Juffroue Wilhelmina du Plessis en Bayronett April het op 22 Maart hul Gevorderde Onderwyssertifikate (GOS) by die Noordwes Universiteit se gradeplegtigheid ontvang.
Juffrou April 'n boorling van Karos, is dankbaar vir haar dosente en familie se ondersteuning  tydens haar tyd van studie. Slegs opofferings en harde werk was haar wenresep. Haar spesialiseringsvakke was Lewensvaardighede en Sosiale Weten-skappe.
Wilhelmina du Plessis 'n Rietfontein kind in murg en been het almal verkeerd bewys
dat jy enigiets kan aanpak en suksesvol kan wees. Wilhelmina het vir 29 jaar by Telkom gewerk en daarna die onderwys betree en vanjaar haar GOS  verwerf.
Haar spesialiseringsvakke is Natuur-wetenskappe en Tegnologie.  Haar gesin, veral haar man was haar grootste onder-steuner tydens haar studie.
Op die gradeplegtigheid toe haar naam uitgelees was, kon hulle beswaarlik  hul opgewondenheid  beteuel  met haar pre-stasie.
Alle sterkte en seën word hulle  toege-wens op hul lang onderwys loopbane.

Following a meeting with Es-kom and the Gamagara local municipality on Friday 16 March 2018, it was resolved that Ga-magara needs to make a payment of R7-million on or before 29 March 2018 to avert suspension.
This was officially confirmed in a letter from Eskom directed to the Municipal Manager of Gamagara, Protea Leserwane, dated 22 March 2018.
In the letter, Eskom thanked the municipality for presenting them with a payment plan in lign with Eskom's expectations.
Besides the immediate bulk pay-ment of R7-million, Gamagara needs to pay their current account on time as per their proposal and also to honour their terms and con-ditions as stipulated in their payment plan. According to Eskom, defaulting on these agreements will result in the implementation of the scheduled interruptions with 14 days' notice.
In a municipal meeting with Mr Leserwane on 20 March 2018, he said that he was trying his utmost to gather the funds to pay the required amount to Eskom. The following measures were suggested to cut costs and save on expenses wher-ever possible.
Gamagara municipality has 10 prominent account holders who are experiencing problems with their accounts. It was suggested that officials from Gamagara are to focus on them to resolve their problems so payments can follow soon.
Cost-cutting by immediately pay-ing attention to any water leakages.
Newspaper notices to encourage residents to pay accounts within se-ven days to prevent services from being suspended.
Implementation of a shift system for technicians and plumbers to save on overtime costs.
Mobilisation of community mem-bers to register as indigent. Resi-
dents who can proof that they earn less than R3500 per month qualify for waivers.
Mobilisation of community mem-bers to settle outstanding accounts so as to generate more income for the municipality.
Allocation of internet payments also seem to be a challenge at Ga-magara municipality and it was sug-gested that payments are preferably done at the municipality itself to alleviate this problem.
Meanwhile Eskom requested an increase of 30% in tariffs to make up for a deficit of R66-billion lost be-tween 2014 - 2017 due to corruption and loopholes in the multi-year price determination (MYPD) rules.
The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) invited com-ment from the public about this request. The deadline for submis-sion of comments was on 23 March 2018 though.

The road forum has taken a bold step to revive its activities to ensure that the agreement reached in 2014 by stake-holders remains intact.
The chairperson of the forum, Kagiso Ga-borokwe, said that they are having consul-tations within their structures throughout the Joe Morolong area to map the way forward.  This comes after the disappointing pace at which the tarring of the targeted roads is being done.
The stakeholders, mainly from govern-ment and SIOC-cdt, had agreed to take re-sponsibility for the tarring of the roads in question on a proportionate undertaking. However, it appears that one of the signa-tories, the Department of Public Works, is
procrastinating to honour up on its 73km share of responsibility without giving out reasons.
Mr Gaborokwe said that he cannot pre-empt how the forum wants to revitalise the agreement, but they will first of all give the parties involved ample time to explain to the communities why they seem to be reneging from the commitment they had made under the guidance of the public protector's office.
According to the rumours that some of the roads will receive paving instead of being tarred as initially agreed, he said it was in-cumbent upon the stakeholders to explain.
On the part of the community, he said that the outcome of the meetings between the stakeholders and the forum to be held
shortly will decide the course of action.
While the forum is clearly saying that it does not want to be labelled as dictatorial, it is equally anxious to understand why go-vernment is passive to augment the good gesture showed by the private sector in the project.
The roads in contention are MR950 and MR947 that cut across the many villages of Joe Morolong and logistically connect to the N14 and to Kuruman town.
An agreement was reached between the stakeholders namely the Department of Public Works, SIOC-cdt, tribal authorities and the public protector representatives on June 10, 2014.

Keanté Pienaar from Deben Primary School clinched the South African Schools' Athletics gold medal in Paarl Western Cape on 17 March 2018 after setting a record of 11.21 seconds in the 100 metres boys under 13 final. He also bagged a bronze medal in the 100 metres relay. This 13-year old athlete became an overnight sensation with his stellar performance. Keanté developed his love for athletics at the age of 10 and his coach Vernon Jansen groomed him to attain and show case the talent in the young man.
Keanté, a grade 7 pupil's journey began when he was participating in local schools' competitions two years ago in Gamagara. He went on to represent Deben Primary School in Kimberly where he came out tops and was set to partake in the nationals. The sprinter is set to fly to Botswana to
represent South Africa and he will be accompanied by his mother Patricia Petronella Pienaar and his coach Vernon Jansen.
Jansen says he is very proud of Keanté for coming out tops, and he was moved by the courage and enthusiasm this young athletics champion. He vowed to be behind Keanté throughout of his athletic journey and support him. The school's principal, Lehana Hartzenberg and SGB chairman Kennedy Visser said they are very excited about the achievement of their pupil and they promise to unleash different hidden talents in the other learners. Keanté was sponsored by a company that would like to remain anonymous and it promised to cover the cost of the trip to Botswana. It says supporting and ploughing back to the disadvantaged communities is their vision. 

On Monday March 26, 2018 mayors of the region had to surrender their municipal activities to quell out a labour dispute that involved the Kgalagadi Pipeline Joint Venture of which Group Five is the main stakeholder involved in the construction of a water project on behalf of the Department of Water and Sanitation.
The centre of controversy revolved around the issue of three months' out-standing wages of employees.
The company had two separate agree-ments where a certain group of employees had a limited duration contract that subject-ed these to abrupt termination.
Another lot of employees had a longer contract that would last until March, 2020. Both groups had initially been told that there were cashflow constraints, but that the issues would be amicably resolved once clients had honoured their commitments.
However, it leaked out to the limited du-ration contract workers that the other group had been paid sustainably and that stirred up the hornet's nest leading to the unrest.
A week after, the four mayors Sofia Mo-
sikatsi (JTG district municipality), Neo George Masegela (Ga-Segonyana muni-cipality also the current ANC regional chair-person), Nelson Hantise (Gamagara mu-nicipality) and Dineo Leutlwetse (Joe Mo-rolong municipality) visited the company and its workers who arbitrarily brokered a peaceful deal yet to be sealed in the near fu-ture.
Payment of outstanding wages and sala-ries to the concerned workers was agreed upon by the employer paving a palatable platform in resolving other issues still out-standing.
The Ga-Segonyana mayor, representing his colleagues, said that they felt obliged to intervene in the dispute but on an impartial footing so that there was satisfaction be-tween both parties.
 Mr Masegela expressed the significance of the project being undertaken by the Group Five and its partners for the develop-ment of the region, but also reiterated that workers constitute the perfect symbiosis in the project.   

Ses modelle van EModels Kathu was gekies as finaliste om aan die Miss Elite 2018 kompetisie wat op die 23 - 24 Maart 2018 plaasgevind het in Klerks-dorp, deel te neem.
Op Vrydag 23 Maart 2018 is daar heeldag spanbou gehou en die kroning het Sater-dagaand 24 Maart 2018 plaasgevind.
Miss Elite 2018 is 'n internationale kom-petisie en daar was 171 modelle van regoor Suid-Afrika wat aan die kompetisie deelge-neem het.
Ons plaaslike modelle het EmodelsSA en Emodels Kathu se naam hoog gehou.
Mia-né Coetzee (4) was onder die top 10 in haar afdeling, asook die Miss Most Ex-ecutive Beautiful Elite SA. Sy wen ook 'n derde plek in die Public Choice October 2017 en derde plek in Public Choice March 2018.
Annemie Du Preez in die groep 13 - 15 jaar oud Novice was in die top 10 van Miss Elite Photogenic 2018 en in die Miss Elite Most Executive Beautiful 2018.
Mickayla Diergaardt was in die groep 10 -
12 jaar Novice. Sy was in die top 10 asook Miss Elite Northern Cape 2018.
Jaryn Makatees was in die groep 13 - 15 jaar. Sy was Miss Elite 2018 Director's Choice.
Shannon Diergaardt was in die groep 13 - 15 jaar Novice. Sy was Miss Elite 2018 Di-
rector's Choice.
Charmonix Van Rooi was groep 16 - 18 No-vice. Sy was in die top 10 asook die Miss Elite 2018 Northern Cape wenner.
Baie geluk ! Kathu is baie trots op julle.

Traditionally when there has been drought in the area for many years and all of a sudden cumulo-nimbus (rain clouds) form leading to the torrents of rain, elders gather and render thanks to the Almighty God for relieving them from the ravaging scourge borne by drought.
The above activity succinctly and precisely describes what transpired at Ba Ga Phadima High School on March 17, 2018. After a miraculous turn of academic results produced by the 2017 matriculants, academics of the area in consultation with the chieftaincy under Chief Dioka mooted an inspirational and celebratory idea to congratulate these learners and educators in a very special way. A visit at the school by the Kathu Gazette on the eventful day, the scriber was received with a tumultuous welcome and a broad interview ensued with the school principal, Mr Lesiba Petrus Tlomana.
Asked what made this day so special for him. He said “Firstly, I must express my happiness that my stakeholders told me that the Kathu Gazette journalist will be available for the event and I welcome you with open arms. Most people are saying you have played your part in the media space in this region.
“Pertaining to the school, we are incredi-bly ecstatic and jubilant. Undoubtedly pa-rents and learners are in that mood.
This school was underperforming and therefore trapped, meaning it was under thorough scrutiny by the administration. In 2016 it had a 28.6 % pass rate only to seis-mically churn out an 85.2% and this is why we are here today.
“Out of these charming results the school has been picked as the best improved school in the province and the district. We are in position seven out of the thirty in the district. Consequently, we won the provincial trophy and certificate. We won the second trophy from Joe Morolong for the most improved school in the district”
In reply to a question as to what turned the
school results from obscurity to eminence he replied:
“A myriad of factors are at play here. We had proper management of the curriculum with the staff, setting realistic goals, engaging parents, extra classes, regular consultation with parents and quarterly in-depth analysis of results. The school introduced study groups tightly monitored on regular basis. The district office also played a crucial role in supporting our programme to improve. Above all discipline takes the lead for any school to achieve targeted results”
The excellent results were stimulant enough for the intellectuals and academics in the area to organise the 2017 results celebration party with the full blessings of the chieftaincy of the area. Representing the academics that, predominantly resplendent in their academic regalia, was Mr Norman Dioka, a retired teacher and also the son to the paramount chief, said that the idea was to inspire learners to do their best and hinted that a repeat of the event is possible next year provided such results are replicated.