Repeat of road protests looming

Community News

A resurgence of road protests is in the brewing if relevant authorities can-not gather their act together.
This development comes after the com-munity has witnessed a somewhat “stop and go” approach by contractors in the con-struction of the 130km sagacious road(s) that led to the destruction and eventual closure of schools in the district in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
In an interview with the chairperson of the road forum, Mr Kagiso Gaborokwe con-ceded that the community has been keep-ing an eagle's eye and of late, has voiced its dissatisfaction about the sporadic pace and now the zeroed construction on the roads in contention.
Since the agreement two years or so ago, contractors have hardly completed the twenty-kilometre mark on either sides of the targeted roads.
Mr Gaborokwe said that several meetings have been hanging, involving the local au-thorities and the department of Roads and Public Works.
He continued, “The forum is very keen to engage with the concerned parties to es-tablish challenges encountered and to find a common consensus on the way forward. Above all, the community deserves to know why there is very slow progress in the con-struction.
“On the Rusfontein-Laxey road, only ten kilometres have been completed and the
sokolo-Loopeng road will now be gravelled instead, including the Dithakong-Bothithong road.
“As the road forum, we have been request-ing and are still requesting a meeting with the department, with Joe Morolong and the dis-trict municipalities and funders to get clarity on the issues arising to avoid yet another road re-prisal. In short, we want to know who is failing to keep the initial agreement,” Mr Gaborokwe concluded.  
contractor is on another 10 kilometre peg along the Pepsi-Laxey, still doddering to be accomplished. The Colston-Dithakong road is in a similar dilemma. Only ten kilometres have been completed and the contractor is limping due to possible lack of adequate funding to reach Dithakong.