Die South African Army Com-bat Training Centre (SAA CTC)  op Lohatlha het  op Mandeladag 18 Julie 2017 die plaaslike Diereforum besoek.
Aanvanklik sou die groep uit onge-veer 20 weermaglede bestaan het wat die verrigtinge mee sou maak, maar omdat soldate vanuit die VSA vanaf 17 Julie –  04  Augustus 2017 op Lohatla vir Exercise Shared Ac-cord was, was die groep baie groter. Verrassend was ook die teenwoor-digheid by die verrigtinge van die generaals.
Een van die Diereforumlede wat werksaam is by die militêre basis hospitaal, Karin van der Merwe, het dit 'n goeie geleentheid geag om hulle Mandeladagprojek te koppel aan die Diereforum.
Soveel diere en hul eienaars sou
kon baat vind by hierdie uitreikprojek  en die resultaat was ook bo verwag-ting suksesvol. 
'n Woonbuurt, Mountain View, is daarna bersoek waar inwoners hulle diere - hoofsaaklik honde - na die verskillende punte op die terrein ge-bring het vir verskeie tipe behan-deling, waaronder ontwurming, dip, inspuitings en enkeles moes na die plaaslike veearts verwys word.  Hondepille is ook aan vroeë aan-melders gegee. Weens die groot belangstelling kon almal egter nie kry nie.
Die voorsitter van die Diereforum , Wilma van Zyl, sê dat 500 diere in die tyd by Mountain View behandel is.                      
Die plaaslike Diereforum, wat vir alle dienste, kos, medikasie en versorging selfonderhoudend is, is
afhanklik van skenkings in verskeie vorme om hierdie groot diens oor die hele gebied te kan lewer.
In die wintermaande is die nood in dierekringe soveel meer sigbaar en word 'n beroep op elke troeteldier-eienaar gedoen, om te sorg vir 'n warm skuiling en komberse, genoeg kos en water vir hul diere wat nie self hierdie noodsaaklikhede kan koop of verkry nie. Diere is geheel afhank-lik van hul eienaars wat gekies het om hul aan te hou. 
Die plaaslike Diereforum is baie dank aan die weermag van Lohatla, Pretoria en ook die besoekers uit die VSA verskuldig en waardeer hul teenwoordigheid, meelewing en hulp opreg.  Dit was 'n prysenswaar-dige poging om meer as die 67-minute vir die Mandelaprojek prak-ties en doeltreffend te maak.

Maria Fredericks (55) from Deben got her house re-built after it was gobbled up by a horrific inferno that was caused by a candle three years ago. Fortunately there were no fa-tal injuries reported on that dread-ful night. Jesmien Wapad and Da-leen Botha from Kathu Solar Park were the good Samaritans to Gogo Fredericks.
Their mission to make over the house took them over two years before they could be able to bring on board relevant stakeholders to assist with the job. On Mandela day they spent their 67 minutes as part of reconstructing Gogo's hou-se. The home was refurbished with roofing, windows, painting, rebuilt and new furniture and food par-cels. The occasion was made pos-
sible by Kathu Solar Plant in association with Kelebogile Trust under super-vision of project engineer, Mr Mark Janick, furniture shops and building material shops. Members of the community and ward councillor Abel Booysen joined forces with the management of Kathu Solar Park to speed up the reconstruc-tion of the house.
Gogo Fredericks says, she is very excited to have her home rebuilt and she wishes her husband was there to witness that special moment with her. “It was a very painful instant to see my house being eaten by raging flames while I was standing there helplessly. I wholeheartedly like to thank the people who made contributions to renovate my home and make sure I live a better life like every-one”, says a teary Maria. The renovation was part of the 67 minutes of Nelson Mandela day.

The granting of long-service awards to qualifying members of the muni-cipality was handed over by different directors within their different departments on 29 June 2017 at a special function held at the Gamagara Town Hall.
The event was attended by various mem-bers of the community, the Gamagara mu-nicipality executives and a prominent busi-nessman and well established movational speaker Mr Henk Swanepoel from Pretoria who was the guest speaker. Municipal Long Service Award certificates were presented to individuals who have served the munici-pality for periods of 15 years, 20 years, 25 years and 35 years. Mrs Cornelia Haas-broek, who is working in the community service department, was the only recipient who bagged a 35 years long service award.
The diligent employees were encouraged to continue with the good service they have devoted to the municipality and the com-munity at large. “As you are seated here today on this extraordinary occasion, I would like to advise you that you are very important members of this institution. I would also like to applaud you for your dedication and hard work as public ser-vants to ensure you bring effective develop-ments within our communities in terms of service delivery and I would exceedingly like to guarantee you that your legacy will be forever cherished within the Gamagara municipality”, praised mayor Dineo Moyo. The guests were seated at beautifully decorated tables and served a delicious meal.

SAPS Kuruman is investigating a case of business robbery.
On Wednesday 05 July at approximately 20:30 a large group of armed men entered a local mine near Kuruman.
The group threatened the mine security with firearms and locked up the eight secu-rity personnel in a room.
It is alleged that the suspects fled with a substantial amount of copper wire they
stole from the mining plant.
Police launched an intense search for the suspects with assistance from the SAPS airwing, K9 unit, flying squad, public order policing units and the local police stations.
No suspects were arrested, however police are requesting anyone with informa-tion to please call Detective Lieutenant Col-onel Mac Konkwane on 082 494 3540.
The investigation continues.

2017 is a year of birthdays for Kolomela miners. Not only does Kolomela celebrate its fifth year anniversary on 22 June, but its owner, Kumba Iron Ore, turns ten, while parent company Anglo American holds its centenary (100th birthday). This year was truly mark-ed for celebrations as the commu-nity also celebrated Postmasburg's 125th birthday in the month of June.
Addressing staff at Kolomela mine, general manager Aart van den Brink, said “Five years ago on 22 June 2012, when we officially open-ed Kolomela mine, it was described as a mega-project delivered on time, within budget, with the potential for world-class performance. Today Ko-lomela is performing beyond ex-pectations and with the most innova-tive mining practices in the country.
We have drones in the sky, driver-less drills in the pit and some of the most highly skilled and dedicated staff in the business.
“In five years we have had a trans-formative impact on our communi-ties - delivering highlights such as the development of our community though our skills centre that was re-cognised by the National Skills De-velopment Awards this year, winning a silver award in the Best Public Sec-tor category and two bronze awards in the Best Community Project and Skills categories. We also have a Small Business Development centre in Postmasburg to assist entrepre-neurs to develop their skills to build their own businesses.
“Gender transformation remains a huge focus at Kolomela mine and we continue to develop the upliftment of
women in mining. Our commitment to transformation and community development in Postmasburg re-mains our key focus.”
Mr van den Brink went on to rede-dicate the mine to operating safely for mine employees and contractors. “Remember the safety commitment we made at the beginning of the year. Stick to it ! ”
And in celebration, Kolomela lead-ership team members handed cup-cakes and birthday cards in honour of this occasion to employees and contractors at the en-trance to the mine.

Kumba Iron Ore's Kolomela mine has officially handed over a significant amount to bursaries to academic high achievers in grades 10, 11 and 12 at three Tsantsabane high schools.
The handover ceremonies saw the bright boffins from Postmasburg High, Blinkklip High and Ratang Thuto High Schools re-warded for their hard work and academic ex-cellence.
Worth about R15 000 a year each, the Ko-lomela mine school bursaries cover school fees, stationery, textbooks and the cost of extra mentoring classes. To qualify pupils had to average over 65% and achieve 60% in Mathematics and Science. Funds from the bursaries have been used to support these students since the year 2011. Since the mine was established five years ago, Kolomela has awarded between three and five bursaries per school every year.
Human Resource Manager at Kolomela mine, Chesley Madlala said, “A good edu-cation is the key to transforming our society and communities within which our mine ope-rates. We believe that by working with the youth we can build a better South Africa. For the last five years our school bursary pro-gramme at Postmasburg High, Blinkklip High and Ratang Thuto High Schools in the Tsantsabane area has helped a total of 148 students successfully complete their matric education without having to worry about the school fees.
Kumba Iron Ore, a business unit of Anglo American has consistently been dedicated to transforming the lives of the youth and ac-hieving positive social change through its fo-cus on youth-orientated educational pro-grammes. In addition to the bursary pro-gramme, Kolomela mine also offers career guidance programmes for learners in gra-des 9 to 12, the Community Bursary Scheme for university and Technikon stu-dents registered in non-technical disci-plines, and the Community Skills Develop-ment Programme for youth already accept-ed to study N1 and N2 Mathematics and Science at technical colleges.
Chesley concluded saying, “We are proud of the work Kolomela has undertaken over the past five years and we look forward to continuing our partnership with these schools and to recognise these talented pu-pils.” KIO Kolomela

A team of nineteen students and six teachers from Concordia College in Adelaide, South Australia visit-ed Bosheng Middle School in the Joe Morolong area.
The team, while on a tour, visits the area every year helping schools and learners in many forms that are meant to make education a better tool to a learner in this area.
During their fifteen days of visit, the stu-dents and their teachers dedicate their time teaching local learners English, Ma-thematics, creative writing and Science. In addition, the team also takes extra-curriculum activities seriously as part of inculcating discipline and identifying ta-lent. This includes computer skills, dra-ma, painting and sport.
For the past twelve years, Australians, Germans and French students have made it a tradition, with their committed teachers, to visit the area, rendering sig-nificant support in schools around the Joe Morolong area.
Students from these countries visit the area on a rotational basis with their teachers, conducting lessons as well as performing tasks such as repairing desks and benches, painting and gardening.
In an interview one of the students said, “The idea is to inspire learners that edu-cation is broad and one can pursue an academic or practical commitment and come out with a livelihood. As foreign students we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your community. We have been made to feel very wel-come and we will always remember our time together in the valley.”