Gamagara Traffic officers educate children about road safety

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The Departments of Transport and Education have emphasized the need for a long term road safety strategy that will include road safety education across the country. The Department of Transport confirmed that they have embarked on extensive educational programs, which have reached 90% of radio listeners and 80% of television viewers.

Children and young people have a high involvement in road crashes, so they must learn to use the road safely. Receiving road safety education as part of their normal school curriculum is recognized as being one of the most effective ways of providing youngsters with road safety knowledge. Road safety education develops knowledge, skills, attitudes and even more importantly - values that enable pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, drivers and passengers to use the road safely.  The Road Traffic Management Corporation has been tasked with providing road safety education.

The Gamagara traffic officials visited Sishen Primary School in Kathu to educate learners about their own safety on the road.



Lebogang Mothupi acting traffic manager, Miss Juanita Olifant traffic officer teach learners about road safety at Sishen primary school in Kathu.