Local para-cyclist inspires all

Community News

Our local para-cyclist Barend Coet-zee just keeps on inspiring us all.
Recently Barend competed in the South African National Cycling Championships which were held in February 2018 in Oudts-hoorn. According to Barend, this is his seventh consecutive year he has been invi-ted to participate.
The morning of 06 February 2018, Ba-rend set off to compete in the individual time-trial whereby every cyclist competes against himself to ride a route in his fastest time possible. Barend explains: “It's a circular route of 14km which starts with an incline. With experience I have learnt to condition myself to set a steady pace throughout the race, so that I can maintain a constant speed, not to start too fast and burn out at the end.”
He claims he managed to keep a steady pace of 30km/h with his hand-cycle which in
the end ensured him a silver medal for the Timed-trial event.
After a good day's rest it was back to the road for the 42km road race. Unfortunately the thermometer in Oudtshoorn indicated a hefty 43 degrees which made it very difficult and uncom-ortable for the riders. This is where the true champions are separated  from the rest of the pack.
With the road race Barend claims he could keep a close eye on the competition and that the challenges he faced where what fueled him. These are the reasons he participates. He once again made us proud by securing a silver medal in the South African Champs for the group road race.
One can only sit back and admire Barend and be inspired, it's the challenges that inspire him to achieve. We all can learn a life lesson from this ! Well done Barend, we are so proud of you !