Copper success

Wet & Orde / Law Enforcement

On 2017.01.23 Crime Prevention under command of WO Werner van As despatch to a business premise in Industrial Road Paballelo where they visited the premises of a second hand dealer. The react on information giving to them. There were a lot of copper pipes and bags of copper wire. It seems that someone try to sell the items to the 2nd hand dealer. They call out Sergeant George Steenkamp from the DPO office who also address 2nd hand dealers. There were 56 pipes and 440 kg copper cable wire. Normally copper sells for R65/kg meaning that the copper wire confiscated are to the value of R28 600.00 No arrest have been made yet but investigation continue. The details of the person selling the copper is known to the SAPS.


Just a note : Unfortunately the copper pipes are too long to be weight to estimate the value. Busy to solve the problem.