Cassel hosts Youth Month celebrations

Streek / Regional

The region's leadership, various departments and other stakehold-ers converged at Cassel village on June 27, 2017 to commemorate Youth Month with several hundreds of locals expressing their appreciation of govern-ment, marking the role being played by the youths in their midst.
The event was organised and co-spon-sored by various departments, organi-sations, the district and local municipa-lities.
The keynote speaker was acting mayor of JTG councillor Gibson Anthony who said that the youth of today must take a cue from the 1976 youths. “You must take responsibility in tackling challenges that you face in a constructive manner. The current government is presenting enabling platforms where the youths can grab opportunities in each and every sector.
“The onus therefore is in the hands of every individual to search and optimise those chances. Be warned however that all these things are achievable only when education is prioritised. Education is central in the realisation of our ambitions and aspirations.”
The councillor said that youths ought to participate in government activities and structures so as to be able to identify opportunities as they arise. He further reiterated that determined youths should take serious decisions in the leadership choice guiding government of its intend-ed destiny in the socio-economic growth.
The provincial manager of National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Doctor Lebogang Moremedi said that youths must participate in economic pro-grammes of the country and emphasised that, above all, discipline comes first.
“This year has been declared as Oliver Reginald Tambo's. The ANC former and late President had all the qualities of a leader that we still emulate to be indoc-trinated amongst the current crop of leadership and youths. He encouraged youths to go to school. He was not only a good advisor within his peers, but a very good listener to the young and the elder-ly. He was naturally a hard worker,” Mr Moremedi concluded.