Minimum wage receives COSATU signature

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The annual International Work-ers' Day, May 01, 2018 was celebrated in a gigantic way as national, provincial and regional gurus descended on Kuruman town to lobby for discipline and unity within various sectors of the party, government and labour unions, while on the other hand, cautioning the broader private sector employ-ers to align themselves with the call for better wages and salaries not ba-sed on racial lines.
Service delivery deficiencies with-in departments, municipalities and mines were the centres of attraction and appeal.
A combined memorandum was handed over to the SAPS, the De-partment of Health, the district muni-cipality and mining houses in the re-gion as a clarion call by the commu-nities at the police station after a march from ABSA plain to the bus terminal.
Every speaker at the ceremony was appealing to employers that paying peanuts to employees for in-surmountable profits cannot be en-
tertained anymore, as the legisla-tion is being amended to ensure there is transparency between com-pany and worker earnings.
The provincial chairman of the ru-ling ANC party, Zamani Saul, said that the tripartite alliance that exists within its affiliates (COSATU and SACP) needs further galvanisation to ensure challenges faced by work-ers are tackled within a well coordi-nated approach. He reiterated at length that rogue elements within the party must be disciplined. He was bold enough to say that the Northern Cape structures of the al-liance believes in “washing its dirty linen at home.”
Mr Saul emphasised the need to resolve internal differences and fric-tion of party structures, using inter-nal consultative processes. The scramble for power remains the epi-centre for hostilities. Everyone wants to be a leader to bring or cre-ate cronyism.
The National Deputy Parliamenta-ry Speaker, Mr Lechoti, said that the alliance fully supports the introduct-
ion of minimum wage in the country and clearly stated that some em-ployers will take advantage of the wage peg and remain anchored on it.
The R20 per hour minimum does not inhibit the employer to go far be-yond the stipulated threshold. It is just a start-up point where an em-ployer who is genuine enough in his limited earnings must, at least, pay a worker. The speaker also spoke about the trending “state capture” euphoria within different structures of the economy.
He said that the new government is determined to “exterminate” rotten apples within its ranks to bring sanity in the revitalisation of the economy.
“No stone will remain unturned where corruption is suspected to be thriving, in all arms of government and the private sector because that is the source crippling service deli-very to our people.” He said that COSATU is the oldest and only la-bour organisation that represents the aspirations of the working class.