Women and child abuse a menace in our country

Community News

Women and child abuse has been and still is a big problem in South Africa as thousands of women and children fall victims every year. The excessive levels of this situation have kept many organisations worried about the future of South Africa.
According to the Independent Democrat website, one in every three women will be raped at least once in their lifetime. The reports further highlighted that babies as young as three weeks old are being raped more often
than not.
The country has recently witnessed strings of women and child abuse and that has kept everyone on their toes.
On Thursday 01 June 2017, the community of Deben, Gamagara municipality, together with the MEC of Health Mr Motlha-ping and the Gamagara municipality executives gathered at Maria Leeu multi-purpose centre at Deben. They embarked on a peace march to the SAPS Deben where they handed over a pledge to the Station Commander.
“We are here today to seek the intervention of the police, as the level of violence is getting out of hand. We would also like to encourage the community to name and shame perpetrators in our communities. We must use the old method that says Your child is my child in order to protect them” said Gamagara Mayor Dineo Moyo.
MEC Motlhaping said it is very important for men to take into consideration the way they think and stop making excuses for their misbehaviour. He advised men to be an inspiration to their kids and lead by example.