Exchange programme shows deep commitment

Community News

A team of nineteen students and six teachers from Concordia College in Adelaide, South Australia visit-ed Bosheng Middle School in the Joe Morolong area.
The team, while on a tour, visits the area every year helping schools and learners in many forms that are meant to make education a better tool to a learner in this area.
During their fifteen days of visit, the stu-dents and their teachers dedicate their time teaching local learners English, Ma-thematics, creative writing and Science. In addition, the team also takes extra-curriculum activities seriously as part of inculcating discipline and identifying ta-lent. This includes computer skills, dra-ma, painting and sport.
For the past twelve years, Australians, Germans and French students have made it a tradition, with their committed teachers, to visit the area, rendering sig-nificant support in schools around the Joe Morolong area.
Students from these countries visit the area on a rotational basis with their teachers, conducting lessons as well as performing tasks such as repairing desks and benches, painting and gardening.
In an interview one of the students said, “The idea is to inspire learners that edu-cation is broad and one can pursue an academic or practical commitment and come out with a livelihood. As foreign students we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your community. We have been made to feel very wel-come and we will always remember our time together in the valley.”