Dagga worth R309 500 confiscated

Wet & Orde / Law Enforcement

Two suspects aged 31 and 41 years old were arrested on Tuesday at Pabalello after being found in possession of dagga.

It is alleged that Pabalello Crime Prevention Unit followed up on crime intelligence driven information about a car transporting dagga. The alleged car was stopped and searched and dagga weighing 9.15kg was found inside the car. The suspects’ house was also searched and more dagga weighing 52.75kg was recovered.

The dagga confiscated amount to the street value of R309 500.00. Both males were arrested and charged with dealing in dagga. They are expected to appear in court soon. Police investigation continues.   

On another incident Pabelello police have opened an enquiry following the discovery of suspected stolen copper at a second hand dealer store. The copper is estimated the value of R28 600.00. no one has been arrested and police investigation continues.


From left to right: Sergeant Eilers from LCRC, Reservist Constable Manuel Mdelomba, Constable Leonie Tatushe, Warrant Officer

Werner van As and Sergeant Linton Beerwinkel.