Nominations for REISA community trust


Renewable Energy Investments South Africa (REISA) through its enterprise development office in Kathu is engaged in various socio-eco-nomic development initiatives in communities within a 50 km radius of the REISA solar farm.
The solar farm, situated near Deben, feeds directly into the national Eskom grid. The communities that benefit from the project are Kathu, Deben, Mapoteng, Olifantshoek and Siyathemba.
The Kathu community trust was established in November 2016. The main objective of the trust is to continue with, sup-port or facilitate the community development programs of the five Gamagara municipality communities.
On 03 May 2016, Kathu residents were invited by the solar giant to attend a community briefing about the Kathu Solar Community Trust and the nomination process. Regretfully, only eight members of the Kathu community attended the meeting.
Enterprise Development Manager, Sizile Mabaso said that they were very disappointed to see such a small attendance. She also said that the previous meeting had been canceled due to the undersized presence of the residents.
However, the REISA team and members of the community that attended continued to nominate the nominees, of which one of them will represent Kathu in a board of trustees in five Gamagara communities. The names of the nominees could not be revealed as yet, as they are subject to a very intense background screening pro-cess.