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As learners are sitting for their final examinations throughout the country, the South African Police Service would like to take this opportunity to wish them the very best during this very difficult time.

It is during this time and in the upcoming school holidays that we find children are most exposed to dangers. The South African Police Service is committed to preventing, managing and responding to incidents of crime and violence in and out of schools. However, to ensure maximum safety of the children, we will require the support of both parents and children and we urge them to be vigilant at all times.

Now that learners are no longer required to remain in school after writing their exam papers, this leaves them unsupervised and possibly exposed to all types of dangers including gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse, kidnapping, contact crimes (assault, murder and rape), drowning, motor vehicle accidents, child pornography and suicides.

To further help us help children not become victims to these crimes, we urge parents to constantly talk to their children and make them aware of these possible dangers. Communication with your child is critical in the prevention of such incidents. Do not take matters for granted and do not make the common mistake in assuming that “it would not happen to my child”.

One of our other areas of concern is the easy access to the internet. Children must be closely monitored when they are online and should be educated on what sites they should and should not visit, on the use of the email and who they should chat with. Let them know they can talk to you or educators if they see anything online makes them uncomfortable, whether it’s an explicit website or classmate bullying them or someone else through email, chat or website.


Some of these tips can also assist in preventing your child from becoming a victim :-


  • Map out with your children a safe way for them to walk to school or to bus stop. Advise them to avoid bushy areas, construction areas, empty areas, passages and parks where there aren’t many people or adequate lighting.
  • Teach children to follow traffic signals and rules when walking. Stress that they should cross the street at crosswalks or intersections with scholar patrols when they can.
  • Encourage children to walk to and from school or bus stop with a sibling or friend and to wait at bus stops with other children. Not walking around talking on your cell phone as it will distract you from what is going around and it can also attract criminals.
  • Teach children not to talk to strangers, go anywhere with them, or accept gifts from them without your permission. Never should accept lifts from strangers. Tell them that if they see a suspicious stranger hanging around or in their school they should tell an adult.
  • Communicate – when you as a parent observe significant danger signs in the child`s life, it is important to ask him/her whether she/he is having thoughts of hurting him/herself. It is relieving to the child when someone or a parent cares enough to ask that question. Tell the child that suicide in not an answer after failing.
  • Supervision – children should always be under an adult’s supervision when swimming or when handling crackers. (during festive season)
  • Help children memorise their phone numbers and full address. Write down other important phone numbers such as your work and cell phone on a card for your children to carry with them.


On Friday 4 November 2016 an Armed Robbery took place in Postmasburg at Mr Price.  The suspects fled the scene in a silver Audi A4.

Kathu SAPS were informed that the vehicle might be on its way in the direction of Kuruman.  Seargent Ben Eiman, Constable Meshak Mosesane, Warrent Officer Godfrey Motlogelwa and Constable Kgoa  reacted and within 10 minutes the suspects were arrested and stolen goods confiscated.

The new CPF structure has been elected at the AGM held at Thembelihle on 6 November 2016 at 17:00. Front - fltr : Mnr Richard Moncuusi (Additional member), Samuel Sandlana (Chairperson), Me Dineo Segopisho (Secretary), Me Eunice Matlotlo (Treasury), Mnr Julius Gatyeni (Deputy Chairperson) and ZFM Cluster CPF Chairperson Mnr J Isaac. Back – fltr : Captain Cecil March (Deputy Secretary), Mev Julia Gxagxa (Additional member) and Mnr Headman Vuyani Gqoboka (Additional member).

Thusego is one of the middle schools found in the deep rural areas of Tsineng village but its image leaves a lot to be desired.

The Northern Cape NGO coalition in Kuruman had its field worker Mr Tebogo Moitsi who also works for Actionaid in that area, astounded. “We are working with schools around the district of John Taolo Gaetsewe, and Thusego Middle School is one of the schools that is in our programme.

The school has been running for a year now without water, toilets and furniture. The learners have been attending lessons sitting on the floor for the whole year expecting that the situation will change very soon. But to this date nothing has changed and the situation shows there is no possible hope in sight”.

Mr Moitsi said that examination papers lie idle on the floor in boxes. Classrooms do not have doors and some of the windows are broken. The electric wires are precariously exposed to learners and at any given time electrocution can be reported at the school. As examinations are underway learners have to find their comfortable sitting positions to write because furniture is nonexistent. Educators too have their own complications that include among others the unavailability of a decent staff room and toilets. He said that the department of education ought to prioritise its budgetary expenditure towards such situations to ensure that innocent children are safe and in a conducive learning environment.     

In yet another development, Mothibistad and Mapoteng villages in Kuruman have swords between gangsters sharpened for confrontation at any given time.

An anonymous close source following the goings-on in the looming fight, has pointed fingers to the relevant departments that ought to approach the problem with a straight face.

Last week, November 3, 2016 a community meeting was held in Kuruman’s Mapoteng village to resolve the looming disturbance in the writing of examinations in some schools around Mothibistad. Some learners involved in the monstrous acts still hibernate in the same schools that are being targeted for disturbances.

Members of the community want the police, in liaison with the Department of Education, to take stern measures to ensure that learners involved in gangsterism be out-rooted from schools. This can only be achieved, says the community, if the Department of Education can issue out a letter authorising the police to identify the juvenile delinquents (learners) within schools where punitive measures can be taken to stem out this form of lawlessness.

It appears, the community alleges, that the Department of Education develops cold feet to issue out a letter to the police that gives it the mandate to sniff out hooligans within its learning precincts.

There are increasing threats that some learners are being targeted by these groups and as a result learners are in great fear to go for their examinations. While examinations in themselves are a nerve-wrecking experience, the added fear of being physically attacked is a clear depravity to the free flow of revision to the examinees and authorities need to apply firm steps to control the situation.          


Die babas en 2-jariges bons dat dit gons.



Sonstraaltjie Kleuterskool het op Vrydagaand 28 Oktober 2016 ‘n Lollos konsert aangebied. Die program is afgeskop deur die babas en 2-jariges met “Bons dat dit gons”, gevolg deur “Tannie met die rooi rokkie” deur die 3-jariges. Die 4-jariges het “Spring op” en “Stapsoldaatjie” opgevoer. Daarna was dit die 5-jariges se beurt met “Shongologo” en “Dae van die week”. Die aand is afgesluit met die 5-jariges se gradeplegtigheid, waar elke leerder ‘n foto in sy toga saam met Lollos kon neem.


Following an emphatic decision by the Ga-Segonyana local municipality to restore damaged infrastructure - especially the potholes - the Department of Roads & Public Works has consolidated the local authority’s determination.

The department released a modern machine used to patch potholes at a very fast pace, to the Ga-Segonyana municipality.

Speaking on behalf of the mayor, Mr David Mabhudi, the communications officer of the municipality, said that the machine is a great relief to the municipality and will reflect how determined the municipality is in repairing streets around town.

The machine, called the Jetpatcher 1000, mixes all the ingredients used in the patching of potholes, blows clean the targeted spots then squirts out the processed material to seal the potholes.

Testing the machine, were the officials from the department who demonstrated at length how the machine is used for optimum results by municipal workers. In turn workers expressed similar sentiments that the machine has come at the right time when roads are not in good shape and hence speedy repair is almost certain.

Most streets in town were giving the impression that authorities are oblivious of the dangers that could be caused by potholes. Three weeks ago the mayor Mr Neo George Masegela declared that potholes must fall to restore the town’s dignity. Since then, municipal workers in that section have heeded the clarion call and have done tremendous work towards restoring the state of the streets.        

The Democratic Alliance is concerned about the local  Gamagara municipality’s poor waste management practices and its inability to keep the town clean and tidy. In the residential area of Mapoteng, mountains of refuse are a common sight, posing a serious environmental threat (photograph). The Kathu Gazette approached the muncipality for comment which is due to appear next week. Photograph : Fifi Moshaoa

A group of fifteen (15) ladies from Maruping, Batlharos, Magojaneng and Bankhara have come together to help children in need from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with Toiletries. This initiative established by Peo Tumelo Modukanele says she saw the need in the community after going to couple of schools and identifying the problem of low esteem in children and realised it is because some come to school not having bathed and that affects their confidence and how they perform at school and she decided to be part of the solution by bringing her friends to assist and that is how the Help A Child Initiative started. They do not have any sponsors at the moment, therefore everyone donates what they can and they then package and make distributions at schools.

They have distributed these packages to learners at schools such as Gamohana Junior Secondary School, Rremogo High School, Maruping Primary School and their next distribution includes learners at Gaegake Primary School and Seupe Primary school bringing the total of numbers assisted to sixty (60).  The ladies strongly believe that if you want to invest for 10 years plant trees but if you want a lifetime investment educate a child. They truly reflect that a child is raised by a nation. “I have a great team and that makes me feel confident and secure, inspired by Motherhood l know how important it is to nurture and prepare a child to face life’s challenges.”

Dance Fever Studio hou op Vrydag 18 November 2016 ‘n Rugby Gholfdag om fondse in te samel vir oefen matte, oefen apparate ens. Dit beloof om ‘n lekker ontspan middag op die Gholfbaan te wees.

Die lekker is jy het nie gholfstokke nodig nie, want dit word gespeel met ‘n rugbybal. Twee spelers is in ‘n span en jy speel nege putjies of sal ek eerder sê jy skop nege putjies.

Daar is verskeie pryse om te wen en nie net die beste ouens wen nie. Almal staan ‘n kans om ‘n prys te wen. Daar gaan ‘n getekende foto van Gary Player en ‘n getekende Blou Bul Rugby Trui opgeveil word.

Dit begin om 14:00 die middag en kos R200 per speler. Besoek gerus PicknPay Kathu om in te skryf. Jul kan op Youtube gaan kyk hoe dit werk:



Alfred Shabalala wys hoe dit gedoen word. Foto: Hettie du Plessis

Die KANSA PicknPay Pink Walk is op Saterdag 29 Oktober 2016 in Kathu gehou. Die pienk skare het by PicknPay Heritage Mall bymekaargekom en van daar af onderskeidelik 5km en 10km gestap.

Kathu Mixed Martial Arts Academy: Voor – Lohan le Roux (2 brons), Bronwin van den Heever (1 silwer, 2 brons), Jayden Esau (1 goud). Middel – Lylle Pieterse (3 silwer, 1 brons), Francois Rautenbach (3 silwer), Janko Janse van Vuuren(2 brons),   Melincke Deetlefs (3 goud, 3 brons). Agter – Ziyanda Rasinous (6 goud, 1 brons, 3 trofees), Jasmin April (4 silwer, 1 brons), Jessey Isaacs (1 goud, 1 silwer, 2 brons), Stefan van der Merwe (2 silwer, 1 brons), George le Grange (1 goud, 2 silwer, 3 brons), Shanice April (4 goud, 1 silwer, 1 trofee).  Afwesig- Jacques Seaman (1 silwer).


Gedurende die naweek van 1 en 2 Oktober 2016 het lede van Kalahari Martial Arts Academy aan die NMA/ISKA SA kampioenskappe te Stellenbosch deel geneem. Die een van sy soort kampioenskappe bied aan alle martial arts style die geleentheid om teen mekaar mee te ding.  Met ‘n goeie opkoms van net oor die 1200 deelnemers het ons studente weereens uitstekend presteer. Van die afdelings het meer as 30 deelnemers gehad.

‘n Rekord getal van sewe ‘’Grand champion’’ trofees is verower. Alle medalje wenners kwalifiseer dus om volgende jaar aan die VSA OPE/ISKA NMA Wêreldkampioenskappe te VSA, Suid-Afrika te verteenwoordig.

Grand Champion wenners is sensei Peace Molale, Ziyanda Rasinous met 3 trofees, Jemima van Schalkwyk, Shanice April en Gerdre Noeth.


Baie geluk aan almal van julle. Julle het die Kalahari se naam hoog gehou.

Dankie aan sensei Rainer Jacobs, sensei Peace Molale, sensei Peet Struwig, sensei Richard Daneel en sensei Jacques Seaman vir al julle harde werk, toewyding en opoffering met ons studente.

Shihan Pieter Pretorius

Uitslae is as volg:


Lentetyd is saaityd. In die supermarket word pakkies saad met die pragtigste blomme uitgestal. Die saad beteken egter niks as dit net in die pakkie bly nie. Ons kan net die mooi blomme op die prentjie bewonder, maar nooit daarvan pluk nie. Daar is lewe binne die saad. Saad moet in die grond gesaai en natgemaak word voor dit kan groei en blomme voortbring. Die woord van God is goeie saad wat in die akker van God gesaai word. Jesus sê in Mark. 4:26-27 “....So is die koninkryk van God, soos  wanneer ‘n mens saad in die grond gooi; en hy gaan slaap en staan op, nag en dag, en die saad spruit uit en word groot- hoe, weet hy self nie.” Die lewe, die groei en die vrug kom van God. V. 28 “Want vanself bring die aarde vrug voort, eers ‘n halm, dan ‘n aar, dan die volle koring in die aar.” Om vrug te dra, moet die woord in harte gesaai word op goeie grond en natgemaak word. 1Kor. 3:6 skryf Paulus “Ek het geplant, Apollos het natgemaak, maar God het laat groei. Sonder God is daar geen groei en geen vrug nie.

I guess it will be no surprise to most of the residents of Kathu when I say that the current municipal council failed Kathu and its residents.

Kathu's infrastructure is getting worse by the day. This situation is caused directly by the mismanagement of the current municipal council. Civil infrastructure is not maintained - only look at the traffic circles and sidewalks. Water infrastructure are not being maintained - only look at all the water leaks in Kathu. All repair and cleaning work are too little, too late. The quality of the little maintenance work that is being done, is inadequate. That is why everything is getting worse, problems are not being fixed permanently, thus maintenance is just escalating.

Cleaning is another major problem. In the area where I live are several proclaimed open areas. An open area belongs to the municipality and must be maintained by the municipality. These areas in my area are rubbish dumps and overgrown by the haak and steek bush which was declared an invader plant and must therefore be removed. Builders use these areas to dump their building rubble. What does the municipality do with the large deposits that builders need to pay ? Pay them back without inspecting the area or use the money for other purposes? They surely do not clean up abandoned building rubble. 

The Kathu street cleaning team must be the most unproductive in the world. I cannot say that I have ever seen them actually working. Maybe I only see them during breaks, I don't know.  Having said this, the cleaning team is however, overshadowed in their unproductiveness by the traffic department. Does Kathu municipality employ traffic officers? In my almost six years in Kathu, I have not seen one traffic officer in the streets. The unproductiveness of traffic officers directly relates to the downfall of the town’s civil and electrical infrastructure. Kathu must be South Africa's town with the highest percentage of traffic accidents and accompanying infrastructure damage. Are the people who cause accidents held responsible for the infrastructure damage caused by the accidents ? A streetlight pole is an endangered species in Kathu.

Then there are the taxis. Absolutely out of control. My wife was almost killed by a taxi today speeding over a stop sign without even slowing down. They stop where they want, they disobey all traffic rules and signs. A red robot is an invitation for them to drive faster and speed over it. The council can just as well remove the robot at the crossing to the mine. If it was not so dangerous, it would have been funny how the people in general and taxis and busses in particular disregard the robot there. The slipways at the mall are now taxi ranks. The yellow no parking zones in traffic circles are now taxi ranks. Where is Kathu's traffic department ?

I am of the opinion that all this is because we as residents allow this to happen. Where are the new councillors that we voted in, civil groups like Afriforum and most importantly, the ratepayers’ association ? These organisations should mobilise people to demand the basic services from the municipality. Also, our mines with their employees residing in Kathu and using the taxis. The standards that the mines are trying to teach their people and the standards of the town that they live in and the taxis and busses that they ride on are worlds apart. What are the mines doing to bring them closer together ?

I think the time has come to use the courts and TV programs like Carte Blanche to force the Gamagara municipality to fulfil their duties, to maintain the infrastructure, to keep the town clean, to manage traffic and keep residents safe from maniacs speeding in town and destroying the town etc etc etc

Crime is rampant in Kathu, but I guess that is another story . . .

O yes, and the illegal township without water, sanitation, electricity etc.

I wonder what this new mansion of a municipal building is costing the taxpayer . . . ?

Yours faithfully

Marius van der Merwe


Matt.11:28 “Kom na My toe, almal wat vermoeid en belas is, en Ek sal julle rus gee.” Hierdie wonderlike uitnodiging van ons Here Jesus, is vir almal. Harde werk, bekommernis, hartseer, siekte, sonde en skuldgevoelens, is laste wat ons vermoei. Sommige vermoei hulself deur hul eie pogings om hulself te red. Hulle probeer om deur die werke van die wet hulself te regverdig voor die Here. Eie pogings neem egter nie die sondelas en skuld weg nie. Alleenlik as ons reageer op Jesus se uitnodiging om na Hom te kom en in Hom te glo, sal ons ware rus vind. Boonop is dit verniet. Daar is geen koste verbonde om vergifnis, troos en rus te vind by Jesus nie. Jes. 55:1”O ALMAL wat dors het, kom na die waters; en wie geen geld het nie, kom, koop en eet; ja, kom, koop sonder geld en sonder prys, wyn en melk!” v3”Neig julle oor en kom na My toe, luister en julle siel sal lewe;...” Kom lê alle laste by die voete van Jesus en vind die lewe en rus deur net op Hom te vertrou.

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Die bars wat dwarsdeur die binnekant van die velling deurloop, kan baie duidelik gesien word. Beide wiele is op dieselfde wyse onherstelbaar beskadig.



‘n Onaangename ervaring wat noodlottige gevolge kon hê het mnr. Johannes Bester van Erasmusstraat Sondagoggend 6 November 2016 getref toe hy by die enigste robot gestop en links gedraai het op pad dorp toe.

‘n Swaar vragmotor met ‘n sleepwa aan het van voor gekom en die draai wyd oor die stippellyn gevat dat mnr. Bester van die pad af moes wyk om nie deur die swaar voertuig getref te word nie. In dié proses het hy ook ‘n slaggat aan die kant getref wat twee van sy bande en wieldoppe onherstelbaar beskadig het. Die insident het ongeveer 08:15 plaasgevind.

Die SAPD is in kennis gestel wat die saak opgeneem het. Die swaar voertuig het al oor die brug in die Kathurigting verdwyn sonder om te stop en mnr. Bester kon in die poging om ‘n noodlottige ongeluk te vermy nie die registrasienommer neem nie.

Nadat die skade bepaal is, verneem mnr. Bester, dat dit ongeveer R10 000 sal kos....

Hy vra tereg waarom sulke swaar voertuie deur die dorp – ook op ‘n Sondag – ry? Op hul korrekte verbyroete beskik Jimbos oor al die nodige eet- en drinkgoed. Hy is egter dankbaar om met sy lewe af te kom want

hy kon met motor en al gelyk met die pad getrap gewees het.

(Terloops – vanoggend – Maandag - toe ek 10;00 dorp toe ry, staan ‘n groot donkerblou trok – met ‘n trailer aan – voor Spar geparkeer. Dit versper die uitsig van die verkeer wat in- en uit dié parkeer terrein moet beweeg...) en neem al die buite parkering op....)


Tshepang Peme is a 28 years old young man from Batlharos. He is innovative, dedicated and passionate about business. He studied Civil Engineering and worked at one of the local mines in Kathu. However, he further pursued his passion for technology innovation by creating an online solution platform to help people do the following activities with ease: purchasing tickets for events, booking accommodation, restaurants , get access cards and membership card facilities and more. The online solution platform is called DigiTicket which is short for Digital Ticket. It went online during the month of June 2016 and has proven successful through the amount of traffic the platform receives daily from plus 100 people login in and using the webpage. It is convenient, easy access, time efficient and affordable, as long as you have an internet connection nationally you can use DigiTicket Services. Accessible at www.dticket.co.za .

The young man whose heart is set at making a difference in his society by implementing concepts that advance their lives to suit the technology developed society we live in. He has enrolled for a short course on programming to improve his skills and knowledge of the technology innovation industry. He hopes to further his studies by applying to do an MBA once he has completed his short course. He plans to launch a full application which will be available for purchase and installation in IOS Apple and Android mobiles and also growing the brand to be recognised internationally.

The last born of four siblings, Tshepang says he would have never done any of these achievements without the understanding and support of his family who have always encouraged him to follow his dreams and never be afraid to take a chance or create one if needs be. He had to quit working at the mines to pursue his dream with no financial assistance or investors but only a dream at heart. He is thankful to everyone who supported his ideas and saw it to reality. He also does some work on Events organising, branding and marketing in and around Kuruman at which he works with a team of talented young people and partner with other young entrepreneurs in the entertainment sector. His two mottos that he lives by are “money does not make money, people do” and “the aim is not to be biggest but best” by Vusi Thembekwayo as they instill in him the faith and courage to perfect his craft and provide quality services in all aspects of his business endeavours.


Tshepang Peme.