At a special council meeting held on 30 November 2017 the Ga-Segonyana council raised eyebrows on how the Wrenchville landfill site is being ma-naged.
A repeated motion raised by the Democratic Alliance's ward one councillor and chairperson of the portfolio committee on community services, councillor Willie Aucamp, but which never gets due attention in the context that the matter is being investigated, has cast aspersions and caprices in the house.
The DA councillor said that the service provider managing the site, falls far short of the expectations and therefore ought to be termina-ted and another service provider or
the municipality brought to manage the site.
The councillor said that the service provider is not compacting the waste because of gross incapacita-tion on his part. Mr Aucamp said that the site is greatly deplorable and needs particular attention to avoid disease outbreaks.
The machines used at the site, according to him, are obsolete and frequently break down leaving wor-kers redundant at the site.
However the speaker said that the DA councillor seemingly had a direct or indirect conflict of interest over the landfill site, while the municipal manager said that investigations are underway on the alleged under per-formance by the service provider.
A visit by the Kathu Gazette at the site, found that the compacting machine had not been working for some days, as was disclosed by the workers. During this time, the wor-kers had no choice but to watch pieces of airborne plastic trapped by the Syringa tree thorns.
Notable was the abundance of scavengers at the site who exacer-bate the unsystematic spread of waste at the site, while workers are busy trying to control the situation. The site needs some form of re-gulation to control random entry by the public.
While the situation leaves a lot to be desired, if thorough attention is exerted, the landfill site status can be restored within days.

After ten consecutive disclaimers the Ga-Segonyana local municipality obtained a qualified report for the year 2016/17, not so good a report from a chartered accountant's point of view.
This is but a good sign that should the mu-nicipality remain sensitive in its expendi-ture, it certainly will come out of its financial doldrums.
The municipality had a severe drought in churning out such a lacklustre result and had continued obtaining disclaimers un-abatedly.
The new office bearers at the munici-pality, namely the mayor councillor Neo George Masegela who took the reigns in 2016 and the municipal manager Martin Tsatsimpe who assumed office hardly three months ago, individually expressed great optimism.
In an interview with the mayor over the qualified report released by the Auditor General, he said that this was a great relief and proof enough that the municipality is coming out of its financial quagmire. He
was very happy and said that continued fi-nancial discipline must be maintained to ensure a clear clean report is obtained in the next audit exercise. Equally, Mr Tsat-simpe, currently at the helm of admini-stration, echoed similar sentiments and said that this was fascinating news that gi-ves impetus to tighten the screws in coming up with a satisfactory audit report.
“Honestly disclaimers are not reflective of a good administration in an institution. A qualified audit report too but here we are making a comparison of a tradition that has been broken. This municipality is coming out of an abyss and as management we need to improve the momentum where pru-dent planning is done within the lines of what is within the coffers. In a nutshell every department must cut its cloth according to what it has on the table”.
In the past the community of Ga-Segon-yana municipality has been crying foul about the state of the results that, in most cases, were kept a secret because they were indeed an embarrassment.

Hanru Duvenhage (43) van Kim-berley is Vrydagmiddag 24 Novem-ber 2017 tussen 14:00 en 14:30 by die werksperseel waar hy besig was om sandblaaswerk (“sandblasting”) te doen, doodgeskiet.
Sy verslae pa, Gert, sê niemand weet nog presies hoe dit gebeur het nie, maar die vermoede is sterk dat roof die motief was aangesien Hanru se selfoon en sy beursie vermis word. 'n Persoon het hom daar ont-dek en alarm gemaak.
Mnr Duvenhage Sr en sy vrou Annetjie (reeds oorlede) en hul drie kinders , Hettie (nou Rossouw), Gerrit en Hanru was inwo-ners van die dorp totdat mnr Duvenhage by die koöperasie, jare gelede, hier afgetreë het en hulle na Kimberley verhuis het.
Die polisie ondersoek die saak.

The Gamagara municipality re-ceived a notice from both Es-kom and Sedibeng Water about their intentions to interrupt the bulk electricity and water supply, un-less the municipality settles its out-standing debt with these suppliers.
According to a spokesperson from the office of the Mayor, Kamogelo Semamai, the municipality currently owes Eskom an amount of R55-million and Sedibeng Water an amount of R8-million. The municipa-lity entered into debt settlement ag-reements with both the above men-tioned suppliers back in June 2016.
The municipality has been expe-riencing billing problems for the past two years and decided to terminate the services of Sebata (the financial system provider) and contracted a new financial system, ie Vesta Tech-nical Services.
The new service provider was tasked to conduct a meter audit be-fore migration to ensure that bills are accurate. However, due to time con-straints, the meter audit could not be completed on time and the migration to the new system was based on the old data. As a result, the municipality continued experiencing problems with our billing after migration to the new system in July 2017 until Octo-ber 2017.
During this period Gamagara could not generate municipal state-ments and as a result their custo-mers could not pay them, including government and business. During the same period, they could not meet their obligations to their bulk supply creditors ie Eskom and Se-dibeng Water as they were not gene-rating enough revenue. However,
the MMS statements were distribu-ted in October 2017.
Gamagara had several meetings with the above mentioned utilities, however they ultimately issued Ga-magara with notices to interrupt their supply as they have not paid them since July 2017. The municipality has since made a R9,7-million pay-ment to Eskom and will continue to pay them as they collect the out-standing debt.
The municipality's primary func-tion is to provide basic services to its residents with minimum or no inter-ruptions. They do this by collecting all levies or monies for the services consumed for the month by the resi-dents. The majority of their billing problems have been resolved and they will be distributing them within this week via the post office as well.
The municipality urges all resi-dents to be responsible citizens by settling all outstanding monies due to the municipality or make neces-sary arrangements to settle such
within the policies of the municipality to avoid any of the following actions:
Disconnection and restriction of electricity and water.
Handover to legal practitioners for collection.
Blacklisting at the credit bureau.
Attachment of the property (ies).
Please note that the municipality takes these actions as the last re-sort, as their primary function is to provide a service and therefore dis-continuing any service negatively af-fects their operations. They however have no choice but to collect the outstanding debt and settle the ab-ovementioned outstanding debt, else the whole municipality, inclu-ding customers whose accounts are up to date, will be interrupted.
It is against this background that they urge all residents with outstand-ing debts to take advantage of the settlement incentives availed by council and settle their debt or make settlement arrangements with the municipality's debt collection unit.
The municipality has set up a com-mittee of senior managers headed by the acting Municipal Manager, who deal with both the Eskom and Sedibeng Water matters, as well as the debt owed to the municipality. They will continue to engage both Eskom and Sedibeng Water to avert any interruption of services, as they believe that this is not necessary. The municipality has enough money to settle both these utilities if the cus-tomers pay their outstanding debts.
Gamagara municipality sincerely wishes to thank all their customers for your understanding, patience and trust you have in them, to deliver on their constitutional mandate.

The Iron Wheelers (Kathu Cycle Club) together with Doringdraad hosted a MTB race on 7 Oc-tober in aid of raising funds for the local animal shelter, Kathu & Kuruman Dieresorg, and getting the community together to participate in this annual sports festival. On Saturday, 2 December the cyclists handed over a cheque of R5000 to Izandri Janse van Vuuren from the Dieresorg to aid her in her selfless caring, feeding, homing and aiding of homeless abandoned pets in need. They need and welcome all the help they can get and rely heavily on donations. According to the members, they have big plans to raise more funds in 2018 with the goal to raise awareness of the sport and to focus on development. There is even a soup kitchen involved. Sport is not all about the individual; it's about a community and like-minded people with not just a drive to overcome personal goals but about camara-derie and giving back! We are proud to have such caring people in Kathu. Come, grab your bicycle and join us for an awesome ride. The bike takes you to places in your community your car cannot go. Life is our journey, come and join the ride! 

Masala Mutangwa van Kum-ba Iron Ore se hoofkantoor is by Kolomelamyn aan-gestel as die nuwe Hoofbestuurder in die plek van Aart van den Brink wat reeds by hoofkantoor begin werk het.
Mnr Mutangwa het voorheen die projekspan suksesvol gelei as hoofbestuurder van die groeipro-jekte van Kumba. Hy was ook by verskeie ander kapitaal- en alge-mene mynbestuursprojekte by bei-
de Anglo American Platinum Twick-enham en Suid Deep Gold Fields betrokke.
Tydens 'n kennismakingsgesellig-heid by die plaaslike hotel wat deur Kolomela gereël is, het Mnr Mu-tangwa homself voorgestel en met organisasies in die breë gemeen-skap kennis gemaak.
Welkom in Postmasburg, ons hoop u sal gelukkig wees in die har-de Kalahariwêreld en dié mynopset met sy eie unieke uitdagings.

Monthly, 9400 girl child learners over a period of 12 months from 72 rural schools in the John Taolo Gaetse-we district are to benefit from the launch of the JTG Sanitary Towel Campaign held in Kathu on Monday 13 November 2017.
So said the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) of the Northern Cape for Ed-ucation, Martha Bartlett, addressing re-presentatives of the donors, educational re-presentatives and learners.
Ms Bartlett thanked Kumba Iron Ore Sishen mine, Khumani mine, Sishen Solar Facility, Kathu Solar Park and Kelebogile Trust for joining hands with government to invest in the future of South Africa's child-ren, and in this instance, in that of the girl children.
Ms Bartlett explained that for many girls from impoverished backgrounds, the onset of puberty marks a sharp decline in school attendance and could even lead to their dropping out of school completely. One of the reasons for this high drop-out rate is the
of shame, embarrassment and stigmatisa-tion with dire consequences for the girls' education and consequently their futures.
According to research, lack of access to sanitary towels often results in young wo-men from poorer backgrounds being ab-sent from school or experiencing the loss of human dignity because of having no choice but to use old newspapers or cloths.
Young women in Africa have been re-ported as being absent from school for a pe-riod of at least four days per month. This number can total up to approximately 24 weeks out of 144 weeks in a four year pe-riod of high school. In some instances, these young women suffer from stress and depression.
The MEC also said, “As we approach the 16 Days of Activism Campaign and the fest-ive season, I want to encourage our school communities at large to support and parti-cipate actively against the violence of wo-men and children that exist in our commu-nities. Each one of us, has a responsibility to act against abuse and to report it im-mediately.
“In conclusion, this sanitary towel cam-paign is not just about supplying sanitary towels to young women, it is about making significant life-changing differences. By at-tending classes regularly, they will ultimate-ly be able to participate in economic pros-perity, both for themselves and their fami-lies.”
lack of sanitary protection and lack of know-ledge about puberty.
Because they are unable to afford sanitary
protection and they do not understand what is happening to their bodies, what should be a celebration of womanhood, becomes a time of shame, embarrassment and stigmatisa-tion with dire consequences for the girls' education and consequently their futures.