Municipal officials' court case postponed

Streek / Regional

The fraud case involving two Ga-Segonyana municipal officials held on July 05, 2017 at Kuruman magis-trate court was postponed to November 23, 2017.
The fraud case that involves R9.8-million was raised by the Hawks against the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang and former chief financial officer Ms Manela Semana and is still under intensive inves-tigation for contravening section173 of the Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 MFMA.
Appearing before the Kuruman magis-trate court, the accused number one was Ikgodiseng Business Consulting Company - a security company that submitted a fraudulent and disputable 2012 to 2015 ten-der at the municipality, with Lebogang Flo-rence Molotsi being the accused number two as director of the company and Mr Phidian Lester Ntsabo.
The two municipal officials feature promi-nently in the case for allegedly not clinging to the municipal financial act in the awar-ding of the dubious 3-year tender to Ikgo-diseng Security Company.
The company is alleged to have submit-ted an unauthentic tax certificate which  resulted in the two municipal officials being
held liable to the scam, because it was within their responsibility to ensure that documentation in the awarding of the tender was genuine.
While there could be the third “interested force” behind the lucrative tender that hinted the Hawks to look into the matter objectively, another quiz being raised by other interested parties in the matter, is the allegation that locals had been deprived of the opportunity as the tender was awarded to the North West based security company. This is where the bone of contention trig-gered the Hawks' involvement.
In his own volition, the municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang responding to the Ka-thu Gazette's face to face interview, said “Honestly, how would I distinguish between a fake, replicated and a genuine tax certificate if the document carried all the features of an original certificate?”
Asked whether or not he knew the direc-tors of  Ikgodiseng Security Company be-fore the tender was awarded, as rumours were abound that there was some tinge of relationship, hence the element of compli-city in the matter, he politely reverberated, “I knew them as bidding applicants only.”  The case is still under great scrutiny.