What is Bullying? Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school-aged children that involve a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumours, attacking someone physically or verbally, excluding someone from a group on purpose and cyber bullying
Philippa Swart from Daydreams What If (PTY)Ltd present Bullying at schools because this is a subject very near to her heart.  She is doing it for the schools for free and this is her way of helping in the community. A few things about bullying: Adults who are bullied when they were young, will become depressed most of the time when they are adults.Bullying occurs in school play-grounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in class.
Acts of bullying are often invisible to adults. Parents and teachers are often unaware that bullying is occurring. 83% of children report that watch-ing bullying makes them uncomfortable 85% of bullying takes place in front of others. When kids see bullying, they may not know what to do. They may feel depressed or worried. They may be absent from school because they don't feel safe. They may join in or stay silent so they won't get bullied themselves. They may stand up to the bully. But the best thing to do is get an adult who will stop the bullying on the spot. If you want Philippa to present at your school or at a function you can contact her at 0828541083.

Kathu Gazette bied 'n opwindende troeteldierkompetisie aan waarby die Kathu & Kuruman Dieresorgvereniging sal baat vind.Stuur 'n foto van jou hond, kat of ander troeteldier, koop 'n minimum van vyf Tekkie Tax plakkers teen R50 (R10 elk) as inskrywingsfooi en staan die kans om pryse vir jou troeteldier en die Kathu & Kuruman Dieresorgvereniging te wen!Stuur foto's per e-pos na news@kathugazette.co.za of lewer dit by Kathu Gazette se kantoor in Rietbokstraat af. U kan ook  'n SMS- of Whatsapp-boodskap stuur na 074 183 2255. Plakkers is by Kathu Gazette te koop. Geen foto sal in aanmerking geneem word vir die kompetisie as dit nie deur die R50 inskrywingsfooi vergesel word nie. Sluitingsdatum: Dinsdag 24 Mei 2016 om 17:00. Foto's sal op Tekkie Tax-dag, Vrydag 27 Mei 2016 op Kathu Gazette se Facebook-blad wees en die foto met die meeste “likes” teen Dinsdag 7 Junie om 10:00 sal wen.  Dra jou plakker en jou tekkies met trots op daardie dag. U is ook welkom om plakkers teen R10 elk by Kathu Gazette te koop ter ondersteuning van die Tekkie Tax-projek en Kathu & Kuruman Dieresorgvereniging, al wil u nie deelneem aan die kompetisie nie.

If you thought you or your loved ones are going to rest in peace at the Kathu cemetery, you might want to reconsider. Recently, relatives of a deceaced had to clean up approximately 60 bags of rubbish before the burial could take place. The bags were dropped off at the Gamagara municipality. Read the full story

Op 2 Maart 2016, het 'n inwoner van Ladysmith by die Kathu Gazette ingestap en gevra dat daar 'n artikel geplaas word oor die swak dienslewering van die Gamagara munisipaliteit.
Die inwoner en sy gesin het van Ladysmith af gekom om 'n begrafnis van 'n geliefde by te woon, maar toe hulle by die be-graafplaas kom was daar so-veel vullis in die onmiddellike omgewing van die graf, dat hy gesê het “ons het dit maar self skoon gemaak, want ons wil nie hê die mense moet voel hul-le kom gooi hulle geliefde weg op 'n ashoop nie”.
Die persoon wat nie geïdenti-fiseer wil word nie, sê dat hulle minstens 50-60 vullissakke vol gemaak het, net deur die on-middellike omgewing skoon te maak.
Die Ladysmith inwoners is saam met die Kathu Gazette na die Gamagara munisipaliteit toe, wat verantwoordelikheid vir die begrafplaas se toestand, ontken.
Die persoon sê dat hulle 09:00 begin opruim het en eers 13:15 klaar gemaak het.
Die persoon sê dat al wat hulle vra van die munisipaliteit af, is 'n onderneming wat elke Kathu inwoner sal gerus stel, dat die begraafplaas met ver-lore geliefdes, onderhou sal word.

Halsted & Company (Pty) Ltd started operations in Welkom in 1952.  The Company identified the need for
our products in different regions and areas of South Africa and opened branches in Bloemfontein 1972, Kimberley 1994, Up-ington 2002 & Rustenburg 2005.
 The larger regions in South Africa, like the NorthernCape and Free State challenged the company because of distance and the need to better our service in our respective areas.
Halsted & Company (Pty) Ltd branches then identified hubs or satellite branches to service our customer base all over South Africa. Kimberley branch opened Kathu Hub in 2007.
Even before the Kathu hub opened in 2007, Kimberley branch delivered stock weekly to the Kathu area.
Although the economy is tough we know that the move we have taken just shows how committed we are to our customers, suppliers and community. We have a lot to offer and know that we will still be there when everything turns around.
This new premises allows us to carry more stock to service the area.
We are passionate about our business, our brands and our customers. We show pride in our brands and heritage.
We have the humility and hunger to learn, display openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere, personally commit to continuous improvement and are willing to change, admit our mistakes and learn from them.
We buy our products directly from the manufacturers and importers. Halsted & Company (Pty) Ltd provides a wide range of cleaning materials, paper products, brush

Photograph : Wayne Joubert (middle) - CEO Halsted; Charlene Zondagh (left) - Area Manager and Lindy Oosthuizen (right) - Area

Chairperson of Kalagadi Manganese Daphne Mashile-Nkosi.

Kalagadi Manganese has appealed to members of the public to come for-ward with information related to the copper cable theft that has halted opera-tions at its Hotazel mine.
The incident, which occurred on Monday night 07 March 2016, has caused extensive damage to property which is estimated at millions of rands. The affected infrastruct-ure includes damage to the transformer at the substation which is responsible for pow-er supply to the rail line at the mine.
“The act was beyond criminality, it endan-gered the lives of innocent hard working men and women threatening their liveli-hoods. The incident will have a negative im-pact on productivity, job security and the in-dustry at large, considering that cable theft has a devastating effect on the economy, resulting in indirect costs estimated at over R5-billion a year,”states Daphne Mashile-Nkosi, Chairperson of Kalagadi Manga-nese.
A case of theft and malicious damage to property has been opened at the SAPS Kuruman. A reward of R50 000 is being of-fered to anyone with information that can lead to the successful prosecution of sus-pects.
Kalagadi Security can be contacted at the following number 082 632 6408 to share any information related to the case.
Kalagadi Manganese management and staff are working around the clock to nor-malise operations and repair the damage caused to the substation. Kalagadi Manga-nese Communication

Blompot en Kunsgenot se scrapbook-klas het skrikkeldag op Maandag 29 Februarie 2016 gevier met hoede en serpe. Vlnr : El-Chané Lombaard, Anita Lombaard, Christelle Faihst, Karlien Ludik, Yvonne Cilliers en Louise Lubbe.

Links en bo: Die kleuters van Huppel Hasies het ook skrik-keldag op Maandag 29 Fe-bruarie 2016 gevier en wel deur soos grootmense aan te trek en die onderwysers soos kinders!

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