Sishen Primary School welcomes new head master

Weeklikse Gazetter / Weekly Gazetter

Mrs Dinny Moagi is the newly appointed principal of Sishen Primary School. The school had several acting principals while the department of education was still in search for the right candidate to fill the position. Mrs Moagi is no stranger to parents who have kids at Sishen Primary school. She was born and bred on a small farm called Skoonplaas and attended school in Kathu. After completing her grade 12 she studied teaching at university. Unlike other small girls, Dinny said she enjoyed playing karate and ballroom dancing.  She says she was very shy but extremly naughty while growing up.

“I am a very humble, obedient and militant person. I am a strong person in character and believe in myself and my God. I always initiate and take a lead in what I want to achieve and always be part of the team” says Dinny.

Mrs Moagi have a very good relationship with both her parents and siblings. She is also a staunch member of the Methodist church in Sishen and an active participant in all the structures at the church and as a politicaly orientated leader.

She is the chairperson of the northern branch of SADTU and member of  the executive of CODATU. She is involved in different social activities outside her work, but she believes education is one important tool to liberate the minds of young ones. “ I love working with people and learning different things, I associate myself with all kinds of people but I am more committed to my work of grooming learners, as it is my core business. I have the best interest of the children at heart” concludes Mrs Moagi.


Mrs Dinny Moagi, the newly appointed principal of Sishen Primary School.