National Child Protection Week (CPW) is commemorated in South Africa annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Children's Act of 2005. Reducing the high levels of violence against children is among South Africa's most overwhelming tasks. Despite the country's progressive child protection laws, policies and programs preventing and addressing violence against children, it remains a major challenge.
Dingleton SAPS, Kuruman K9 unit and the departments of Education and Social Development took an initiative to inform children about their safety at Sishen Primary School on 01 June 2017.  Pupils were
encouraged to stay away from drugs and make sure they surround themselves with good friends and a safe environment.
“Leaders and partners are encouraged to use the same messages to communicate a collective approach to the scourge against child violence and abuse. As a society, we must raise awareness on the rights of child-ren and increase access to supporting ser-vices and programs” said Sergeant Lesego Mildred Mocwi from SAPS. She also said it is everyone's responsibility to make sure kids are not exposed to kidnapping, rape, exploitation and trafficking or any other form of violence.

The SAPS Kathu is investigating a case of Culpable Homicide after a fatal accident occurred on 31 May 2017 at about 05:00 at the intersection of Hendrick Van Eck Street and the R380 Deben route near Kathu Village Mall. The collision occurred between a Volvo Truck and two taxis - a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and a Toyota Quantum. Allegedly the truck was travelling from the the industrial area on its way to Deben. The Mercedes Sprinter was stationary at the traffic lights. While the lights turned red for the Toyota Quantum, the Mercedes Sprinter, coming from the direction of Mapoteng, allegedly skipped the red light and collided with the truck. One of the passengers passed away on the scene and 15 persons were injured. The investigation officer in the case is De-tective Warrant Officer Bennie Fourie of SAPS Kathu. The Kathu Gazette has learnt that, according to unconfirmed reports, more injured have died since due to their injuries.
lights turned red for the Toyota Quantum, the Mercedes Sprinter, coming from the direction of Mapoteng, allegedly skipped the red light and collided with the truck. One of the passengers passed away on the scene and 15 persons were injured. The investigation officer in the case is De-tective Warrant Officer Bennie Fourie of SAPS Kathu. The Kathu Gazette has learnt that, according to unconfirmed reports, more injured have died since due to their injuries.

Kolomela mine in partnership with Tshiping Water User Association, supported the Department of Water and Sanitation's drop-the-block water saving drive.
The drop-the-block campaign reduces the amount of water used per toilet flush, by dropping a green block into the cistern of the toilet to reduce water use. Most cisterns hold between 9 and 15 litres of clean drinking water, all of which is dispensed with each flush. Drop-the-block is based on the principle of displacing just enough water to still enable the flushing of the toilet. The drop-the-block can immediately save two litres of water per toilet flush. The intervention and water saving is immediate, and requires little technical skill for installation. The green blocks are provided free of charge. The Kolomela mine Environmental team has distributed 1500 of these blocks out to interested employees and contractors. For more information on the initiative and the supply of blocks, please contact Albertus Viljoen, Water User Association at 053 313 0595. KIO Kolomela

A male, about 26 years old of medium built with short dread locks and a gold star on his lower left tooth is wanted by the Kathu SAPS in connection with rape. The victim alleged that she was walking with the suspect to where she stays and on the way the suspect grabbed and chocked her. The suspect dragged her towards a tree where he raped her. The victim passed out for some time and when she woke up the suspect ran away.
Contact Warrant Officer JW Hanekom on 076 021 3336/ 053 723 9150 with any infor-mation.

On Friday 02 June 2017 the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), the South African Police Service (SAPS) in Olifantshoek, the De-partment of Social Development including SASSA and the Department of Health to-gether with local Councillor Mr Boitumelo Lekgadi visited Langeberg High School to inform learners about their safety and rights.
This initiative formed part of National Child Protection Awareness Week which ran from 29 May – 04 June 2017. The target group was learners from grade 8 and grade 9 at the school and the programme director and keynote speaker, Lieutenant Motsem-me – the social worker from the SANDF, informed the learners about different types of abuse that take place in our society and encouraged learners to report any form of abuse to the nearest police station.
Another speaker was Miss Naomi Nxopo
from the Department of Social Develop-ment who also informed the learners about their rights in terms of the constitution and said that all learners have the right to education and that no one must threaten or intimidate them to attend the school. She acknowledged the challenge experienced with some of the learners who do not attend classes, but rather sit in the mountain at the back of the school and others roam around in town during school hours.
Mrs Michelle Tata from SASSA informed learners about the importance of education. The learners were given the opportunity to ask questions to the guests speakers during the awareness session.
Olifantshoek SAPS was represented by Warrant Officer Deon Linnerts and Consta-ble Francois September.
The entertainment was provided by mem-bers of the SANDF in the form of riddle games in which the learners participated.

There was an explosive council meeting at Ga-Segonyana local municipality held on May 30, 2017 and, as usual where  opposition takes part, the darker side of ANC led administration comes to the fore.
After a list of positives brought forward by the mayor Neo George Masegela in an effort to resuscitate the image of the town and villages under its armpit, the opposition councillors raised the issue of con-sistent inerasable disclaimers from within the municipality. While this point could be seen as being raised by the opposition parties to gain political momentum, the relevance and pertinence of the issue were echoed by a collective of councillors in the council chambers. This was after a proposal that the mayor and speaker ought to use their own vehicles if the municipality is not yet in a viable position to buy them. 
As the mayor outlined numerous projects aimed at improving service delivery to the community, a torrent of questions were raised by the floor to the effect that the municipality must spend knowing that auditors are correspondingly expected to deliver an unqualified report later. A clarion call was made that the municipality must spend within its means.
Paving of internal roads in various villages that include Bankara, Magojaneng, Seodin and Ncweng will be considered in the year under review.
The mayor further reiterated that potholes must be dealt with with  great concern. Cutting of grass and sewer leaks also need special attention in the recurrent year. Lack of water in Batlharos' RDP houses was raised by the EFF Councillor Olebo-geng Leserwane.  He said that there ought to be uniformity in the availability of water like in any other village with these RDP houses.
Another EFF Councillor Mosamiemang Reetsang said that Maruping village does not have RDP houses and that there is seemingly an imbalance of the distribution of developmental resources accorded to other villages.
Vehicle shortage, especially at the traffic department was also raised as well as the need that a solution has to be found.
Lastly, the mayor also highlighted that the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang's term of office would end on June 30, 2017.

Residents and community stake holders gathered together on Thursday 18 May 2017 to celebrate the official launch of the Olifantshoek Solar Street Light Project - a REISA (Renewable Energy Investment South Africa) economic development flagship project.
“This project is very significant, as it has the potential to change the landscape of this town. On a deeper level, it adds to our collective commitment to make this province a safe and prosperous one for the benefit of our people living in it.
“Where there is light, there is life and this project indeed has its benefits in ensuring that there is not only light, but that we are safe and secure walking in the streets,” commented the Premier of the Northern Cape, Sylvia Lucas, at the launch of the Olifantshoek solar street light project.
Olifantshoek is the second community to benefit from REISA's Solar Street Light Programme - an initiative that aims to improve community safety, security and social livelihoods of around 10 253 residents, in
addition to taking advantage of this environmentally friendly solar-powered technology.
What is more, is that the 105 solar street light units that have been installed along Olifantshoek's busiest main roads require almost no maintenance and zero running costs.
“The project was proposed by the Mayor of Gamagara local municipality, Ms Dineo Moyo, in the hope to reduce crime, motor accidents and, most importantly, to better the social livelihoods of its community at large.
“It is REISA's deliberate strategy to, where appropriate, partner with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure alignment of REISA's interventions with local priorities” commented Sizile Mabaso, the Chief Community Operations Officer of REISA.
In 2015, the Deben community was the first beneficiary of REISA's solar street light programme, which included the installation of 52 solar street lights covering over 2km of road. The project is without a doubt a shining example of how a successful
public-private partnership, between REISA and Gamagara local municipality, can impact positively on a local community.
This project has provided the ad-ded impact of providing business support and mentorship to a local business. The company has been able to further develop its trade with-in the solar industry, in particular solar street lighting.
“Through our Enterprise Develop-ment Programme, REISA's objective is to facilitate the creation of sustainable economic and job  opportunities for the communities of Olifantshoek, Dibeng, Dingleton, Kathu, Babatas and Mapoteng to achieve greater economic independence,” added Ms Mabaso.
In conclusion, Premier Lucas said, “I wish to thank REISA for this project and the many others they have al-ready embarked on in the Northern Cape province, and look forward to a long and positive relationship”. TM Communications