The South African Defence Force and the US army 101 Airborne Divisions executed a joint military exercise at the South African Army Combat Training Centre at Lohatla from 17 July to 04 August.
The exercise was based on a scenario where a combined RSA and US task group conducted peace support and intervention operations under the United Nations chapter 7 mandate.
The US army exercised a strategic lift by means of sea, air and road movement and the SANDF exercised road movement sup-port and replenishment.
The shared accord included a small arms firing, range mortar firing, javelin laser
guided short range missile and 84 mm rockets. Obstacle clearance by means of explosives and TOW missiles could not be viewed due to strict safety regulations.
All the objectives with regard to the exercise of the field training were reached with the aim to enable the joint staffs to co-ordinate the next phase and field training exercise to its fullest capacity.
This is a more robust mandate whereby belligerent forces are forced to disengage and to discontinue the armed conflict within the region of the exercise area in Lohatla.
 The closure was on 3 August during the official parade which was presided over by Major General Joseph P Harrington who is based in Vincenza, Italy.

The tourism sector welcomes the an-nouncement of the ‡Khomani Cultu-ral Landscape as South Africa's ninth World Heritage Site,” said Minister of Tour-ism Tokozile Xasa on Wednesday 12 July 2017.
The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) inscribed the ‡Khomani Cultural Land-scape on its prestigious list of world heri-tage sites earlier this month.
The area, which has now been recogni-sed by UNESCO as a site of universal value, covers the entire Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and is part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park bordering Botswana and Namibia.
The ‡Khomani and related San people are the ancestors of the entire human race. They descend directly from an ancient group of people who inhabited Southern Africa about 150 000 years ago.
"This exciting announcement brings with it prospects of development for South Africa and our neighbours, but it has global signi-ficance that extends far beyond our region," said Minister Xasa.
"The recognition will focus world attention on this iconic site and its role in the devel-opment of modern humans. This is where we all came from.
"We join our colleagues in the Depart-ment of Environmental Affairs in welcoming global recognition of our people and our cul-tural heritage. Minister Edna Molewa and her team are the official custodians of the site, but this achievement belongs to all the people of South Africa. 
"This is the heritage that our entire nation should treasure and preserve. We will take a government approach to ensure that all development takes into account the need to protect and preserve this unique environ-ment, the cultural practices of the local people, and all the heritage aspects of this amazing cultural landscape," said Minister Xasa.
"While we are still in the very early days following the announcement, we can be sure that the benefits of tourism develop-ment in the region will make a big difference in the lives of the local communities in the future," she said.
Minister Xasa said that the announce-ment also opens further possibilities to ex-plore the integrated development of tourism in the Southern African region, especially with neighbouring countries of Namibia and Botswana.
"The interest in this site is likely to spread further north through the African continent. We are always willing to work with our African counterparts to link and co-develop cultural and heritage products for the benefit of regional tourism, which makes a significant contribution to many economies on the continent.
"We congratulate our counterparts in An-gola and Eritrea for the simultaneous in-scription of UNESCO sites in their coun-tries. These announcements once again demonstrate the unique cultural and heri-tage tourism assets we have in Africa. We must work together to convert these assets into economic and social benefits, without negatively impacting on the environment, the culture and the dignity of people past and present," Ms Xasa said.
"We applaud the local communities in the area for their efforts to preserve their culture. This acknowledgement of the universal significance of the site will formalise and consolidate the continued preservation of ancient cultural practices and traditions," added Minister Xasa.
The ‡Khomani Cultural Landscape is asso-ciated with a unique culture which goes back to the Stone Age. The landscape has re-
mained relatively unchanged since humans were hunter-gatherers, and is managed by South African National Parks.
The other eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa are the Fossil Hominid Sites of South Africa, Maloti-Drakensberg Park, Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, Vredefort Dome, Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, Robben Island Museum, iSi-mangaliso Wetland Park and the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas. Ministry of Tourism

The region's leadership, various departments and other stakehold-ers converged at Cassel village on June 27, 2017 to commemorate Youth Month with several hundreds of locals expressing their appreciation of govern-ment, marking the role being played by the youths in their midst.
The event was organised and co-spon-sored by various departments, organi-sations, the district and local municipa-lities.
The keynote speaker was acting mayor of JTG councillor Gibson Anthony who said that the youth of today must take a cue from the 1976 youths. “You must take responsibility in tackling challenges that you face in a constructive manner. The current government is presenting enabling platforms where the youths can grab opportunities in each and every sector.
“The onus therefore is in the hands of every individual to search and optimise those chances. Be warned however that all these things are achievable only when education is prioritised. Education is central in the realisation of our ambitions and aspirations.”
The councillor said that youths ought to participate in government activities and structures so as to be able to identify opportunities as they arise. He further reiterated that determined youths should take serious decisions in the leadership choice guiding government of its intend-ed destiny in the socio-economic growth.
The provincial manager of National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Doctor Lebogang Moremedi said that youths must participate in economic pro-grammes of the country and emphasised that, above all, discipline comes first.
“This year has been declared as Oliver Reginald Tambo's. The ANC former and late President had all the qualities of a leader that we still emulate to be indoc-trinated amongst the current crop of leadership and youths. He encouraged youths to go to school. He was not only a good advisor within his peers, but a very good listener to the young and the elder-ly. He was naturally a hard worker,” Mr Moremedi concluded.

Just a day after his Department Budget's Vote presentation to the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, the MEC for Health, Lebogang Motlhaping, on Thursday 15 June 2017delivered on his promise of bringing 20 new emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles (ambulances) into service, whilst a remaining 18 vehicles are in the advanced stages of being converted into EMS vehicles.
“These vehicles will assist in our endeavour to render effective and efficient pre-hospital emergency medical services, including inter-hospital transfers and planned patient transport,” Mr Motlhaping said.
During the budget speech presentation on 14 June 2017, the MEC acknowledged that procurement challenges had reduced the operational ambulance fleet from 110 at the beginning of this year to just fewer than 70 now as a result of the high rate of maintenance ambulances required as they were going in for and coming out from repairs
The MEC also highlighted that the youth from the John Taolo Gaetsewe district will be trained as EMS control room staff to be absorbed in the department and placed in the control room for call taking and ambulance dispatching.
During the hand over ceremony,
MEC Motlhaping discouraged the abuse of ambulances within communities. He said “To you as medical practitioners, we are not here to hand over taxis, but ambulances that are meant to respond to cases of emergency and to save lives. These are not your personal vehicles, but state vehicles.
“I appeal to all that these fully equipped ambulances with their medical practitioners belong to the communities and in turn, it becomes the duty of the communities to protect them at all times,” the MEC said. NC Department of Health

The fraud case involving two Ga-Segonyana municipal officials held on July 05, 2017 at Kuruman magis-trate court was postponed to November 23, 2017.
The fraud case that involves R9.8-million was raised by the Hawks against the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang and former chief financial officer Ms Manela Semana and is still under intensive inves-tigation for contravening section173 of the Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 MFMA.
Appearing before the Kuruman magis-trate court, the accused number one was Ikgodiseng Business Consulting Company - a security company that submitted a fraudulent and disputable 2012 to 2015 ten-der at the municipality, with Lebogang Flo-rence Molotsi being the accused number two as director of the company and Mr Phidian Lester Ntsabo.
The two municipal officials feature promi-nently in the case for allegedly not clinging to the municipal financial act in the awar-ding of the dubious 3-year tender to Ikgo-diseng Security Company.
The company is alleged to have submit-ted an unauthentic tax certificate which  resulted in the two municipal officials being
held liable to the scam, because it was within their responsibility to ensure that documentation in the awarding of the tender was genuine.
While there could be the third “interested force” behind the lucrative tender that hinted the Hawks to look into the matter objectively, another quiz being raised by other interested parties in the matter, is the allegation that locals had been deprived of the opportunity as the tender was awarded to the North West based security company. This is where the bone of contention trig-gered the Hawks' involvement.
In his own volition, the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang responding to the Ka-thu Gazette's face to face interview, said “Honestly, how would I distinguish between a fake, replicated and a genuine tax certificate if the document carried all the features of an original certificate?”
Asked whether or not he knew the direc-tors of  Ikgodiseng Security Company be-fore the tender was awarded, as rumours were abound that there was some tinge of relationship, hence the element of compli-city in the matter, he politely reverberated, “I knew them as bidding applicants only.”  The case is still under great scrutiny.

Nadat die Universiteit van die Vrystaat  vroëer vanjaar die munisipale area van Postmasburg (Tsantsabane) be-soek het as deel van hul ekonomiese en be-stuurswetenskappe  afdeling se  navors-ingsplan, het  hul op 27 Junie 2017 tydens 'n inligtingsessie terugvoer oor 'n wye veld aangebied.
Die besoekende kenners en beplanners, Mnre Lochner Marais - navorser en Thomas Stewart en Stuart Denoons-Stevens van die Departement Natuur-en-Landbouweten-skappe het verskeie organisasies en instan-sies ingelig oor hul bevindings. Van die raadslede asook die GOP-beplanner van die munisipaliteit was teenwoordig.
Weens die opset van die plaaslike area en omgewing, was die fokuspunt hoofsaaklik die mynomgewing en bydraende faktore se invloed op die gemeenskappe.
By groter myne - waar 'n groot mate van meganisering teenwoordig is teenoor klein-er oop myne, heers daar verskillende om-standighede, was een van die bevindings. Die groei in dié myne is ook bevind is bo die gewone graad hoog, maar dit is nie sub-stansieel nie.
Onderhoude is met 1200 huishoudings oor 'n breë spektrum gevoer (waarvan 50:50 mynhuishoudings was en 250 uit die infor-mele sektor gekom het.) Ook 50 besighede is besoek – wat 'n goeie, omvattende studie behels.
Verskeie interessante bevindings is ge-maak, wat tot die beskikking van Tsantsa-bane munisipaliteit se GOP (Geïntegreede Ontwikkelings Plan) gemaak is. Die plaas-like GOP-beampte, Mack Jacobs, was deur-gaans met die kenners in verbinding.
Enkele van die bevindings was:
 Mynwerkers verdien meer salarisse en werk meer ure per week as nie-mynwerkers - ook meer as kontrakwerkers.
As gevolg van beter salarisse en meer werksure, is hul huishoudings beter af as nie-mynwerkers.
Ander gedetaileerde bevindings is : Breë werkloosheid behels 33%; beperkte werk-loosheid 26%, van die werkloses het 40% nog nooit gewerk nie. Van die wat gewerk het, is 50% langtermyn werkloses wat die af-gelope maand nie gewerk het nie.
Mynwerkers toon 'n sterk werksverband waarin hul baie tevrede met werksomstan-dighede is, alhoewel hul geringe maar nie erge “burn out” tendense toon.
Ook interessant is die feit dat 'n hoë per-sentasie respondente (2015-16) het verkies om in Postmasburg aan te bly as hul voor 'n keuse gestel sou word. word dat die inwonertal ook vergelykend toegeneem het.
In 2016 was die skatting dat die huis-houdings van 11 821 na 26 755 in 2035 sal verhoog – wat meer as dubbel die bevolking van die munisipaliteit in 2016 was. Op dié stadium was daar geen aanduiding dat myn-bedrywighede afwaarts sou neig nie – daar is aanvaar dat die toe huidige ekonomiese trajek net sou voortgaan. Daar was ook 'n onrealistiese verwagting in die vervaardig-ingsbedryf se groei vir Postmasburg beplan.
Behuising : In 2013 was 'n middel-klashuis vir R1,002-miljoen verkoop – in dié scenario is die prysval na R0,4208-miljoen (R1,3828m vergelykend met eiendom  el-ders in Suid-Afrika vir dieselfde periode.)
Weens die tekort aan voorsorg, visie en herstel van die ekonomie, kan 'n dorp vasgevang raak in 'n afwaartsontwikkel-ende dorp met min vooruitsigte en hoë af-hanklikheid van sosiale toelaes vir oor-lewing. Dit is die groeiende en kommerwek-kende neiging dwarsdeur die landelike ge-biede van SA.”- is aangehaal in die terug-voer.
Verskeie navorsingstatistieke is ook ten op sigte van water, sanitasie, elektrisiteit, ener-gie en vullisverwydering opgeteken en be-vat in sommige gevalle verrassende uitkom-ste, soos byvoorbeeld dat die emmerstelsel verkies word bo puttoilette. Ook dat eie wa-tervoorsiening verkies word. Dit kan moont-lik met pryse, die waterdruk of ander faktore verband hou. Gereelde en effektiewe vullis-verwydering is 'n algemene en prioriteitsaak by alle inwoners in alle gebiede.
Wat duidelik ervaar is in die navorsing, is die brose natuur van Postmasburg se eko-nomie weens  sy uitermatige afhanklikheid van die mynsektor(e) en sy kwesbaarheid as gevolg van veranderinge in skommelings en veranderings in die internasionale en na-sionale ystererts markte.
Die positiewe moet ook nie misgekyk word nie, het Mnr Marais ten einde gesê, maar alternatiewe ekonomiese stimuleerders saam met herstellende ysterertspryse laat telkens weer 'n lig in die tonnel verskyn.
Soos uit die gehoor ook genoem is, is dat voor daar soveel op mynhuise gesteun is, het die omgewing met landbou en ander voortspruitende moontlikhede vir 'n goeie bestaansekonomie en werksgeleenthede vir die omgewing se mense gesorg. Intrepe-neurskap bly ook 'n opsie wat veral met lei-ding, gewilligheid en skouer aan die wiel sit, menige huishouding kan bevoordeel.
Sulke indieptestudies is 'n goeie rigting-aanwyser waarop munisipaliteite en inwo-ners wat ingelig moet wees, beter voorsien-ing en beplanning aan die dag kan lê.
Misdaad, in verskillende vorme, het oor die tyd verhoog.

The Ga-Segonyana local municipality is to embark on upgrading the current Chisanyama business precinct into a state-of-the-art structure for small to medium enterprises as from July 2017 and it will be called Kuruman SMME Hub.
Current informal traders will have to vacate the place, the Kathu Gazette can reveal. Both the outgoing Municipal Manager Mr Edward Ntefang and the officer responsible for Local Economic Development Mr Boikanyo Modise concurred that the area is shoddy-looking, making it an eye sore to the tourist fraternity in the town.
Mr Modise said that while the informal tra-ders seem to be resisting leaving the place, as advised, to pave the way for meticulous planning, this will have to happen to restore hygiene and sanity in the area.
The precinct, situated on erf 809 belongs to the municipality and needs revamping by building permanent structures. The municipality, in conjunction with local mine Assmang Khumani, have made a pact or joint venture aimed at reconfiguring the dilapidated structure. A convincing plan is already in the hands of the local authority that departmentalises SMMEs according to their lines of trade within the precinct.
While this is a noble idea to commercialise the precinct, a group of people are spreading wrong influences to the current occupants, to resist them giving way to the rebuilding of the structure precisely meant to benefit them as well as other new applicants. The local authority is giving first preference to the current traders including the new ones.
Chisanyama is one of the dirty spots in town where the sale of stolen goods and drugs have been rampant to date. In a nutshell, the area is where every dealer haphazardly sells what he/she thinks can generate income by hook or by crook. Caravans facing the road predominantly sell food, while the rest deals with a miscellany of goods and services.
Another development by Transnet next to the precinct is on the cards and negotiations are at an advanced stage. The next project by the municipality is at the Kospot opposite Midas where a similar project will be undertaken.

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