The Hawks Serious Corruption Investi-gation Unit conducted a search opera-tion at the Department of Education (Provincial office) in Kimberley, on 15 February 2018.
The allegation was about irregularities in the awarding of tenders with regard to the security tender and utilizing of Departmental funds to pay for SADTU conference without proof that it was held.
A search and seizure operation was then conducted at the Department, targeting va-rious offices and piles of documents were con-fiscated during the search.
No arrests have been made at this point and the investigation still continues.

A contract to supply goods is worth very little when you do not have the wheels to get your business moving. Monica Nappie, a local businesswoman, realised this very early on in her entrepreneurial journey.
Monica established Khaya Mnandi in 2014 to supply perishable goods, such as milk, coffee and the likes, to feeding schemes and caterers. When she started providing goods
to Kolomela, she needed a larger vehicle to help her stock up more efficiently.
Anglo American's Zimele initiative advised Monica to buy a bigger vehicle and do single trips instead of doing two trips to fill an order. Anglo American's Zimele helped her get a much better interest rate, which reduced the repayments
Monica said “The Kolomela Small Business Development Centre has made it possible for me, as a small local business, to be ab-le to grow my business. This is making me feel very emotional and proud.”
Khaya Mnandi has four permanent staff members and two temporary staff mem-bers in her employ, and hopes that one day her business will generate more local employment so that it will expand.
Kolomela Small Business Development Centre was established in 2012 to service the needs of local entrepreneurs. The cen-tre offers internet access, copying and printing facilities, training and mentoring for free to the communities living in the Tsantsabane area.
Furthermore, the centre offers access to funding through the Anglo Zimele Commu-nity Fund.
The centre is situated at 21 Main Street in Postmasburg and can be contacted on 053 313 7615.

Councillors of the EFF in the Joe Mo-rolong municipality closed the of-fices of the municipality on February 05, 2018 for the better part of the day.
The disgruntlements leading to the clo-sure were about the circumstances sur-rounding the water crisis, the chief financial officer's reinstatement, and the VAT re-covery consultant.
Briefing the media, the articulate mayor of the beleaguered municipality, councillor Di-no Leutlwane, said that the water crisis in the vast Joe Morolong municipality is not a designed, but rather a natural phenome-non, characterised by the historical and geographical background of the area. Ano-ther cause of the scarcity of the precious liquid is lack or obsolete infrastructure, lack of water sources or dried up sources.
“This infrastructure is very old and the magnitude of this challenge varies from one area to another. The ageing material is suc-cumbing, hence the regular leakages and these disrupt the smooth flow of water where and when available. This keeps the maintenance crews on their toes to stop re-curring leakages.
“On the other hand, the municipality is try-ing to replace the aged underground ma-terial and equipment to ensure water sup-plies are smooth to the broader community. We are doing something towards the re-habilitation of the infrastructure and our motto is to deliver adequate services to the community. Water provision to the com-munity knows no politics and as such we cannot use it as an ideological leverage.”
The issue surrounding the chief financial officer is that she resigned and soon there-after, withdrew her resignation. The matter
was tabled at a council meeting leading to the approval of the withdrawal of her resig-nation.
The mayor was taken to task over the VAT recovery consultant Mabasotho who had been engaged by the previous administra-tion or council. The mayor said outright that Mabasotho consultancy had been appoint-ed on May 01, 2016.
In the 2016/17 audit report, the large monthly payments made to the consultancy by the municipality alerted the auditor ge-neral who classified them as irregular ex-penditure.
This matter, according to the Municipal Finance Management Act, must now be re-ferred to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee by council for investigation. It is estimated that around R25-million was gob-bled up by the suspicious consultant. The new council has since stopped payment to this dubious consultancy.

Our local para-cyclist Barend Coet-zee just keeps on inspiring us all.
Recently Barend competed in the South African National Cycling Championships which were held in February 2018 in Oudts-hoorn. According to Barend, this is his seventh consecutive year he has been invi-ted to participate.
The morning of 06 February 2018, Ba-rend set off to compete in the individual time-trial whereby every cyclist competes against himself to ride a route in his fastest time possible. Barend explains: “It's a circular route of 14km which starts with an incline. With experience I have learnt to condition myself to set a steady pace throughout the race, so that I can maintain a constant speed, not to start too fast and burn out at the end.”
He claims he managed to keep a steady pace of 30km/h with his hand-cycle which in
the end ensured him a silver medal for the Timed-trial event.
After a good day's rest it was back to the road for the 42km road race. Unfortunately the thermometer in Oudtshoorn indicated a hefty 43 degrees which made it very difficult and uncom-ortable for the riders. This is where the true champions are separated  from the rest of the pack.
With the road race Barend claims he could keep a close eye on the competition and that the challenges he faced where what fueled him. These are the reasons he participates. He once again made us proud by securing a silver medal in the South African Champs for the group road race.
One can only sit back and admire Barend and be inspired, it's the challenges that inspire him to achieve. We all can learn a life lesson from this ! Well done Barend, we are so proud of you !

Justin Dass is al vir 'n geruime tyd 'n werknemer by Rural Metro en baie mense ken die jongman, wat orals in die dorp rondbeweeg met sy rystoel. Justin is die persoon wat die insidente rapporteer wat aangemeld word by Rural Metro en aan die manne opdrag gee om uit te gaan na die insident. Justin het oorspronklik refleksologie studeer in Potchefstroom, maar kon nooit die kans kry om dit te beoefen nie. Hy woon op Deben en maak van openbare vervoer gebruik om daagliks by die werk en huis te kom. Dit is nie altyd so maklik om met 'n rystoel 'n geleentheid te kry in dorp toe of terug huistoe nie. Hy sê dat hy al verskeie oggende laat opdaag vir sy werk aangesien niemand hom wou oplaai nie. Steeds kom hy voor as 'n baie gelukkige en positiewe persoon, al is sy daaglikse lewe nie so maklik soos baie ander s'n wat gemaklik kan opspring en loop tot waar hul wil kom nie.
Justin, wat gebore is met hierdie gebrek, het baie lank terug al aanvaar dat hy nie sal kan loop nie en om die rede besluit dat hy nie tou gaan opgooi en nie sy lewe gaan geniet nie. Hy pak steeds uitdagings aan en probeer sy heel beste gee. Ongelukkig is dit tans so dat sy stoel se “wiele” nou aandag
kort. Sy rystoel is tans in 'n baie gehawende toestand en hy kort eintlik 'n nuwe een.
Die Kathu Gazette wil dit graag onder die gemeenskap asook die skole se aandag bring om ons te help sodat ons vir Justin 'n paar nuwe “wiele” kan kry. Tans probeer die Kathu Gazette enige plastiekdoppies en plastieksakknippies in te samel. Sodra ons om-en-by 450kg doppies het of 50kg sakkie knippies het, word dit oorhandig aan Sweet Hearts Foundations wat dan aan die behoeftige persoon 'n geskikte rystoel sal gee wat aan sy behoeftes voldoen. Bring asseblief alle items geplaas binne in 'n sakkie na die Kathu Gazette se kantoor, Rietbokstraat. Help ons om iemand vanuit ons gemeenskap te help. Besighede wat voel hulle wil dalk self aan Justin 'n rystoel of 'n motor voorsien waarmee hy kan rondbeweeg kan ons direk kontak vir verdere inligting.
Justin doen werklik, op 'n stil manier, so baie vir persone wat hulself in 'n kritieke of gevaarlike situasie bevind. Hierdie is elkeen se kans om deur herwinning, sy lewe bietjie makliker te maak.
Vir verdere inligting kontak die Kathu Gazette by 053 723 2000 of besoek