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On Wednesday 15 November 2017, the SAPS Mothibistad found an abandoned Isuzu Bakkie on the N14 near Mothibistad in the early hours of the morning.
According to Captain Sergio Kock from the SAPS Corporate Communication office in Kimberley, Mariaan Fourie (62) was found severely beaten and with her hands tied inside the vehicle. The police then traced the incident back to their small holding in Seoding, Kuruman.
The body of her husband, Danie (Kat) Fourie (63), was found covered with a trailer-top on their small holding. Apparently his throat had been slit.
Mr Fourie was a well-known resident of Kuruman.
Mrs Fourie was admitted to hospital where she is currently receiving medical treatment.
The SAPS immediately formed a man-hunt and managed to arrest a 31-year old male. The suspect is an employee who did general chores at the home of the deceased.
The SAPS, with the assistance of the Kuruman community and neighbourhood watch, managed to arrest the suspect in a veld adjacent to the N14 road in Kuruman.
The police also found a 38-special revolver on the suspect, which allegedly belonged to the deceased.
The John Taolo Gaetsewe Cluster Commander, Major General Johan Bean, thanked and commended all the mentioned role-players for their speedy and professional response that led to the arrest of the suspect.
Cases of murder and attempted murder were opened. Anyone with information must please call Captain Victor Mabena on 063 691 1089. All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence. The investigation continues.
The Kathu Gazette has since learnt from Captain Kock that on the morning of Friday 17 November 2017 the 31-year-old male suspect was found hanging in the Kathu SAPS cells. The circumstances surrounding his death are being investigated.


Residents of various neigh-bourhoods in Kathu, amon-gst others Teachers Park and Mapoteng, have had to contend with sewage running along their streets for a very long time.
A resident from Kathu who lives in Leeubekkie Street wrote to the ma-yor of Gamagara and the relevant top management about the “sh*tty” conditions residents have to live in. She alleges that the pump station has been overflowing for 10 years and where she lives “it is normal for sewage to flow down the street like a river.”
She goes on to say that “For the al-most 4 years I have been living here, it has been overflowing almost on a daily basis and nothing is being done ! Nobody cares ! And still the Mayor of Kathu, Mr Ositang and Mr Grond will not even lift themselves to come and have a look at what is going on or give us a solution. For them, it is
easier to just ignore the residents of Kathu and ignore a problem that has been going on for 10 years !”
Whilst before Kumba Iron Ore Si-shen mine used to take care of the maintenance of water and sewage facilities, the municipality has been left to take care of the maintenance themselves for the past few years. Only in exceptional cases would the local mines offer assistance with upgrades, like in Mapoteng Se-sheng where a screen is being in-stalled to filter out foreign objects causing blockages in a pump.
Director of Infrastructure and Ser-vices at Gamagara municipality Ka-giso Ositang, explained that the frequent non-functioning of sewage pumps is in fact due to foreign solid objects being deposited in the sew-age pipe line, causing the pumps to either block and overflow or to damage parts. This is a problem of such dire proportions that the main-
tenance teams of the municipality are constantly having to unblock the one pump after the other. Objects such as braai wood, towels, tennis balls and garments are often found.
Unblocking the pumps keeps the teams occupied to such an extent that they are unable to perform rou-tine maintenance checks on equip-ment.
Mr Ositang appeals to the resi-dents in the Gamagara region to please not deposit any solid foreign objects in toilets.
Meanwhile the Democratic Alli-ance (DA) political party has report-ed the constant flow of sewage to the Green Scorpions. They allege that these sewage problems have been going on for years and that, despite many appeals to the top manage-ment of the municipality, the munici-pality has failed dismally to maintain the sewage pumps due to a lack of funds and competent knowledge.

Op 07 November 2017 om 18.17 was daar ‘n in-braak by Cherubs Kin-derontwikkelingsentrum op Kathu.
Die persoon het CDs en DVDs, geheuekaarte  as-ook ‘n CD-speler gesteel.
Kontak asseblief die SAPS Kathu by tel. 053 723 9100 indien jy enige inligting het wat met die ondersoek kan help.

Die prysuitdeling van Hoërskool Ka-thu het plaasgevind op Donderdag, 19 Oktober 2017 - 'n spogge-leentheid waar uitstekende prestasies be-loon is.
Die skool gee jaarliks erkenning aan in-stansies uit die gemeenskap wat betrokke was by die skool op verskeie terreine. Hierdie jaar is die Buurtwag van Kathu asook die SAPS bedank vir hul diens en positiewe gesindheid.
Die skool was bevoorreg om hierdie jaar 'n borgskap van IEMAS te ontvang vir top-presteerders. Mnr Abraham Rabakane van IEMAS het die pryse oorhandig aan die Top 15 leerders.
Soos elke jaar ontvang die leerders wat erekleure ontvang hulle baadjies op die verhoog. Die Sportman en – vrou was Kor-ben Vries en Nadia Greeff. Die Senior Sportman en – vrou was Jacobus Cronjé en Santie Vermaak. Die veelsydigste leerders in elke graad was Adina van Wyk graad 9, Santie Vermaak graad 10, Anria Wolsten-holme graad 11 en 'n gedeelde prys tussen Leané van der Merwe en Arno Esterhuizen, vir graad 12.
Die Dux-leerder van die jaar is Annine Pretorius. Sy behaal 'n gemiddelde 86% vir
al haar vakke en ontvang 'n kontantprys van Midas ter waarde van R1000, sowel as die Kumba Iron Ore skild en die  matriek-klas van 1978 se wisseltrofee.
Die aand is afgesluit met die aankondig-ing van die Uitvoerende Komitee van die Raad van Leerders vir 2018. Die leerders is Sonel Beukes (Voorsitter), Abigail Blume (Ondervoorsitter), Charmonix van Rooi (Sekretaresse) en Jandré Swiegers (Te-sourier). Baie geluk aan elkeen van die leerders met julle goeie prestasies.

Bianca Barnard, 'n leerder van Curro Kathu, het erekleure vir dans ontvang asook die volgende prestasie behaal: FDSA (Finnish Dance Sport Assosiation)  Vrystaat kleure in Moderne Dans en tweede plek in 'Musical Theatre'.
Sy het die Noord-Kaap by die SA kam-pioenskappe verteenwoordig en ontvang 6 goue, 6 silwer en 2 brons medaljes. Sy word ook gekies vir SA-span wat Suid-Afrika sal verteenwoordig by die wêreldkampioen-skappe in 2017/2018. Bianca kwalifiseer om in 2018 aan die World Dance Masters in Kro-asië te gaan deelneem. By 'n onlangse kom-petisie het sy sewe eerste plekke verower.
Baie geluk aan dié talentvolle danseres.

Willem Coetzee, van Hotazel Kollege, is verkies om as deel van die Noord-Kaapse swemspan aan die Internasionale kampioenskappe deel te neem. Hy is gekies vir die 50m en 100m Vryslag asook die aflosspan. Die byeenkoms het plaasgevind op 4 November 2017 te Sasolburg. Baie geluk Willem.

Kumba Iron Ore Sishen mine partnered with the Gamagara local municipality to upgrade the traffic station as part of the mine's community development programme.
As the station was initially design-ed to service only a small population, the pressure increased over the years which resulted in continuous breakdowns of equipment, particu-larly machinery at the vehicle testing station.
Constant breakages resulted in non-renewals of vehicle licenses,  requiring community members to vi-sit alternative stations outside of Kathu.
The Provincial Monitoring Unit and SABS inspectors continuously found faults in a number of opera-tional requirements at the station and office and filing space   contin-ued to be a huge challenge.
Over recent years, the Gamagara local municipality attempted to re-medy this situation, but due to the high amount of capital needed that
was not provisioned for in the bud-get, the attempt was fruitless. The project was suspended until such a time that council could afford it.
“During the Social and Labour Plan Engagements the municipality realised an opportunity to address these challenges and requested Sishen mine to allocate some fund-ing to the traffic station upgrade which they gladly agreed upon.
Sishen mine's Small Development Hub has played a significant role in ensuring that this project is imple-mented properly in accordance with the signed memorandum of under-standing. The dedication displayed in managing this project is highly appreciated,” said Refilwe Sebogodi, Director of Community Services at Gamagara local munici-pality.
The upgrades at the station in-clude the procurement of three office containers, a storage container, brand-new machinery equipment, a camera, new computer box, rollers to test brakes, both electrical and
infrastructural renovations as well as access control installation.
Acting Traffic Station Manager Bruce Slambert believes that the upgrade will not only benefit the community, but employees will have better equipment to work with in a safer environment.
Ms Sebogodi said that there is still a lot to be done, but that the current upgrades will bring relief to the pressure experienced previously. She also thanked Kumba for their dedication to community develop-ment.
Upgra-des to the station al-ready start-ed in Sep-tember 2017 and are set to be com-pleted by December 2017. KIO Communi-cation

The Northern Cape Mine Managers Association (NCMMA) held a co-lourful day to celebrate and con-solidate safety, health and environment (SHE) day where most mines were respectively represented at the Kuruman show grounds on October 21, 2017.
The atmosphere was electric and befitting as each mine was a winner in that for the past twelve months no casu-alty was reported.
The host mine, Kalagadi Manganese, made the event a very memorable piece of a day to the entire mining fraternity as it availed the necessary atmosphere and ingredients for the event to be fluid. The stage, the presenters and all the neces-sary tools were at hand to carry out the episodic scenes that kept workers and their families in stitches with members of the community.
Mines had competitions in the various activities that characterise safety, health and environment as their day to day ope-rations.
First-aid, fire-fighting and fork-lifting competitions progressed well, while mu-sic, food, lucky draws and games sand-wiched the beauty of the day.
In his welcoming remarks the host Ge-neral Manager of Kalagadi Manganese, Wonder Zwane, said that the atmos-phere ought to reflect a family gathering and not competitors to celebrate the day with one achievement.
“By its very nature mining is unique and is a very complex environment involving challenging natural conditions and geo-logy. Where application of a myriad of skills, training and diligence, miners attempt to control and manage the chal-lenges of safety, health and environ-ment. It requires supreme vigilance every minute of every shift, leaving no space for laxity. Now it is time to cele-brate our achievement for the year,” said Mr Zwane, who also is the current NCMMA chairman encumbent.
Acknowledging that mining has been recognised as the most dangerous job and activity in the universe due to its hazardousness to humankind and the degradation to environment, the strong market demand for the subsurface pre-cious resource keeps it as nectar to the bees and relentlessly calls for unflinching advocacy for mines to make safety a top priority and improve working conditions of workers on regular basis.
Graced by the presence of the acting Provincial Director in the Department of Mineral Resources,  Mr Harry Sease, said that the Northern Cape has demon-strated that a casualty-free mining environment can be achieved and mines must maintain the tempo.
In response to how the Northern Cape mines managed to achieve the zero-ca-sualty target, Mr Sease said, “We are working as a collective and the depart-ment consults the mines on a regular basis, but not necessarily as a watchdog. In the process, we exchange ideas op-enly, as partners, on equal footing, to un-derstand one another better. I am here to-day to celebrate SHE day, because we have worked together in harmony through and through.”

Following the recent protest march in Postmasburg on Friday 15 Septem-ber 2017, the Save Tsantsabane Coalition (STC) in a media release noted the timeous responses of the three major mines targeted.
According to Alister Rodger Davids, spo-kesperson of the party, the responses have been tabled for scrutiny by the leadership of the STC, whereafter a response strategy will be formulated.
Mr Davids went on to explain that the STC's envisaged response strategy will hinge on five legs:
 Critical scrutiny of social and labour plans,             the Mining Charter commitments, corporate social investment, B-BBEE codes of good
practice and the Business Leadership South Africa's (BLSA's) pledge with South Africans, amongst others.
    Community feedback and mandating.
    Stakeholder engagement and the involvement of churches, civil society,
NGOs, CBOs, etc who care about the future of Tsantsabane.
    Legal consultation
    Tabling of agenda items for consideration at next council meeting.
Although the filing of responses within five days is seen as positive, the STC wishes to state that the response documents are gen-erally vague and void of meaningful feed-
back response to the specific demands rais-ed. The STC expects each and every stake-holder to propose a concrete programme of action on each and every aspect of their demands.
The STC generally agrees that a broad representative stakeholder forum or special task team be established to forge a sus-tainable and inclusive engagement traject-ory in the aftermath of the Friday 15 Sep-tember 2017 march. The party has, in partnership with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and civil society, launched a series of community feedback meetings to present the response documents of the mines to the community. They have also elected community representatives who will participate at the proposed broad represent-ative stakeholder forum or special task team.
The STC further wishes to register its dismay at the mines' attempts to try and demonise an otherwise legal and peaceful march. Although protesters were at times loud, vulgar and even impatient, as is the nature with events of such scale, their marshals went out of their way to calm the crowd.
The denial of access to ablution facilities to the elderly, women, etc, too infuriated the protestors. As indicated in an earlier press statement, the unnecessary prolonged wait
was doused with assistance of the public order police and STC and EFF marshalls.
The STC takes note of the criminal char-ges been laid and have already indicated to the South African Police Services (SAPS) their willingness to cooperate with any due process. However, in the same breath, they wish to caution the mines not to use criminal charges as some sort of negative pressure to frustrate a legitimate community cam-paign.
The STC acts on behalf of and is guided by the community's frustration of living on the doorstep of opportunity, but has been un-able to access such. When the STC said that they will intensify their campaign, they were serious. This should however not be con-strued as some kind of threat to anyone. The STC will not be intimidated with threats of legal action and interdicts. The STC remains a law-abiding political party and will apply legal methodology to heat up the atmos-phere. One way they could possibly intensify the campaign is by rolling out smaller, but more frequent demonstrations, with fifteen bodies or less. They do not need to give notice to the local authorities about a de-monstration, but as courtesy they informed the mines that there will be daily demonstra-tions.
The STC's constituency has been inform-ed about the ill-considered public violence cases pending and the STC's response will be based upon the community's input.
STC communication
for the mine man-agers led to the crowd becoming rowdy and this was doused with assistance of the public order police and STC and EFF marshalls.

Local golfer Bertie Steen-kamp, from Upington Golf Club, was crowned the Golf RSA Champion of Champions af-ter winning the men's divisions of the National Finals at Glendower in Johannesburg.
He claimed the title by two shots when he shot a 71 and 77 (148) over Westlake's Brent Kirstein who shot a 78 and a 72 (150). Bertie claimed that it is a great privilege to be the champion, es-pecially because it is the first ev-ent and that there are a lot of ama-teur golfers in South Africa. Al-though he struggled with back is-sues, he kept his focus and hung onto the lead regardless of the pain. We are proud of you, well done Bertie !

Vlnr : H Espach (Addisionele lid), F Mulder (Kaptein), B Nasie ( Addisionele lid) WL Alberts (Voorsitter), M Beukes (Sekretaresse) en H van Rensburg (Visekaptein). Baie geluk aan die nuwe komitee en sterkte vir die jaar wat voorlê.

Since 1967, when founder and execu-tive chairman, Allen Ambor, opened the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town, Spur Steak Ranches have been part of the South African family.
Fifty years later, Spur is still going strong, providing South African people with a warm, relaxed, family-friendly environment.
There are now over 280 Spur restaurants in South Africa, as well as international Spurs.
Over the years, Spur has helped to create countless special memories and earned a
reputation for tasty, nutritious, value-for-money meals.
All at Colorado Spur in Kathu, would like to thank their loyal customers for their sup-port over the years. They are over-whelmed by all the love they have received.
A special thank you to all the customers for their patience in the long queues over the 3 days of the birthday specials, all the messages of support and for sharing your Spur moments and memories.
Kathu people are indeed people with a taste for life !

Huis Jan Vorster oorlede :

Mev. Anna Brunsdon (79) wat die afgelope twee jaar 'n inwoner van Huis Jan Vorster was, is oorlede. Mev. Brunsdon is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley opge-neem nadat sy eers 'n galblaas operasie ondergaan het maar later ook met ander inwendige organe probleme ondervind het. 

Mev. Brunsdon laat vier kinders agter: Mev. Lynette Stander van Postmasburg, skool-hoof by die plaaslike Laerskool, mev. Desiré Lund van Beaufortwes, prof. Alfred Brunsdon van Lichtenburg en Bennie Brunsdon van die Kaap. Ook agt kleinkinders en drie agterkleinkinders. 

 'n Roudiens word Vrydag, 21 April 2017 om 14:00 by Huis Jan Vorster vir mev. Bruns-don gehou. 

Stryd teen kanker:

Mev. Amanda Calitz (58) wat 'n lang stryd teen kanker gehad het (wat ons periodiek oor berig het) is in die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorlede waar sy opgeneem is toe sy ernstige simptome ontwikkel het weens haar kankerprobleem. Mev. Calitz het haar eerste operasie in April 2012 on-dergaan nadat kolonkanker gediagnoseer is. Sy het sedertdien gereelde behandeling ondergaan; ook nadat daar in 2016 ver-spreiding gediagnoseer is. Amanda was 'n sersant-majoor in die Weermag op Lohat-lha. Hulle het in Februarie 2017 na Da-niëlskuil verhuis omdat familie wat daar woon behulpsaam kon wees. 

 Mev. Calitz laat drie kinders agter asook 'n suster en skoonsuster in Daniëlskuil. 

 'n Roudiens word op Saterdag 22 April 2017 om 11:00 in die NG. Kerk op Post-masburg vir mev. Calitz gehou. 

 Aan die familie en vriende van mev. Anna Brunsden en mev. Amanda Calitz ons diepe meegevoel met die heengaan van geliefdes wie se plekke in hegte familie-verbintenisse nou groot leemtes laat. Mag Hy u metgesel wees in hierdie hartseer tye.

Mev. Emma Marais van Springbokstraat Postmasburg wat eers in die intensiewe sorgeenheid in Upington was met 'n bynier-probleem en later na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley oorgeplaas is, is weer tuis na-dat die medikasie en behandeling in Kimberley suksesvol verloop het.  Na verneem word is sy swak maar maak goeie vordering.

Mnr. Dawid Swanepoel van Vleistraat Postmasburg wat in die Gariep Hospitaal was waar 'n gewas verwyder is, is ook tuis en die goeie nuus is dat die gewas geen gevaar inhou nie. 

 Mnr Theo Coetzee van Houtstraat  Postmasburg is ook tuis maar is nog onge-steld. Hy gaan weer in die dae vir toetse en vir 'n opvolg ondersoek na die Gariep Hospitaal in Kimberley. 

Matthew 6:6 NIV “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Prayer is intimate communication with our Father in heaven. The Lord invites us all to pray and we are urged to pray with-out ceasing.
Jesus also frequently prayed. We read in Luke 6:12 ”One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.”
We must be careful not to pray with selfish motives, but to pray according to the will of God. Our prayers should also be offered in faith. Through our prayers God can bring about revival and change can come in our circumstances.
John Wesley wrote : “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer.”
It is important to honour God in our prayers and acknowledge His sovereign-ty.
James 5:16 Ampl “......The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a right-eous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working).”

Ons Vader stel nie net belang in ons geestelike lewe nie, maar in ons hele menswees. In ons eenheid met Christus is dit God se begeerte dat Sy kinders vrolik moet wees en die goeie van die lewe wat Hy hier op aarde vir ons gee, geniet. In Prediker 3:13 staan geskryf dat om die goeie van die lewe te geniet n gawe van God is. Ons kan die saamwees met familie en vriende geniet. Geniet die lieflike natuur om ons, uitstappies, goeie musiek, om n mooi boek te lees en om n stokperdjie te beoefen. Miskien is jou huwelik somber. In Pred. 9:9 lees ons: “ Geniet die lewe met die vrou wat jy liefhet, al die dae van jou nietige lewe wat Hy jou gegee het onder die son -....” Geniet ons dit om die Here te dien en te eer? Jesus vermaan ons in Matt. 6:16 om byvoor-beeld nie met n lang gesig te vas soos die skynheiliges nie. By eredienste is ons dikwels baie ernstig en glimlag skaars. Ons behoort dit te geniet om as gelowiges saam die Here te aanbid. Besluit vandag om elke oomblik die lewe te geniet wat God jou gee.


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Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas, along with a delegation, is attending the Bloodhound Supersonic Car's (SSC's) first ever public run, which is sche-duled to take place at the Aerohub Enter-prise Zone, Newquay Airport, Cornwall in the UK.
The delegation to the UK includes senior politicians, government officials and pupils from various schools, comprising six pupils from high schools offering science, techno-logy, engineering, mathematics and tourism subjects, as well as the top two pupils in ma-thematics and science from Rietfontein High School.
The spokesperson for the Premier's Of-fice in Kimberley, Bronwyn Thomas-Abra-hams, stated that the objective of the United Kingdom mission was to show the pro-vince's support for the Bloodhound project and to strengthen partnerships with the UK and Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) stakeholders.
She said that the opportunity will be used to promote the Northern Cape and Green Kalahari as tourist destinations and explore educational opportunities presented by the Bloodhound project for fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathe-matics and tourism. Further clarity will be gained on the project details and roll-out for the South African run at Haksteenpan in the Northern Cape.
This project has been supported by the
province since 2010 with the small villages in the Mier area preparing the track. The pro-ject has contributed significantly to job creation in this area with over 300 communi-ty members assisting with the track clear-ance.”
Ms Thomas-Abrahams said that the MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Bongiwe Mbin-qo-Gigaba, would serve as the acting pre-mier from October 22 until November 01. DFA

Local poet releases a book

Adelaide January, a young poet from Seoding village in Kuruman released a book titled Mending Broken Pieces. She started writing at the age of 16 years old.

She completed matric at Wrenchville High School and obtained a Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Management. Currently she is studying towards a Diploma in Public Relations.

In 2003, she established an organization called Kurara Wordsmiths (KWS) which aims to provide a platform to poets and writers in and around Kuruman. Kurara Wordsmiths have an annual event that allows them to share their talent.

Her greatest achievement includes being one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016 for making an impact in her community.

Mending Broken Pieces is a prose and poetry book that consist of eleven poems, mostly written in the English language with some parts of the work in Setswana. It took her two years to publish this book as it is very close to her heart and is all about what she is passionate about.

Adelaide is inspired by her surroundings and social issues within her community. Her role model is Lebo Mashile, who is a well-known international and national poet and television personality.

Adelaide’s advice to upcoming writers and poets is : “Keep writing, equip yourself and polish your talent and technique by attending workshops and showcasing at various events.”