Hoax messages congest Home Affairs office

Community News

We want to allay fears that this is not true,” he said.
 “The bar-coded green ID book remains valid up until the department announces its expiration. Again, if the announce-ment is to be made, it would not be so prompt so as to unsettle citizens. There is no way they can be revoked without a long term notice.
“The social media is not the depart-ment's mouthpiece. We still believe in our traditional channels of conveying im-portant information to the general public, where the print and electronic media play an important role,” Mr Pitso added.
On an equal footing, the department is still appealing to the general public to come and apply for the new smart identi-ty card. New smart identity card appli-cants who did not have the green bar-coded ones before and pensioners aged above sixty get the new smart card for free.
 Anyone less than sixty years old and who has the green ID book, is eligible to pay R140 for the new smart card.
Lastly, the Kuruman office is urging pa-rents of new born babies to register them on the spot at the Tswaragano and Ku-ruman hospitals between Mondays and Fridays.

The Kathu Gazette had already re-ported on page 16 of the edition dated 20 January 2018 that the expiration of the green bar-coded ID on 31 March 2018 was not true. Editor
The Home Affairs office in Kuruman overflowed as the community heeded false messages that were spread via the social media to the effect that the green identity book is being phased out with imme-diate effect.
On March 06, 2018, the queue meandered for almost fifty metres outside the offices, raising eyebrows to any observant passerby.
The Kathu Gazette approached the depart-ment's district spokesperson, Aobakwe Pitso, to shed light on the situation.
“We are equally taken by surprise about this influx. Understandably, the community is responding to the hearsay from the social media that the green bar coded ID’s validity is expiring by March 31, 2018. This is causing untold confusion and panic among the people.