Sewage flowing in Kathu

Community News

Residents of various neigh-bourhoods in Kathu, amon-gst others Teachers Park and Mapoteng, have had to contend with sewage running along their streets for a very long time.
A resident from Kathu who lives in Leeubekkie Street wrote to the ma-yor of Gamagara and the relevant top management about the “sh*tty” conditions residents have to live in. She alleges that the pump station has been overflowing for 10 years and where she lives “it is normal for sewage to flow down the street like a river.”
She goes on to say that “For the al-most 4 years I have been living here, it has been overflowing almost on a daily basis and nothing is being done ! Nobody cares ! And still the Mayor of Kathu, Mr Ositang and Mr Grond will not even lift themselves to come and have a look at what is going on or give us a solution. For them, it is
easier to just ignore the residents of Kathu and ignore a problem that has been going on for 10 years !”
Whilst before Kumba Iron Ore Si-shen mine used to take care of the maintenance of water and sewage facilities, the municipality has been left to take care of the maintenance themselves for the past few years. Only in exceptional cases would the local mines offer assistance with upgrades, like in Mapoteng Se-sheng where a screen is being in-stalled to filter out foreign objects causing blockages in a pump.
Director of Infrastructure and Ser-vices at Gamagara municipality Ka-giso Ositang, explained that the frequent non-functioning of sewage pumps is in fact due to foreign solid objects being deposited in the sew-age pipe line, causing the pumps to either block and overflow or to damage parts. This is a problem of such dire proportions that the main-
tenance teams of the municipality are constantly having to unblock the one pump after the other. Objects such as braai wood, towels, tennis balls and garments are often found.
Unblocking the pumps keeps the teams occupied to such an extent that they are unable to perform rou-tine maintenance checks on equip-ment.
Mr Ositang appeals to the resi-dents in the Gamagara region to please not deposit any solid foreign objects in toilets.
Meanwhile the Democratic Alli-ance (DA) political party has report-ed the constant flow of sewage to the Green Scorpions. They allege that these sewage problems have been going on for years and that, despite many appeals to the top manage-ment of the municipality, the munici-pality has failed dismally to maintain the sewage pumps due to a lack of funds and competent knowledge.