonna, Player of the Year (Male) – Teddy Gaseganelwe, Player of the Year (Female) – Jeannerie van der Linde, Best Development Team – Sishen United, Sesheng, Best Development Official – Kgomotso Loeto, Best Development Player – Leandri Husselmann, Best Defender – Carien Ross, Best Middle Field Player – Chaldean Botes and Best Shooter – Heleen Aucamp.

The winning teams were: A League - Kathu (first), Kuruman (second) and Maradonna (third). B League - Kuruman (first), Sishen United (second) and Blizzards (third). Male Teams - Kathu (first) and Blizzards (second).


I guess it will be no surprise to most of the residents of Kathu when I say that the current municipal council failed Kathu and its residents.

Kathu's infrastructure is getting worse by the day. This situation is caused directly by the mismanagement of the current municipal council. Civil infrastructure is not maintained - only look at the traffic circles and sidewalks. Water infrastructure are not being maintained - only look at all the water leaks in Kathu. All repair and cleaning work are too little, too late. The quality of the little maintenance work that is being done, is inadequate. That is why everything is getting worse, problems are not being fixed permanently, thus maintenance is just escalating.

Cleaning is another major problem. In the area where I live are several proclaimed open areas. An open area belongs to the municipality and must be maintained by the municipality. These areas in my area are rubbish dumps and overgrown by the haak and steek bush which was declared an invader plant and must therefore be removed. Builders use these areas to dump their building rubble. What does the municipality do with the large deposits that builders need to pay ? Pay them back without inspecting the area or use the money for other purposes? They surely do not clean up abandoned building rubble. 

The Kathu street cleaning team must be the most unproductive in the world. I cannot say that I have ever seen them actually working. Maybe I only see them during breaks, I don't know.  Having said this, the cleaning team is however, overshadowed in their unproductiveness by the traffic department. Does Kathu municipality employ traffic officers? In my almost six years in Kathu, I have not seen one traffic officer in the streets. The unproductiveness of traffic officers directly relates to the downfall of the town’s civil and electrical infrastructure. Kathu must be South Africa's town with the highest percentage of traffic accidents and accompanying infrastructure damage. Are the people who cause accidents held responsible for the infrastructure damage caused by the accidents ? A streetlight pole is an endangered species in Kathu.

Then there are the taxis. Absolutely out of control. My wife was almost killed by a taxi today speeding over a stop sign without even slowing down. They stop where they want, they disobey all traffic rules and signs. A red robot is an invitation for them to drive faster and speed over it. The council can just as well remove the robot at the crossing to the mine. If it was not so dangerous, it would have been funny how the people in general and taxis and busses in particular disregard the robot there. The slipways at the mall are now taxi ranks. The yellow no parking zones in traffic circles are now taxi ranks. Where is Kathu's traffic department ?

I am of the opinion that all this is because we as residents allow this to happen. Where are the new councillors that we voted in, civil groups like Afriforum and most importantly, the ratepayers’ association ? These organisations should mobilise people to demand the basic services from the municipality. Also, our mines with their employees residing in Kathu and using the taxis. The standards that the mines are trying to teach their people and the standards of the town that they live in and the taxis and busses that they ride on are worlds apart. What are the mines doing to bring them closer together ?

I think the time has come to use the courts and TV programs like Carte Blanche to force the Gamagara municipality to fulfil their duties, to maintain the infrastructure, to keep the town clean, to manage traffic and keep residents safe from maniacs speeding in town and destroying the town etc etc etc

Crime is rampant in Kathu, but I guess that is another story . . .

O yes, and the illegal township without water, sanitation, electricity etc.

I wonder what this new mansion of a municipal building is costing the taxpayer . . . ?

Yours faithfully

Marius van der Merwe


Matt.11:28 “Kom na My toe, almal wat vermoeid en belas is, en Ek sal julle rus gee.” Hierdie wonderlike uitnodiging van ons Here Jesus, is vir almal. Harde werk, bekommernis, hartseer, siekte, sonde en skuldgevoelens, is laste wat ons vermoei. Sommige vermoei hulself deur hul eie pogings om hulself te red. Hulle probeer om deur die werke van die wet hulself te regverdig voor die Here. Eie pogings neem egter nie die sondelas en skuld weg nie. Alleenlik as ons reageer op Jesus se uitnodiging om na Hom te kom en in Hom te glo, sal ons ware rus vind. Boonop is dit verniet. Daar is geen koste verbonde om vergifnis, troos en rus te vind by Jesus nie. Jes. 55:1”O ALMAL wat dors het, kom na die waters; en wie geen geld het nie, kom, koop en eet; ja, kom, koop sonder geld en sonder prys, wyn en melk!” v3”Neig julle oor en kom na My toe, luister en julle siel sal lewe;...” Kom lê alle laste by die voete van Jesus en vind die lewe en rus deur net op Hom te vertrou.

Deut. 15:11 OVT “Want die arme sal in die land nie ontbreek nie; daarom gee ek jou bevel en sê: Jy moet jou hand wyd oopmaak vir jou broer, vir die ellendige en die arme in jou land.” Ons lees in die woord van God se liefde en omgee vir die armes en verdruktes. Ons ontvang ook die opdrag om besorg te wees oor die behoeftiges en na hulle om te sien. In 2 Kor. 8 skryf Paulus oor die voorbeeld van die Macedoniërs wat, alhoewel hulle self armoedig en verdruk was, hulle oorvloedig gegee het vir die arm Christene van Judea. Hul omstandighede het nie hul ruimhartigheid beperk nie. Om te gee aan die armes was vir hulle n voorreg. 1Joh. 3:16-17 verwys na Jesus se voorbeeld van liefde wat ons moet navolg. “Hieraan het ons die liefde leer ken, dat Hy Sy lewe vir ons afgelê het; en ons  behoort ons lewe vir die broeders af te lê. Maar wie die goed van die wêreld het en sy broeder sien gebrek ly en sy hart vir hom toesluit, hoe bly die liefde van God in hom?”

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Tydens ‘n algemene vergadering op 11 Oktober 2016, is ‘n nuwe bestuur vir die Goue Gerwe verkies. Voor: Petro Sache (Ondervoorsitster), Delinda Coetzee (Sekretaresse) en Poppie Landman (Tesouriere). Agter: Rose Bothma (Voorsitster) en Annie Steyn (Addisionele Lid).

Tshepang Peme is a 28 years old young man from Batlharos. He is innovative, dedicated and passionate about business. He studied Civil Engineering and worked at one of the local mines in Kathu. However, he further pursued his passion for technology innovation by creating an online solution platform to help people do the following activities with ease: purchasing tickets for events, booking accommodation, restaurants , get access cards and membership card facilities and more. The online solution platform is called DigiTicket which is short for Digital Ticket. It went online during the month of June 2016 and has proven successful through the amount of traffic the platform receives daily from plus 100 people login in and using the webpage. It is convenient, easy access, time efficient and affordable, as long as you have an internet connection nationally you can use DigiTicket Services. Accessible at www.dticket.co.za .

The young man whose heart is set at making a difference in his society by implementing concepts that advance their lives to suit the technology developed society we live in. He has enrolled for a short course on programming to improve his skills and knowledge of the technology innovation industry. He hopes to further his studies by applying to do an MBA once he has completed his short course. He plans to launch a full application which will be available for purchase and installation in IOS Apple and Android mobiles and also growing the brand to be recognised internationally.

The last born of four siblings, Tshepang says he would have never done any of these achievements without the understanding and support of his family who have always encouraged him to follow his dreams and never be afraid to take a chance or create one if needs be. He had to quit working at the mines to pursue his dream with no financial assistance or investors but only a dream at heart. He is thankful to everyone who supported his ideas and saw it to reality. He also does some work on Events organising, branding and marketing in and around Kuruman at which he works with a team of talented young people and partner with other young entrepreneurs in the entertainment sector. His two mottos that he lives by are “money does not make money, people do” and “the aim is not to be biggest but best” by Vusi Thembekwayo as they instill in him the faith and courage to perfect his craft and provide quality services in all aspects of his business endeavours.


Tshepang Peme.