Mine makes school laboratory a reality

Community News

Tshipi è Ntle manganese producing mine has taken a step towards ma-king Remmogo High School's labora-tory a real science room by supplying the re-levant furnishing materials ideal for a labo-ratory on July 06, 2017.
The mine contracted a specialist com-pany from Johannesburg, Beryl-Labs, to supply and fit the equipment.
Headed by its accounts manager Ms Za-nele Nhlapo and her team, she said that it would take them close to seven days to deliver an admirable job.
The laboratory was almost an empty shell but when the mine heard about the school’s plight at a science function from a science teacher who had accompanied learners some months ago, the mine took note of the need and visited the school.
The spacious class had virtually nothing inside except a few bits of equipment to conduct experiments.
The Socio-economic Development and Stakeholder Engagement Manager Mr Bhe-kithemba Mdakane from the mine liaised with the school to establish exactly what the school needed.
Mr Mdakane said that mining activities revolve around science skills and learners in the region must have suitable equipment to transfer their knowledge to the mining sector. “Science with production starts in the classroom and once we grasp that as a cor-porate community or mining houses, we build the future of the mining fraternity.
“Exploring, extraction and processing of minerals is a combination of diverse scienti-fic skills that must be inculcated in the class-room. As Tshipi è Ntle, we want to support the teacher and learner to promote the subject in its entirety.”
Mr Bottomley Nkomo, one of the science teachers at the institution said that this was a great windfall to the school from the mine as the laboratory had no chairs and desks that meet laboratory needs.