District launches business chamber

Community News

The John Taolo Gaetsewe Business Chamber was launched on March 12, 2018 at the Gamagara communi-ty hall.
The new establishment has so far garner-ed about 120 members drawn from the dis-trict's local municipalities - an emphatic ge-sture of enthusiasm shown by different em-erging business people.
The committee and council structures, yet to be announced upon finalisation of can-didates, shall be composed of eight exec-utive committee members and seven non-executive ones to constitute a council.
Briefing the media was Kingsley Tshaba-lala who said that the business chamber in the making is coming up with a refined ap-proach in the region, aimed at revamping business enhancement and creating an en-abling platform where opportunities must be distributed among members with great rationale and transparency. He said that emerging businesses need one another and, as a result, selfish ends need to be guarded against.
The chamber wants to explore many ways to ensure that businesses are capa-citated so that the opportunities that arise
are utilised to build confidence and good reputation. Very soon, the executive will ini-tiate extensive consultations with various stakeholders that include local economic offices to market the chamber and its broad objectives.
The broader council shall be structured in such way that a certain group will target a certain sector to sell the chamber's idea of doing business and report back the out-comes as a monitoring and evaluation pro-cess.
“We want to create cordial relationships with established businesses, organisations and institutions in an endeavour to learn, get support and enhance our capacity,” said Mr Tshabalala.
“On the issue of new membership, the chamber is drafting a comprehensive piece of legislation that will guide minimum entry qualifications to ensure there is control, dis-cipline and sanity by prospective en-trants.
The business chamber is prioritising a code of ethics within its ranks so that the level of transparency remains high to attract a reputable image and a sense of belonging by members,” Mr Tshabalala concluded.