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The Muslim community marched around Kuruman to mark the birth of the Muslim prophet on December 11, 2016. This is an annual event where members pray and present the history of the highly esteemed prophet. Shops run predominantly by the Asian community around were closed to honour.  

From a young age, members of Rudoz Gospel Band have always had a dream of singing gospel music. The band was established in 2012 by five members namely, Sam Lyums, Raphael Ciata, Jacob Mosala, Andrew Tshineva and Andily Damas. They gained their momentum as years went by. Although they are still seeking glory, they managed to win the hearts of gospel music lovers in and out of Gamagara. They are confident that one day they will take the gospel fratenity by storm on country level.

On 03 September 2016, Rudoz held a gospel show in Siyathemba community hall, in an attempt to expand their popularity and lure fans.

Their manager Hilton Appolis could not hold back the excitement at a fully packed hall of fans. He thanked everyone for coming out in numbers to support these young talented vocalists. “we are deeply greatful for the love and support you showed us, continue to support us on this journey of glorifying the name of our Creator”, said Mr Appolis. The band performed its numerous events in both private and public, they are still hoping to have a lot of events in the future. For bookings call 063 2325 422.

Die Griekwaland Streek het ‘n paar jaar gelede sy status as streek verloor as gevolg van ‘n tekort aan geordende pastore. Die streek is toe ingelyf by die Namakwari streek van die Volle Evangelie Kerk.

Intussen het pastore wat in die Griekwaland streek bly en gemeentes lei hul teologiese kursusse suksesvol voltooi en is hulle georden.

Daar is toe op ‘n streekvergadering besluit dat die twee streke van mekaar gaan skei en elke streek gaan op sy eie funksioneer.

‘n Aanbevelingsverslag is na die hoofkantoor van die VEK gestuur en die hoofkantoor het dit goedgekeur dat die Griekwaland streek weer as ‘n streek op sy eie moet funksioneer. Die twee streke is toe van mekaar geskei.

Op Saterdag 6 Augustus 2016 het pastoor Saunders (Streekopsiener van die Namakwari streek) die Griekwaland streek amptelik geopen.

Daar is toe ‘n streek dagbestuur demokraties verkies. Die amptenare wat verkies is, is as volg: Pastoor P van Rensburg (Streekopsiener), Pastoor J Thys (Vise-streekopsiener), Pastoor S White (Sekretaris) en Pastoor R Le Fleur (Tesourier). Twee pastore is addisioneel tot die dagbestuur verkies.

Die nuwe streek sal strek vanaf Olifantshoek tot by Victoria-Wes. Die pastore van die dagbestuur is almal bekwame, ervare, betroubare en gedissiplineerde pastore. Hulle almal lei ook plaaslike gemeentes.

Pastoor S White is ook tydens die geleentheid verkies as die Voorsitter van die Griekwaland-Wes VEK distrik.

Al die pastore word geluk en sterkte toegewens met die goddelike taak wat hulle opgelê is. Hulle taak is om Mattheus 28:19 na te kom.


Pastoor Sarel White, Voorsitter van die Griekwaland-Wes VEK distrik.

fai0160319In pursuit of trying to suppress the spread of HIV and TB infection rate, STIs disability and social impact, the John Taolo Gaetsewe district mayoral office has deemed it necessary that the provincial strategic plan be spread to the faith-based organisation to work on its strategic plans.
March 10, 2016 witnessed the launch of the faith-based organisation that will spear-head some of the many challenges that keep on traumatising communities, despite the awareness campaigns.
A number of church leaders, govern-ment departments and other stakeholders assembled at Eldorado Hotel to exchange views expressed by the infected and affected in an endeavour to understand the trends of dealing with the scourge of the disease that has manifested itself as an infinite challenge to the researcher, throughout the world.
The ultimate objective was to launch a vibrant organisation that has to engage periodically, deliberating on issues per-taining to the intervention methods of the pandemic.
The realisation that faith-based organi-sations are at the grassroots of commu-nities, they better understand individual and household challenges in dealing with the HIV and AIDS related experiences within them.
The role of the church has been adjud-ged as that of closing one eye while ano-ther is open. This is so because there is a belief that churches are aware that the Christian world is no stranger to the pan-demic, but their podiums cannot preach issues of sex and sexuality, use of con-doms and other topics, to deal with absti-nence in the fight against the spread of HIV and related illnesses. As a result, the word SIN has made it very difficult in the church for the free flow of disclosures in an attempt to get advice and relevant inform-ation.
There was a unanimous thought that the church doctrine much embrace HIV and tuberculosis as a challenge for “us” not “them” to deactivate stigmatisation among societies.
A ten-member committee was elected that will start working with all faith-based and other organisations to ensure the objectives of caring, prevention and treat-ment remain realistic and achievable where the district, province and govern-ment will work as a collective synergy in an endeavour to curtail the upward spiral of infection.

Die gewilde gospel sangroep, Onbeskaamd, het Saterdagaand 20 Augustus 2016 by die NG Moedergemeente in Kuruman opgetree. Die kerkgebou was stampvol en almal het uit volle bors saam met die groep gesing.

The pastors of the Full Gospel in Kgalagadi region.



The Church Board of the Full Gospel Emmanuel Worship Centre at Tsineng (near Bathlaros), under the leadership of Jacob Polelo would like to thank our pastors and everyone who made the day of the official opening of three local churches, namely Gasese, Masankong and Sedibeng on Saturday 23 July 2016 at 10:00 to be successful. We really appreciate your support. May the good Lord bless you.



The Church Board.

March 18, 2016 marks 200 years of the existence of the Moffat Mission in Kuruman and therefore the celebration comes at an opportune time when the he-ritage site is being restored to its ori-ginal state, courtesy of generous funders namely the National Lot-teries Commission.
The revitalisation or restoration of the esteemed heritage site will take an ebb and flow pattern for a few years to come, though progress has already become evident.
In an interview with the Executive Director of the Moffat Mission, Reverend Kudzani Ndebele, said that it was imperative to go down the memory lane of the church and its historical pioneers. This gives cre-dence as to why the place has to be the symbol of significance to the lo-cal community, region and the world over.
Initially the site was at the now Dithakong village in 1816, but due to water scarcity, it was relocated to the present Maruping village a year later. Upon the encounter with the Batlhaping chief Mothibi, Robert Hamilton and James Reed - the pio-neering missionaries - he granted them the present site between the Eye and Maruping. They were grant-ed the strategic site ostensibly to serve the community by digging a tunnel to supply water to the strug-gling villages and to promote agri-cultural activities with the availability of water. Led by the two pioneers, that dream was turned into reality as the furrow was constructed from 1820-22 to facilitate the supply of water to the targeted communities.
Robert Moffat then joined the two missionaries in 1820 to establish the present day Moffat Mission.
Hence the celebration is not about the restoration process currently go-ing on but a vision that was started in 1816. The notion behind the es-tablishment of Moffat Mission was far beyond its confinement. The ulti-mate objective by Robert Moffat was to create a benedictory citadel which the London Missionary Society could use as a launch-pad in its ex-ploration work up to the north where they eventually settled in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Ma-lawi and Mozambique.
The society's mission work was multi-faceted in that they wanted to promote education and literacy in the Bantu communities. This result-ed in the translation of the English Bible into the SeTswana language in 1857.
Mary Moffat came up with the gar-dening project to encourage agricul-ture among communities. A clinic was also established to cater for the community and missionary visitors. The mission became the nerve cen-tre for the London Missionary So-ciety in the region.
The Executive Director said that there will be more recitals about the heritage site on the day.                 

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