Community protests over electricity prioritisation

Community News

The communities of Magwagwe, Ske-ma, Ntswelengwe and Manyeding under ward 15 were up in arms over alleged skewed electricity supply prioritisa-tion on January 17, 2018.
The road leading to the tribal office and surrounding schools was blockaded with boulders and motorists had difficulties to access them.
According to the community a program-me to install electricity in these villages was reached sometime last year with first pri-ority targeting Manyeding village. However, the councillor is allegedly to have convin-ced the power utility, Eskom, to start instal-ling at Ntswelengwe where he stays. This did not go down well with the community as it felt cheated from the initial agreement.
Asked to shed light on the matter, the councillor Itumeleng Matebesi, said that the protest had been orchestrated by the op-position that does not want to see progress
initiated by the party in power.
Another bone of contention in the village, is the renovation of the tribal office and the nearby clinic.
The community said they were not inform-ed of these developments, meaning that the local leadership does not want to in-volve them on issues that directly affect them. The community remains resolute that where it is not involved, resistance shall be at the order of the day.
At a community meeting held the follow-ing day between the community and the Joe Morolong local authority, also attended by the mayor Dineo Leulwetse, a tentative agreement was reached where the Eskom officials had to avail themselves on January 22, 2018 to answer the contentious issues. The Department of Health was also to be present to respond to questions about the clinic renovations.