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Famsa Kathu opened its doors in July 2009 after an agreement was reac-hed between Famsa Upington and Kumba Iron Ore. Famsa became one of Kumba's community support projects and Kumba is still the main funder of the office. The main purpose for opening the office was rendering therapeutic services to the communities of Kathu and surrounding areas.
Through the years the services of a psy-chologist has been available, and from 2010 – 2016 also a social worker. The so-cial needs in the communities were always part of our area and Famsa with the support of other funders (GDF and Reisa) launched the HOPE community development project.  Therapeutic services along with door to
door involvement and support in the com-munities form the corner stones of FAMSA.
Statistics of therapeutic services show that 3072 people registered as clients in the past 8 years, meaning that 3072 indivi-duals, families and/or households might have benefited from the services that were made available to the community.
Famsa would like to thank not only our main funder, Kumba, but also numerous businesses, individuals and friends of Fam-sa who contributed during these years with donations, etc. This support to the organi-sation, the office and projects contributed to make services available to people from all walks of life.  We pray for God's blessing in the years to come.

On July 31, 2017 the Joe Morolong local municipality, in collabora-tion with other stakeholders, held the Mayoral Awards Ceremony at the Joe Morolong local municipality cham-bers.
This was part of Operation Semelela - an eventful programme meant to honour Mandela Day, where the mayor had to identify and recognise selfless members of the community within the Joe Moro-long municipal area.
As a result, there were fifteen catego-ries considered for the awards, that included amongst others, best cultural groups, best handwork project and best disability cluster.
In each category winners walked away with voucher prizes and a Joe Morolong Municipality commissioned medal.
Expressing her delight, the honourable mayor Dineo Leutlwetse said that the municipality will always ensure that hard workers and achievers are recognised and rewarded deservedly. She encour-aged communities to come together and form partnerships in pursuit of their busi-ness endeavours.
“We, as your municipality, shall always walk with you so as to incubate a culture of selfless giving. As individuals we can do it, but as a collective it's even much better”.         
Speaking to one of the award reci-pients from Home Affairs, Mr Aobakwe Pitso, who received the honourary award, said “I am happy that someone can see my efforts and I hope my depart-ment will also see this in a positive way”.
“Coincidentally the mayor of Joe Mo-rolong municipality was also celebrating her birthday on the day and gave four cakes to the senior citizens of Joe Moro-long who had attained centenaries.

Curro Kathu het op Vrydag, 28 Julie, hul bydrae gelewer tot Madibadag en uitgereik na hul naastes. Die leer-ders asook hul ouers skenk die brode, bot-ter, smere vir brode ens waarna leerders en personeel tydens skooltyd die brode voor-berei sodat dit dan uitgedeel kan word aan minderbevoorregtes. Vanjaar het hul die in-woners van Mapoteng bederf. Hierdie is een besonderse projek van die skool en jaarliks veroorsaak dit groot opgewonden-heid onder almal by die skool. Vanjaar het mnr Christiaan Grobler van Radiators Kuru-man besluit om 'n oorspronkile video opna-me te maak van die dag en sy seun se “dro-ne” gebruik om vanuit die lug af te neem. Die video kan gesien word op Curro Kathu se Facebook blad of op Youtube. PicknPay Kathu het ook hul bydrae gelewer en 60 vars gebakte brode geskenk aan die projek. Almal wat die oggend en dag moontlik ge-maak het word hartlik bedank.

The Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training this week  vi-sited Tshwane as part of efforts to address the certification backlog.
The week-long oversight visit to the Department of Higher Education and Train-ing, as well as the state information tech-nology agency (Sita), is aimed at clearing the backlog in the issuing of National Certificate Vocational (NCV) and diploma certificates for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges.
The chairperson of the committee, Connie September, said that the oversight visit will go a long way in the fight against unemploy-ment, poverty and inequality.
“Key to this is efficiency in ensuring that young people do not experience further de-lays in acquiring their qualifications and in accessing economic opportunities.
“Radical economic transformation will be
meaningful if those who have been equipped with skills are certified and gi-ven the opportunities they deserve in or-der to enter the job market,” Ms Septem-ber said.
Ms September said the intention of the visit is to get insight into capacity related challenges in the administration and ex-amination units at the Department of Higher Education and Training.
The visit to Sita is aimed at getting in-sight into the functionality and effective-ness of the systems geared to resolve certification challenges.
Ms September said that it is important that the higher education sector func-tions with as minimal challenges as pos-sible, if the country is to deliver on its long-term policy positions. SAnews.gov. za

Die Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk Ka-thu het op 30 Julie 2017 hul 30ste bestaansjaar gevier. Die gemeente kan met groot dankbaarheid terugkyk na 30 jaar van genade.  Ds. Trollip het tydens die prediking uit 1 Kronieke 29 daarop gewys dat alles wat die gemeente besit en alles wat gedoen is van God af kom. God het aan elke lidmaat die gawes en talente voorsien om te kon bydra om die kerk te vestig. 
Uit die geskiedenis van die gemeente staan die volgende uit:
Die gemeente is op 24 Julie 1987 gestig met 49 belydende lidmate en 50 doop-lidmate. Kort daarna is daar in kombinasie met Olifantshoek hul eerste leraar, prop. PG Stans beroep. Hy is op 20 September 1987 bevestig. Groei in die streek het tot gevolg gehad dat nog twee gemeentes, Kuruman en Postmasburg by die kombi-nasie aangesluit het. Ds. Stans het werklik baanbrekerswerk gedoen om die AP kerk in die Noord-Kaap te vestig. Elke Sondag is 'n
roete van ongeveer 400km gery om in elke gemeente 'n diens te hou. Na vier jaar kon Olifanthoek en Postmasburg 'n leraar deel terwyl Kathu en Kuruman hul eie leraar het.  
Die kerkgebou is op 19 Augustus 2007 amptelik in gebruik geneem en op sy hoek-steen staan die wooorde van Psalm 127 vers 1 waarop die gemeente nog altyd hul toekoms beplan:  “As die Here die huis nie bou nie, tevergeefs werk die wat daaraan bou;”
Die geestelike opbou en groei van die ge-meente is nie agterweë gelaat nie. Huis-besoek en maandelikse wyksbyeenkomste is belangrike aktiwiteite in die gemeente.
Na afloop van die erediens het die vorige leraar, Ds Stans vir die gemeente die simboliek van die kerkgebou verduidelik.
Die vroueaksie met Louise Lubbe aan die spits het gesorg vir ‘n heerlike ete in die saal. Daar is heerlik saam gekuier en stig-terslede kon staaltjies uit die verlede op-haal.

Local grade 11 and grade 12 learners from Kathu, Olifantshoek, Deben, Siyathemba and Mapoteng in the Northern Cape have the opportunity to ap-ply for a region specific scholarship.
The programme is being promoted through community high schools in these areas, where learners are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.
“These high school learners have limited opportunities to access scholarships, so the Renewable Energy Investment South Africa (REISA) Scholarship Fund, which specifically targets learners in these benefi-ciary towns, means they don't need to com-pete against learners from other pro-vinces,” explained Sizile Mabaso - Chief Community Operations Officer of REISA.
The REISA Scholarship Fund, which was launched two years ago, aims to provide tertiary education funding for youths living within a 50km radius of the solar facility. The focus is to contribute towards human re-source development in fields considered critical for the South African economy. Study fields include teaching, engineering, natural and social sciences, environment and nursing.
Learners from local high schools have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, one being Tanwyn Wage-naar, who is fulfilling his dreams at the Uni-versity of the Free State. The REISA Scho-larship Fund paid his total tuition fees, which alleviated the financial burden, pre-viously fulfilled by Tanwyn's parents. They are now in a much better position to support Tanwyn's siblings with their primary and se-condary education.
The scholarship has provided for Tan-wyn's study fees and private campus ac-commodation, which has allowed him to be-come more focused on his studies.
During 2016, Tanwyn passed his final ex-
amination with distinctions, and as a reward for his hard work, the university repaid him the tuition fees for all the distinctions and al-located the funds towards his study mate-rial.
Learners in these communities have ac-cess to other bursary opportunities, how-ever the REISA Scholarship Fund is unique in the sense that it is more accessible.
Local representatives conduct road-shows at all local high schools before the scholarship application closing date. The aim of the roadshow is to educate grade 11 and 12 learners and their parents about the scholarship fund and assist them with com-pleting the forms.
The marketing roadshow aims to inspire learners to focus on their studies and future and encourages parents to support the learners with their academic careers.
The programme, promoted through the high schools, to study for a qualification with a minimum of three years, offers full or par-tial scholarships. Schools include Gamaga-ra High School, Kathu High School and Langeberg High School.
Learners can obtain application forms at REISA's local community office or alterna-tively, directly from their schools. TM Com-munications

Seonyane Jan Vry (84) was uninten-tionally forced to expose his empty gums when a smile of joy was set by an electric atmosphere in him.
Tebelelo Ramasesana, owner of Kuruman Cleaning Services and the trendy Ramzo - a trailer and fibre glass sanitary toilets manu-facturer, was approached by the Joe Moro-long ward six councillor over the plight of the octogenarian.
The young businessman visited the des-perate old couple and witnessed the dire sit-uation. He took one of his trusted builders and supplied all the building material to build a two-roomed flat roofed house as a matter of urgency.
“We have to attend to the needy especially the elderly who no longer can make a living.
“As children I believe we must plough back to our community because these parents sa-crificed their limited resources to shape our future”, Mr Ramasesana said.
On July 27, 2017 the house was handed over to the couple in the presence of the Joe Morolong municipality mayor councillor Dineo Leutlwetse.
The mayor bought a double bed and blan-kets for the couple, while her executive com-mittee bought a food hamper and gave a four-year pledge of supply.
“We cannot ignore the plight of our pa-rents, let's change the history and conform
to today's needs”, the mayor said. 
The old man is a staunch supporter of the ruling party and according to him no other party can bring a better future to the citizens except the ANC.
“I am at the twilight of my life and cannot be converted into another party's slogans, I like the African National Congress. We are so happy about this gift. Our Lord has answer-ed our prayers”.
Councillor Lesego Seikaneng for ward six said that when he identified the couple and their situation he felt very touched.
“We made this gift in memory of our former and late statesman President Nelson Man-dela,” he said.