Gangsters wreak havoc in Batlharos

Community News

February 03, 2018 around mid-night will be recorded as one of the strangest circuses where youths aged 13 - 20 in the vast village of Batlharos went amok and attacked members of the com-munity.
The bizarre episode occurred at the RDP section where different gangsters calling themselves The Russians, the Perks and the Big Five presented barbaric acts of mischief.
It is believed the groups have a specific house in the section where they assemble and strategise how they could orchestrate their acts of terrorism.
In this incident, all hell broke loose at a tavern when four community members were stabbed. Three of them were critically wounded and
were referred to Kimberley hospital.
According to Mr Bruce Mosiapoa, a community member in the area, the groups then attacked a couple of vehicles in which wind and bonnet screens were shattered badly. This led to the confrontation with mem-bers of the community at the tavern.
From the head quarter house, the notorious groups went from house to house breaking in and beating and injuring some occupants.
The following morning, the com-munity, agitated and fuming, went to the Batlharos police station to pro-test about the lack of rapid reaction by the police to the social mishap.
Brigadier Kenneth Baloyi from Kuruman police station had to inter-vene, because the community was riled by another ugly scene, as the
gangsters had also attacked a police minibus.
Parents of these deviant children were shocked to learn that their children had been among the cul-prits. 
The community raised the com-plaint as to why the juveniles of this day and age are not detained. They have become a thorn in the flesh to society. The community believes that legislation is tampered with by parliament and current legislation has become obsolete, hence child-ren do as they wish in front of pa-rents and police alike. Parents be-moan the misuse of human rights rhetoric in the country as the lack of discipline among children and the police whose role in restoring peace and order has become powerless.