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The illegal settlement of Promised Land (Thuli Madonsela section) in Kuruman is in leadership squabble.
On March 12, 2016 the smouldering ten-sions came to the surface when two groups nearly set up a stage similar to that of John Cena versus Sean Michaels, but the timely intervention of the police rescued the situ-ation.
The man behind the establishment of the biggest unlawful settlement in Kuruman, John Bull, has been allegedly side-lined by an emerging young man by the name of Patrick Masilo, when it comes to the alloca-tion of stands at the informal settlement.
Mr Masilo had established his own work-ing committee that allocates stands and looks into the community challenges on a day to day basis. Mr Bull and his long stand-ing committee that has been doing the same over the years, felt that Mr Masilo was misguided and trespassing his line of authority.
In an interview with Mr Masilo, he said that the community is no longer in favour of Mr Bull, owing to a number of reasons that were making fellow settlers unhappy.
Strong allegations are that Mr John Bull is no longer paying attention to the needs of the people. The settlement has water chal-lenges and many other associated with un-systematic land invasion for human habi-tation. He further alleged that people dis-sociated themselves from Mr Bull, because he was reallocating stands if not fully erect-ed in three-four months. This did not go down well with the majority of occupants. Hence Mr Masilo thought he had the man-date to mobilise the same community, con-vinced it to establish another committee and therefore distance themselves from the John Bull leadership.
In another interview with Mr John Bull, he said that Mr Masilo does not know how the informal sector came into existence and therefore must not mislead the community on the pretext of being holier than thou.
It later emerged that the whole hullaballoo revolves around political patronage where the significance of numbers by individual parties is greatly aimed at ward 13, which is Wrenchville where Promised Land falls under. A meeting between the two camps has been set to balance the scales.

hereby invites all residents of Kgatelopele Municipality (Daniëlskuil Community) to attend an Annual General Meeting(elections) that will be held on 29 March 2016, 17:00 (5 o'clock ) at De Kuil Intermediate  School Hall. The CPF would appreciate the presence of all Government Departments, Business owners and Local NGO'S.
For enquiries feel free to contact: Captain Daniels / Constable Stalk at the following number: 053 384 0001

The Ga-Segonyana munici-pality hosted a multi-million rand event sponsored by the Johannesburg-based organisation called Lulamisa Sports Develop-ment organisation on February 4, 2016.
The event, dubbed as the biggest investment in the sporting arena around Ga-Segonyana municipality, was also graced by the National Lot-teries Commission President Pro-fessor Alfred Nevhuthanda and his Provincial Manager, Clive Moses.
Thirteen schools within Ga-Se-gonyana have been identified that will benefit immensely from Lulami-sa national programme that aims at ensuring that the 2022 Common-wealth Games to be hosted in Dur-ban and, a first in Africa, churns out commensurate competitors in the world extravaganza.
The organisation's Chairperson Malwandla Siwelya said that, in con-junction with local municipalities, they have a social responsibility to make a difference by equipping and developing sporting activities, es-pecially to learners from marginali-sed communities. He said that in conjunction with the National Lot-teries Commission, the national's aspirations can be met that enable local participants to meet the pro-jected international requirements.
Lulamisa Sports development or-ganisation is providing volleyball, table tennis, basketball and tennis equipment to the thirteen schools and will monitor progress at individu-al schools where a high level of com-petition among schools would be in-culcated to stimulate interprovincial contests.
In his keynote address, Professor Alfred Nevhuthanda appreciated the commitment made by Lulamisa Sports Development organisation and for inviting him to the launch of their programme as a clean show of transparency from the National Lot-teries Commission.
Professor Nevhuthanda said that the commission is a mere regulator in the running of lotteries, hence they are simply giving back to the players.
In his explicit and tacit words he said, “Lotteries were established os-tensibly to fund non-profit making or-ganisations to develop communities which is precisely what Lulamisa is reflecting today. We also give to those who look after the elderly, HIV-infected and the disadvantaged in society. This is a broad-based orga-nisation that looks into everything.”
The John Taolo Gaetsewe area was identified as the biggest and is the poorest, therefore it conveniently deserved to benefit through the institutional guidelines and pre-cepts, according to Themba Mabun-da, the Lulamisa Director.

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