Council meeting raises landfill site debacle

Community News

At a special council meeting held on 30 November 2017 the Ga-Segonyana council raised eyebrows on how the Wrenchville landfill site is being ma-naged.
A repeated motion raised by the Democratic Alliance's ward one councillor and chairperson of the portfolio committee on community services, councillor Willie Aucamp, but which never gets due attention in the context that the matter is being investigated, has cast aspersions and caprices in the house.
The DA councillor said that the service provider managing the site, falls far short of the expectations and therefore ought to be termina-ted and another service provider or
the municipality brought to manage the site.
The councillor said that the service provider is not compacting the waste because of gross incapacita-tion on his part. Mr Aucamp said that the site is greatly deplorable and needs particular attention to avoid disease outbreaks.
The machines used at the site, according to him, are obsolete and frequently break down leaving wor-kers redundant at the site.
However the speaker said that the DA councillor seemingly had a direct or indirect conflict of interest over the landfill site, while the municipal manager said that investigations are underway on the alleged under per-formance by the service provider.
A visit by the Kathu Gazette at the site, found that the compacting machine had not been working for some days, as was disclosed by the workers. During this time, the wor-kers had no choice but to watch pieces of airborne plastic trapped by the Syringa tree thorns.
Notable was the abundance of scavengers at the site who exacer-bate the unsystematic spread of waste at the site, while workers are busy trying to control the situation. The site needs some form of re-gulation to control random entry by the public.
While the situation leaves a lot to be desired, if thorough attention is exerted, the landfill site status can be restored within days.