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During the week before Christmas 2017, the SAPS Kuruman discover-ed dagga with an estimated street value of more than R50 000 hidden in the bushes near Seven Miles village, in the John Taolo Gaetsewe district.
This discovery was made after the SAPS received tip-off from a community member.
Upon search and investigation in the veld, plastic bags filled with dagga and a plastic basin with content weighing 11.9 kg were found hidden in the bushes.
In a separate incident, the SAPS recover-ed a vehicle which had been reported stolen mid December 2017 at Hotazel. The vehicle was found abandoned this morning in Kathu.
Several houses in the John Taolo Gaet-sewe were raided and  stop and search activities were conducted.  
Undocumented persons, including want-ed suspects, were arrested at a road block
which was held on the R31 between Kuru-man and Hotazel and the N14 between Oli-fantshoek and Kathu. More than five thou-sand persons and vehicles were stopped and searched. The focus of the road block was to search for illegal goods, unlicenced firearms, stolen goods and stolen vehicles.
Fines to the value of R16 000 were issued to motorists for traffic offences ranging from driving motor vehicles without valid driver's licences and permits, overloading, driving  motor vehicles without number plates, unroadworthy vehicles and invalid licence discs.
Community members, including motor-ists, were delighted to see high police visibi-lity. Some of them pledged to assist and to partner with the police in the fight against crime.
During the road block more than hundred and fifty crime awareness and safety hints pamphlets were distributed.

The wife of acclaimed artist Walter Meyer has been arrested for his murder.
Police said the 52-year-old painter‚ based in Upington‚ was "stabbed with a sharp object" on 22 December 2017 around 22:00.
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Dimakatso Mooi said his 29-year-old wife Sophia Meyer was arrested in connection with his murder.
She appeared in court on Wednesday 27 December 2017. She later appeared in the Upington Magistrates' Court to apply for bail and was been granted bail of R2000.
Arts Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweeted: "We are shocked and saddened to learn about the tragic events which have led to the passing of iconic South African artist Walter Meyer‚ whose works have been exhibited and celebrated for over three decades. We send our sincere condolen-ces to his family and friends."
Meyer‚ who was born in Aliwal North in the Eastern Cape‚ showcased his work as far afield as Germany‚ New York and Na-mibia. He counts Power Corporation‚ Canada‚ the Rupert Foundation and the South African Reserve Bank among a long list of collectors of his work. His web-site is also brimming with positive reviews.
“You made banal sun-bleached deserts alive and shimmering, you were a master, light came out of your paintings. South Africa has lost one of our very few great painters. A giant has fallen. May you find eternal peace and light,” Beezy Bailey wrote on Facebook.
“He is widely celebrated as possibly the finest painter of distinctly South African landscapes that this country has yet produced‚” Ivor Powell wrote in the Sun-day Times.
Ruth Jacobsen wrote in Business Day: “These paintings are extraordinarily truth-ful‚ not merely to a catalogue of factual detail‚ but to profoundly experienced reali-ty. Collectively they speak of the integrity of the purpose of the artist.”
Rest in peace, Walter, your extraordi-nary art will live on for ever.
Times Live, DFA & Die Vryburger

At a special council meeting held on 30 November 2017 the Ga-Segonyana council raised eyebrows on how the Wrenchville landfill site is being ma-naged.
A repeated motion raised by the Democratic Alliance's ward one councillor and chairperson of the portfolio committee on community services, councillor Willie Aucamp, but which never gets due attention in the context that the matter is being investigated, has cast aspersions and caprices in the house.
The DA councillor said that the service provider managing the site, falls far short of the expectations and therefore ought to be termina-ted and another service provider or
the municipality brought to manage the site.
The councillor said that the service provider is not compacting the waste because of gross incapacita-tion on his part. Mr Aucamp said that the site is greatly deplorable and needs particular attention to avoid disease outbreaks.
The machines used at the site, according to him, are obsolete and frequently break down leaving wor-kers redundant at the site.
However the speaker said that the DA councillor seemingly had a direct or indirect conflict of interest over the landfill site, while the municipal manager said that investigations are underway on the alleged under per-formance by the service provider.
A visit by the Kathu Gazette at the site, found that the compacting machine had not been working for some days, as was disclosed by the workers. During this time, the wor-kers had no choice but to watch pieces of airborne plastic trapped by the Syringa tree thorns.
Notable was the abundance of scavengers at the site who exacer-bate the unsystematic spread of waste at the site, while workers are busy trying to control the situation. The site needs some form of re-gulation to control random entry by the public.
While the situation leaves a lot to be desired, if thorough attention is exerted, the landfill site status can be restored within days.

After ten consecutive disclaimers, the Ga-Segonyana local municipality obtained a qualified report for the year 2016/17 - not so good a report from a chartered accountant’s point of view.
This is but a good sign that should the municipality remain sensitive in its expenditure, it certainly will come out of its financial doldrums. The municipality had a severe drought in churning out such a lacklustre result and had continued obtaining disclaimers unabatedly. The new office bearers at the municipality, namely the mayor councillor Neo George Masegela who took the reigns in 2016 and the municipal manager Martin Tsatsimpe, who assumed office hardly three months ago, individually expressed great optimism.
In an interview with the mayor over the qualified report released by the Auditor General, he said that this was a great relief and proof enough that the municipality is coming out of its financial quagmire. He was very happy and said that continued financial discipline must be maintained to ensure a clear clean report is obtained in the next audit exercise. Equally, Mr Tsatsimpe, currently at the helm of administration, echoed similar sentiments and said that this was fascinating news that gave impetus to tighten the screws in coming up with a satisfactory audit report. “Honestly, disclaimers are not reflective of good administration in an institution. A qualified audit report too, but here we are making a comparison of a tradition that has been broken. This municipality is coming out of an abyss and as management, we need to improve the momentum where prudent planning is done within the lines of what is within the coffers. In a nutshell, every department must cut its cloth according to what it has on the table.”
In the past, the community of Ga-Segonyana municipality has been crying foul about the state of the results that, in most cases, were kept a secret because they were indeed an embarrassment.

3070 & 3073 The Ga-Segonyana municipality mayor councillor Neo George Masegela and the municipal manager Mr Martin Tsatsimpe equally determined to redeem the municipality from its financial woes.

Baie geluk aan Curro Kathu se heel eerste matriekgroep. Die groep van 2017 het 'n 100% slaagsyfer en baie goeie uitslae behaal. Welgedaan !

Alhoewel die slaagsyfer van 2017 minder is as die vorige jaar, vergelyk dit baie positief met dié van 2016 aangesien hulle in elke afdeling van die vry-stellings meer positiewe resultate weer-spiëel. “Nie so goed soos 2016, maar tog be-ter “, só stel die skoolhoof, mev Marianne Coetzee die uitslae.
ter “, só stel die skoolhoof, mev Marianne Coetzee die uitslae.
Die slaagsyfer van 93.33% is te wyte aan vier druipelinge en twee onvoltooide eksa-mens. Oor die individuele uitslae is die skool baie positief; ook omdat al vier druipelinge
kwalifiseer om die sup-plementêre eksamen in Februarie of Maart 2018 te skryf. Die skool het ook die versekering van die distrikseksa-mendirekteur gekry dat die twee onvoltooide uitslae ook toegelaat mag word om die sup-plementêre eksamens af te lê aangesien die res van hulle punte goed lyk.
Oor die algeheel ge-sien is die resultate ook meer positief:
Daar is 4.6% A-vak simbole (2016  3.19%). Daar is 12,9% B-vak  simbole (in 2016 was daar 11.84%) 
In 2016 het 44.7% van die matrikulante gekwalifiseer vir graad-studies – in 2017 kwa-lifiseer 50% vir graad-studies. Só ook het 36.8% in 2016 vir diplo-mastudies gekwalifiser en in 2017 37%.
 Die Top Tien Matri-kulante, van Postmas-burg Hoërskool, is van
nommer 1 tot 10: Samantha Erasmus, Marinelle Beyleveld, Tshepiso Polile, Olinda Manhice, Chanté Beyers, Nobuhle Mkize,  Realiga Stander, Jan Kotze, Jay-Dean Marema en Keobiditse Matolong.
Realiga Stander, Jan Kotze, Jay-Dean Marema en Keobiditse Matolong.
 Baie geluk met die vrugte wat julle nou gepluk het.
'n Harde 12-jaar is verby. Die finale le-wenskeuses wat dié jongmense se pad gaan uitstippel, lê en wag.

Kumba Iron Ore a business unit of Anglo American plc confirmed that on 4 January 2018 there was a derailment of a locomotive and 42 wagons of an empty Transnet train on the  Sishen–Saldanha railway line, also known as the Ore Export Line, just after loop 19 near Sishen mine.
No injuries were sustained.
The derailment of the empty train occurred on the railway line going to Sishen mine for loading and only affected Sishen mine.
The cause of the derailment is still being investigated by Transnet, however repair work commenced as soon as the line was declared safe for operation on 07 January 2018.
The derailment resulted in the specific railway line not being in operation for 3 days.
The train consists of 3 electric locomotives and 342 wagons and is used to transport iron ore from the different iron ore producers near Kathu and Postmasburg to the port at Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape from where it is exported internationally.

Assmang, in collaboration with their supplier M-SHEX which recycles plastics, glass and paper, invited three primary schools in Kathu ie Curro Ka-thu, Kathu Primary School and Sishen In-termediate Mine School to take part in a re-cycling competition.
The winner, Sishen Intermediate Mine School, walked away with a cash prize to the value of a staggering R10 000, the se-cond prize of R4000 went to Curro Kathu and the third prize of R2000 to Kathu Pri-mary School.
The school recycling challenge provided a direct educational message to house-holds regarding recycling and the reduction of contamination. The schools had to col-lect plastic bottles and hand them over to M-SHEX.
Assmang Kumani funded this initiative. The mining company is adamant that it will continue to run such competitions in years to come with more developmental and stra-
tegic plans to educate youngsters about the importance of protecting the environment.
David Moshesh from M-SHEX said “Not only are we increasing recycling rates, but it is the important way for us all to contribute to our country's environmental targets. Re-sidents who recycle paper, cardboard, alu-minium, steel, plastics and glass correctly can really help their local authority bring in the cash needed to keep the waste collect-ion costs down”.
The overwhelmed Headmaster of Sishen Intermediate, Mr Okhaa, said they will use the prize money for the upliftment of school projects. He added that they have identified some learners who are struggling with school equipment and they will extend their hands to such learners.
Elrinda Rost from Assmang, expressed her gratitude to the schools that participa-ted in the competition and said it was a learning curve for all participants about how to take care of the environment.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has made an urgent call on the Ga-magara Council to fire the acting Municipal Manger (MM) and Chief Finan-cial Officer (CFO), Moses Grond, said Melinda Hattingh MPL and the DA Con-stituency Head of the Kalahari.
Ms Hattingh said that whilst the finan-cial state of the debt-ridden Gamagara municipality has spiraled completely out of control, Mr Grond has become a law unto himself. He reports to himself and he alone signs off and approves pay-ments.
The lavish lifestyle of Mr Grond, better known as the “Maserati man” due to his penchant for luxurious cars, including a Maserati and a newly purchased BMW X6M, is an insult to a community suffer-ing under the municipality's service deli-very failures.
Ms Hattingh said that the DA believes that financial mismanagement and sub-sequent poor service delivery can be tra-ced back directly to Mr Grond.
Shocking details pertaining to the mu-nicipality's mounting debt are being ex-posed.
In a very selective and manipulative media statement, the municipality re-leased figures relating to debt owed to Eskom (R55-million) and Sedibeng Water Board (R8,4-million) on Tuesday 28 November 2017. At the same time, the municipality insinuated that residents are somehow responsible for Gamaga-ra's self-made financial crisis. This is despite the municipality's billing system which is wrought with flaws. The truth is that residents, some of whom are willing to pay outstanding municipal debt in a single swipe, and who stand in long que-ues, are unable to do so, due to the lack of available accurate billing information.
Ms Hattingh says that the DA considers the municipality's sudden communica-tion via the media to be a ploy to distract attention from the worsening financial situation in the Gamagara municipality. Pointing to its revenue streams as being its only problem, is a feeble attempt to di-vert attention away from obscene expen-ses. In fact, says Ms Hattingh, the DA knows for certain that the debt owed to Eskom and Sedibeng are just the tip of the iceberg and that the full extent of the municipality's financial state has not yet been disclosed.
Other municipal debt include R62-mil-lion owed to Anglo American after it lost the court case against the disastrous property evaluations ; R7.6-million ow-ed to John Taolo Gaetsewe district muni-cipality after at least two payment agree-ments were not honoured by Mr Grond ; and the municipality is also believed to be in arrears on its repayments to the De-velopment Bank of South Africa, with whom it has a loan agreement. It is further believed that an attempt to rene-gotiate the terms of this loan, and re-con-solidate its debt in order to meet its burn-ing obligations, has not been sanctioned.
DA councillors in Gamagara municipa-lity have submitted a motion with notice, demanding that Mayor Edwin Hantise immediately removes Mr Grond from the positions of acting MM and CFO. They are also seeking a full disclosure of the financial situation of the municipality.
“The motion is expected to be tabled at a Special Council Meeting, however, if the DA's demands are not met, we will not hesitate to report the matter to the Public Protector for further investiga-tion,” said Ms Hattingh.
“It is increasingly clear that vitally im-portant financial information is being will-fully, and possibly illegally, withheld from councillors,” concluded Ms Hattingh.
DA demands MM & CFO’s head

On Sunday 19 November, six of Kathu’s own Iron Wheelers  partici-pated. Kathu locals, S Mazibuko, V Maseko, T Melokwe, B Coetzee and R Mohlahlo all collected their medals for completing the 94.7 km with an assent of 1488 metres.
According to the Iron Wheelers, the course was great especially ri-
ding through historical landmarks and streets of Johannesburg with no cars about. There were a few chal-lenging twists and turns but with some really tough climbs. “We are not used to riding hills in Kathu” said the locals but this did not stop or deter local legend Barend Coetzee from not only completing, but bring-ing home a gold medal for coming first overall in the paraplegic catego-ry.
Barend, a paraplegic who broke
his back in a car accident, competes with a specialised custom-built hand cycle.
We can only watch and report in awe of Barend and his achieve-ments. You are our own true Kathu hero and an inspiration to us all. Well done guys, you do us proud.
If you have a bicycle come and join the local Iron Wheelers. Life is a jour-ney, enjoy the ride !

The annual Masters Challenge took place on Saturday 18 November at Sishen golf club. A field of 36 of our best local talent qualified and participated in this event. They had to play 18 holes to qualify and make the final cut. The competition this year was fierce and the golfers delivered some incredible golf coming in with great scores like Allan Toy, our club champ, finishing 3rd with a 68 / 75 (142), Peter Tau finishing 2nd with a 68 /74 (142) but nobody could beat last years champ, Andrew Seme who finished with a 78 /68 (141) to be crowned the 2017 Master's Champion.

Local golfer Bertie Steen-kamp, from Upington Golf Club, was crowned the Golf RSA Champion of Champions af-ter winning the men's divisions of the National Finals at Glendower in Johannesburg.
He claimed the title by two shots when he shot a 71 and 77 (148) over Westlake's Brent Kirstein who shot a 78 and a 72 (150). Bertie claimed that it is a great privilege to be the champion, es-pecially because it is the first ev-ent and that there are a lot of ama-teur golfers in South Africa. Al-though he struggled with back is-sues, he kept his focus and hung onto the lead regardless of the pain. We are proud of you, well done Bertie !

Huis Jan Vorster oorlede :

Mev. Anna Brunsdon (79) wat die afgelope twee jaar 'n inwoner van Huis Jan Vorster was, is oorlede. Mev. Brunsdon is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley opge-neem nadat sy eers 'n galblaas operasie ondergaan het maar later ook met ander inwendige organe probleme ondervind het. 

Mev. Brunsdon laat vier kinders agter: Mev. Lynette Stander van Postmasburg, skool-hoof by die plaaslike Laerskool, mev. Desiré Lund van Beaufortwes, prof. Alfred Brunsdon van Lichtenburg en Bennie Brunsdon van die Kaap. Ook agt kleinkinders en drie agterkleinkinders. 

 'n Roudiens word Vrydag, 21 April 2017 om 14:00 by Huis Jan Vorster vir mev. Bruns-don gehou. 

Stryd teen kanker:

Mev. Amanda Calitz (58) wat 'n lang stryd teen kanker gehad het (wat ons periodiek oor berig het) is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorlede waar sy opgeneem is toe sy ernstige simptome ontwikkel het weens haar kankerprobleem. Mev. Calitz het haar eerste operasie in April 2012 on-dergaan nadat kolonkanker gediagnoseer is. Sy het sedertdien gereelde behandeling ondergaan; ook nadat daar in 2016 ver-spreiding gediagnoseer is. Amanda was 'n sersant-majoor in die Weermag op Lohat-lha. Hulle het in Februarie 2017 na Da-niëlskuil verhuis omdat familie wat daar woon behulpsaam kon wees. 

 Mev. Calitz laat drie kinders agter asook 'n suster en skoonsuster in Daniëlskuil. 

 'n Roudiens word op Saterdag 22 April 2017 om 11:00 in die NG. Kerk op Post-masburg vir mev. Calitz gehou. 

 Aan die familie en vriende van mev. Anna Brunsden en mev. Amanda Calitz ons diepe meegevoel met die heengaan van geliefdes wie se plekke in hegte familie-verbintenisse nou groot leemtes laat. Mag Hy u metgesel wees in hierdie hartseer tye.

Mev. Emma Marais van Springbokstraat Postmasburg wat eers in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Upington was met 'n bynier-probleem en later na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorgeplaas is, is weer tuis na-dat die medikasie en behandeling in Kimberley suksesvol verloop het.  Na verneem word is sy swak maar maak goeie vordering.

Mnr. Dawid Swanepoel van Vleistraat Postmasburg wat in die Gariep Hospitaal was waar 'n gewas verwyder is, is ook tuis en die goeie nuus is dat die gewas geen gevaar inhou nie. 

 Mnr Theo Coetzee van Houtstraat  Postmasburg is ook tuis maar is nog onge-steld. Hy gaan weer in die dae vir toetse en vir 'n opvolg ondersoek na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley. 

Matthew 6:6 NIV “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Prayer is intimate communication with our Father in heaven. The Lord invites us all to pray and we are urged to pray with-out ceasing.
Jesus also frequently prayed. We read in Luke 6:12 ”One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.”
We must be careful not to pray with selfish motives, but to pray according to the will of God. Our prayers should also be offered in faith. Through our prayers God can bring about revival and change can come in our circumstances.
John Wesley wrote : “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer.”
It is important to honour God in our prayers and acknowledge His sovereign-ty.
James 5:16 Ampl “......The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a right-eous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working).”

Ons Vader stel nie net belang in ons geestelike lewe nie, maar in ons hele menswees. In ons eenheid met Christus is dit God se begeerte dat Sy kinders vrolik moet wees en die goeie van die lewe wat Hy hier op aarde vir ons gee, geniet. In Prediker 3:13 staan geskryf dat om die goeie van die lewe te geniet n gawe van God is. Ons kan die saamwees met familie en vriende geniet. Geniet die lieflike natuur om ons, uitstappies, goeie musiek, om n mooi boek te lees en om n stokperdjie te beoefen. Miskien is jou huwelik somber. In Pred. 9:9 lees ons: “ Geniet die lewe met die vrou wat jy liefhet, al die dae van jou nietige lewe wat Hy jou gegee het onder die son -....” Geniet ons dit om die Here te dien en te eer? Jesus vermaan ons in Matt. 6:16 om byvoor-beeld nie met n lang gesig te vas soos die skynheiliges nie. By eredienste is ons dikwels baie ernstig en glimlag skaars. Ons behoort dit te geniet om as gelowiges saam die Here te aanbid. Besluit vandag om elke oomblik die lewe te geniet wat God jou gee.


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Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas, along with a delegation, is attending the Bloodhound Supersonic Car's (SSC's) first ever public run, which is sche-duled to take place at the Aerohub Enter-prise Zone, Newquay Airport, Cornwall in the UK.
The delegation to the UK includes senior politicians, government officials and pupils from various schools, comprising six pupils from high schools offering science, techno-logy, engineering, mathematics and tourism subjects, as well as the top two pupils in ma-thematics and science from Rietfontein High School.
The spokesperson for the Premier's Of-fice in Kimberley, Bronwyn Thomas-Abra-hams, stated that the objective of the United Kingdom mission was to show the pro-vince's support for the Bloodhound project and to strengthen partnerships with the UK and Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) stakeholders.
She said that the opportunity will be used to promote the Northern Cape and Green Kalahari as tourist destinations and explore educational opportunities presented by the Bloodhound project for fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathe-matics and tourism. Further clarity will be gained on the project details and roll-out for the South African run at Haksteenpan in the Northern Cape.
This project has been supported by the
province since 2010 with the small villages in the Mier area preparing the track. The pro-ject has contributed significantly to job creation in this area with over 300 communi-ty members assisting with the track clear-ance.”
Ms Thomas-Abrahams said that the MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Bongiwe Mbin-qo-Gigaba, would serve as the acting pre-mier from October 22 until November 01. DFA

Local poet releases a book

Adelaide January, a young poet from Seoding village in Kuruman released a book titled Mending Broken Pieces. She started writing at the age of 16 years old.

She completed matric at Wrenchville High School and obtained a Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Management. Currently she is studying towards a Diploma in Public Relations.

In 2003, she established an organization called Kurara Wordsmiths (KWS) which aims to provide a platform to poets and writers in and around Kuruman. Kurara Wordsmiths have an annual event that allows them to share their talent.

Her greatest achievement includes being one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016 for making an impact in her community.

Mending Broken Pieces is a prose and poetry book that consist of eleven poems, mostly written in the English language with some parts of the work in Setswana. It took her two years to publish this book as it is very close to her heart and is all about what she is passionate about.

Adelaide is inspired by her surroundings and social issues within her community. Her role model is Lebo Mashile, who is a well-known international and national poet and television personality.

Adelaide’s advice to upcoming writers and poets is : “Keep writing, equip yourself and polish your talent and technique by attending workshops and showcasing at various events.”