Moedersdag boodskappe Mother’s day messages

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Liewe Ouma Marie. Dankie vir alles wat ouma vir my doen. Ek is lief vir ouma. Liefde Jenny

A message to Bophelo Thulare-Moagi. You have been not just a mother to me. You hane been my best friend, you have been the best present God ever gave me. I really love you so much. Happy Mothers Day, from your heart Paly M.

Aan my ma – Amorie. Mams baie dankie vir al jou liefde, en al die lekker bederf! Ek waardeer alles so baie. Ek is baie lief vir ma en wens m a'n gelukkige Moedersdag toe xxx Liefde Es.

For all the times you gently picked me up, when I fell down, for all the times you tied my shoes and tucked me into bed, or need something you put me first instead. For everything we shared, the dreams, laughter and tears, I love you with a “ special love” that deepens every minute I spend with you. You are such a wonderful blessing that one can ask for. Happy Mo-thers Day Mom. From Refilwe Mongotleng

Liewe Ouma Annie Poolman. Dankie vir al ouma se liefde, lekker kos en bederf. Van kleinkinders in Kathu.

Marion, dankie dat jy so baie vir my doen. Jy bederf my net soos 'n Mamma weet hóé! Liefde van Jenny
My special message goes to my mo-ther. Her name is Kedibone Ellen Seboko.
By miles you're far from me...
By thoughts you're close to me...
By hearts you're in me...
The warmth and kindness of your heart, thank you for everything.
I love you.
Happy Mothers day. Love Palesa Moitalet-se


They speak of this mysterious water
How it quenched their thirst
So to never be thirsty again
They speak of you like it's a miracle
A miracle that overflows with stillness
They all have your tales written all over
their faces like mind maps
Their stories know no end
Only its origin and beginning

They speak of you with hope in their voices
They speak of you like you are their last straw
The only last hope for humankind
While they speak of you
They speak a language only understood
Only by those with sacred hearts
They speak of your harmony
The speak of you “Mom”
You are a true mother

Lots of Love: Tebogo Sidney Thipe