Mayor shuns gangsterism at schools

Community News

The mayor of Ga-Segonyana local municipality, councillor Neo George Masegela, is taking the bull by its horns in tackling the infamous acts of gang-sterism at various schools in his constitu-ency.
Accompanied by his councillors, different fellow stakeholders, that included Kathu Solar Park, police and school principalsp he visited Remmogo High School in Maruping village as a pilot project aimed at nipping  the despicable behaviour of learners bullying one another in the bud. Some incidents have even been fatal when learners gang up to fight another group or individuals.
Mayor Masegela emphasised that there is no other important programme that can sur-pass education and importantly so to the youths. “As authorities of this area we can-not condone gangsters at schools, no matter at what level. It is part of lawlessness in any learning environment and institution. Toge-ther with the police and school authorities we are determined to ensure that there is sanity in our schools. 
“As we grow old, who will take charge of the Remmogo High, police, municipality and the country at large if you turn schools to boxing or wrestling platforms? Every coun-try needs educated leaders, take this op-portunity to develop your skills and become respectable in the community. There is no societal respect granted to gangsters, but educated people receive it in leaps and bounds.
limited, if not zeroed.”
The Kathu Solar Park team donated twen-ty school bags and ten pairs of shoes ear-marked for the less privileged learners at the school. Similar donations were presented to various other schools too in the district.  
“We are visiting all schools under Ga-Segonyana municipality, preaching the same gospel that you, as learners, must take your education seriously and desist from lawlessness. More importantly once you are arrested by the police for wrong doing, your employment chances become limited, if not zeroed.”