Post Office Celebrates Spring Day

Streek / Regional

Kathu Post Office was one of three branches in the Northern Cape to participate in Spring Day Cleaning, which was selected by the Senior Management at their Head Office. Area Manager Mr Peter Saunderson, Administrator from Upington Dorene Van Wyk and Brain Clarke a Chief Teller, spent a day with the Kathu Post Office employees to clean their premises on 31 August 2016, ahead of the start of the new spring season. Members of the community also took part in the cleaning process.

 Branch Manager Monica Oliphant said, “ I would like to thank my staff for the good job they are doing to our clients and also for taking part in this Spring Day Cleaning, not forgetting the community as a whole that devoted their time to offer us a helping hand”. She added that it is essential that Post Office Branches must always be clean as they are the public faces for their organisation. The Post Office Spring Cleaning Day is the evidence of customer caring and their own corporate looks.


Kathu Post Office with their Spring Day Cleaning action.