Community sick & tired of crime

Community News

The community of the broader vil-lage of Batlharos converged at Ithuseng shop in ward eight and marched to the police station to hand over a “stop violence” pledge, co-signed by the Ga-Segonyana mayor councillor Neo Ma-segela and SAPS Cluster Commander Ge-neral Jan Bean.
Organised by the ward councillor Keamo-getste Madikiza, the area has become a hotspot to all kinds of crime, ranging from rape, robbery, drug abuse and murder.
The councillor deemed it necessary to or-ganise a peaceful picketing to alert perpe-trators during the just ended Women's Month, that authorities are not silent, but mobilising to confront the challenge.
In his words of support, mayor councillor Masegela said that residents must not con-done violence perpetrated against women and children. “The wave of crime in this area has escalated, hence we are gathered here to convey a strong message of warn-ing that everyone is ready to address the inimical and societal challenge in Batlha-ros.
“I urge you as residents to be very vigilant about the people to whom you sublet in your houses. Let me be clear with you, we don't promote xenophobic tendencies. We must co-exist with foreigners and we shouldn't take advantage of foreigners, because crime has no nationality, race nor colour.
“As leaders, we cannot allow lawlessness around our people, young children and women. We need to stand up as a com-munity and deal with hooliganism. We urge the police to act decisively and to respond deservedly where situations demand your timely intervention.”
In support of the mayor was General Bean, who said after signing the pledge “I urge the community to work with the police to reduce crime and all forms of abuse.
“We have launched a serious operation within the area, targeting Bothithong, Seodin and Kuruman as of August 30, 2017 and this will be augmented by an airborne crew. We are dealing with various crimes in this operation to ensure the community gets safer and safer.”