Men concur during launch of forum

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Admission by men that girl childen and women abuse has become their play-ground has resulted in a dramatic pa-radigm shift that has necessitated the launch of a men's forum at regional and provincial levels.
Marking Women's Month on August 22, 2017, witnessed the launch of the John Ta-olo Gaetsewe’s Men's Forum at the Wrench-ville Civic Centre in Kuruman where, in one accord, men subdued themselves and pled-ged change of attitude towards abuse ag-ainst girl children and women.
Men assimilated in their numbers from dif-ferent sectors of institutions and organisa-tions and resonated around the defence and protection of the feminine society as es-poused in the Holy Book.
Giving the keynote address was the MEC for Environmental Affairs Tiny Chotelo. In her speech she said, “Women yearn for love from their spouses not punches and untold vitriol. As women, just spoil us by giving love in its broadest term and witness fully how naturally innocuous we are created. We are harmless by nature and we expect men to defend, protect us and provide for us. We don't have hidden agendas, except to be loved. A man was created to be a shield for a woman and child not a perpetrator of vio-lence.”
She emphasised the need for men to play a faithful role in their marriages significantly so during the high prevalence of HIV and sexual transmitted infections.
A reference blue print that ought to guide
the men's forum was unleashed and evident enough that men have rediscovered that their self emancipation without women in their midst is a myth disapproved by the Creator.
Three days later, the Premier Sylvia Lucas with her delegation of MECs consolidated the noble idea by further launching the provincial structure in Mothibistad's Thabo Moorosi multi-purpose centre.  All the five districts formed a synchronised forum.
She conveyed the message that was more of a lightning precision to her MEC Chotelo, advocating that men ought to embrace wo-men as equals and stop the negative isms associated with abuses that undermine a woman's image in the broader realms of society.