Council calls for financial prudence

Community News

There was an explosive council meeting at Ga-Segonyana local municipality held on May 30, 2017 and, as usual where  opposition takes part, the darker side of ANC led administration comes to the fore.
After a list of positives brought forward by the mayor Neo George Masegela in an effort to resuscitate the image of the town and villages under its armpit, the opposition councillors raised the issue of con-sistent inerasable disclaimers from within the municipality. While this point could be seen as being raised by the opposition parties to gain political momentum, the relevance and pertinence of the issue were echoed by a collective of councillors in the council chambers. This was after a proposal that the mayor and speaker ought to use their own vehicles if the municipality is not yet in a viable position to buy them. 
As the mayor outlined numerous projects aimed at improving service delivery to the community, a torrent of questions were raised by the floor to the effect that the municipality must spend knowing that auditors are correspondingly expected to deliver an unqualified report later. A clarion call was made that the municipality must spend within its means.
Paving of internal roads in various villages that include Bankara, Magojaneng, Seodin and Ncweng will be considered in the year under review.
The mayor further reiterated that potholes must be dealt with with  great concern. Cutting of grass and sewer leaks also need special attention in the recurrent year. Lack of water in Batlharos' RDP houses was raised by the EFF Councillor Olebo-geng Leserwane.  He said that there ought to be uniformity in the availability of water like in any other village with these RDP houses.
Another EFF Councillor Mosamiemang Reetsang said that Maruping village does not have RDP houses and that there is seemingly an imbalance of the distribution of developmental resources accorded to other villages.
Vehicle shortage, especially at the traffic department was also raised as well as the need that a solution has to be found.
Lastly, the mayor also highlighted that the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang's term of office would end on June 30, 2017.