Community demands answers from Chief

Community News

The paramount chief of Batlharos, Pe-lonomi Toto, is under intense pres-sure to exonerate herself from her ir-ate community.
On April 06, 2018, the broader community of Maruping and Batlharos villages took an emphatic step seeking direct audience with their estranged chief, after serious allega-tions of misrepresenting them over employ-ment opportunities arising at the mines dotted around the region. She was nowhere to be found though and later it was establish-ed that she had gone to Kimberley on an offi-cial errand.
The Kathu Gazette scriber visited the pro-testing community in Batlharos to establish precisely what sparked the flames between the chief and her community. On condition of anonymity, protesters raised a plethora of complaints they consider as a great betrayal by the chief to the alleged evasive mines.
Firstly, the community categorically stated that they have a problem with the John Taolo Gaetsewe based mines, because they play
dribs and drabs in employing locals, prefer-ring outsiders. They mentioned Kgalagadi mine as the chief culprit, followed by Black Rock mine, South32, Kudumane, Tshipi e Ntle and many more.
In the beginning of the year, the chief is alleged to have met with mine representa-tives and formed a sub-committee to work with the community. Subsequently, the community had a meeting with the chief, hinting that they wanted to go and protest at the mines against the alleged employment disparities occurring without resolute re-dress. Chief Toto is alleged to have re-sponded openly showing that she was not for the idea to protest, ostensibly because she had already reached a ten-year mutual agreement with the mines in correcting the ensuing employment anomaly.
The community is becoming suspicious of the agreement terms reached between the chief and the slippery mines, though. The chief is however not disclosing to the com-munity the basis of the agreement leading to
the present great controversy of its own kind.
The Kgalagadi mine is said to be uttering the same, stating that it had reached an agreement with the chief leaving the com-munity in sheer suspense, hence the com-munity has gone amok calling for the urgent meeting with the chief.
There are serious allegations that the mine is busy employing outsiders and these use local addresses to justify their legibility to the opportunities available.
The irate community wants the chief to further elaborate on the contentious social labour plan deficiencies that characterise lack of socio-economic development in the district where hospitals and clinics are in perennial service delivery disdain.
An unconfirmed report suggests that the chief wants to meet with the community on May 02, 2018, but the community is vehem-ently opposed to the date and wants the meeting as soon as possible.