Na ‘n lang afwesigheid en omstuimigheid by die Rietfontein polisiestasie is die gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum uiteindelik op 06 Oktober gestig.

Die hoop is uitgespreek dat dit die verhouding tussen die polisie en die gemeenskap sal versterk sodat die hele Miergebied ‘n veilige en aangename plek vir almal kan wees.

Kaptein Andreas, die stasiebevelvoerder van die SAPS Rietfontein, het weereens sy steun en algehele samewerking belowe in die stryd teen misdaadbekamping.

Die voorsitter, oud-Kaptein Martiens de Wee, het onderneem om so gou moontlik aan die werk te spring, het samewerking tussen die polisie en gemeenskap bepleit en het onderneem om die belange van die mense ernstig op die hart te dra.

Die forum sal maandeliks hul sitting hou en kwartaalliks met die gebiedspolisiëringsforum te Upington vergader.

Alle sterkte word die GPF vir hul werk toe gebid.


Op die foto verskyn die lede van die GPF saam met die polisie. Voor vlnr : Jan Basson - Sekretaris, Magrietha Eiman - Ondervoorsitter en Kaptein Martiens de Wee – Voorsitter. Middel vlnr : Konstabel Gerald Tieties, Freddy Raats - Tesourier, Moira de Wee – Hulpsekretaris, Baggie Josef – GPF Upington en Sera Beukes.

Tweede ry van agter vlnr : Kaptein JC Andreas - Stasiebevelvoerder, Ronel Titus – addisionele lid, Marsella Visagie – addisionele lid en Kaptein George  Brooks.

Agter vlnr : Kaptein Jacques September en Christo Esterhuizen.

On 9 October 2016 volunteers of Sector A and Sector B came together to clean the lampposts, telephone booths, power boxes etc from the inappropriate advertisements pasted on them. The initiative is a project of Sector B volunteers after several complaints from the community regarding these advertisements, as children in our community see these inappropriate advertisements. About 50% of the town is cleansed from these posters. 

A big thank you, to all volunteers who assisted with this initiative.




On Friday 2016-10-07 illegal shacks at the Gamagara dumping site as well as the Gamagara park in Kathu were taken down by the Gamagara municipality.  Kathu SAPS was present to assist if any criminal incidents might take place.  The people living in the shacks were warned in advance to remove their shacks.  A lot of complaints were received from the community about these people harassing them when they go to the dumping site to dispose of rubbish.

Since the beginning of September 2016, several successful arrests were made by the police. These crimes include cases such as possession of dagga/drugs, driving under the influence of liquor, possession of stolen goods etcetera.  17 Arrests were made for possession of drugs/dagga and 0.655gr dagga confiscated; 0,156 gr Tik; 0.0016 gr Mandrax and Ecstasy pills.

Two arrests were made for possession of dangerous weapons and five arrests were made for possession of stolen goods.

“The annual release of the crime statistics indicates whether we are on the right path or not, where we need to improve and whether we must work harder to ensure that we protect and serve our people to the best of our abilities.”

This was the statement made by the acting Premier of the Northern Cape, MEC Norman Shushu, while briefing the media on the Provincial Crime Stats alongside MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison Ms Pauline Williams and the SAPS Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Peter Shivuri in Kimberley on 14 September 2016 on the Crime Statistics Overview 01 April 2015 - 31 March 2016. 

For the period 2015/2016, priority crimes increased with 1.5% in the province. Sexually related crimes  are up 8.9% , murder down 9.9% ; robbery with aggravating circumstances down 4.1% ; assault with the intention of causing grievous bodily harm down 0.9% ; attempted murder up 17.1% ; house robbery down 13.8% and car hi-jackings up a staggering 213.3%.   

He said that crime does not only impact on the safety and well-being of people, but poses a serious threat to the economic development of the province as a whole.

The statistics are from the 91 stations with the new five clusters with provincial government demarcation with about 7250 police members.

He said whilst the province welcomes the economic growth in the province, it also comes with a negative spin-off in terms of crime and general criminal behaviour.  He explained that the influx of people into certain areas due to economic expansions such as agriculture, mining and solar parks also have an impact on the priority crimes. The increase of crime can be seen in the Kakamas, Kathu, Postmasburg, Upington and De Aar clusters, where the development is taking place.

Mr Shushu said that fire arms (such as pistols, revolvers, high calibre firearms and shotguns) were used as instruments in 1.88% of the total contact crimes.

He also said that financial gain, greed and drug dependency contribute towards property related crimes. NC Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison



NC SAPS Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Peter Shivuri, acting Premier of the Northern Cape MEC Norman Shushu and MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison Pauline Williams at the announcement of the provincial crime statistics.



Sergeant Ntombi Manie from the Office of the Station Commander Corporate Communication SAPS in Kuruman reported the following cases in the JTG cluster :



Business burglary

The police in Kuruman are investigating a case of business burglary that occurred during Wednesday night 20 September 2016 and Thursday morning 21 September 2016 at Kalahari High School. The complainant alleged that upon arrival at school as he was opening the premises, he noticed that there had been a break-in and he alerted the management of the school. Upon further investigation, it was apparent that the perpetrators had gained entry through a window after cutting the burglar bars. Three laptops were reported stolen as well as an undisclosed amount of cash. No arrest has yet been made. All forensic evidence found at the scene was sent for analysis. The investigation continues.




In a different case, a 3-year old girl was burned to death at her home in Severn on Saturday 24 September 2016 at 21:00. The mother of the deceased alleged that she took the child to bed. She left the child sleeping and went outside to sit with other family members. While outside, she noticed smoke coming from the house where the kid was sleeping. Upon the family’s reaction to save the child, the fire had already spread throughout the house and went out of control. The police are investigating the cause of fire. A case of inquest has been opened. The investigation continues.



Culpable homicide

In another case a 32-year old man was found fatally wounded after the vehicle he was travelling in was found overturned in Mothibistad on 26 September 2016 at approximately 02:45. The Mothibistad police opened a case of culpable homicide. It is not clear yet what led to the accident. The investigation continues.  



Sergeant Ntombi Manie from the the Office of the Station Commander, Corporate Communication South Africa Police Service, Kuruman JTG Cluster reported the following cases under investigation :




The police in Kuruman are investigating a case of culpable homicide following the death of a 32-year old man on the Hotazel road on Sunday 18 September 2016 at about 06:40.

It appears that the deceased was the only occupant in the vehicle. The police are still investigating to determine the cause of accident.

The name of the deceased is not released as the next of keen is still to be informed.  

The investigation continues.



A foreign national was shot at Lotlhakeng in his spaza shop and sustained injuries.

The man alleged that three males entered his shop and started shooting at him and then fled the scene.

The police in Batlharos have opened a case of attempted murder. No arrest has yet been made. The investigations continue.



The police in Olifantshoek opened a case of attempted murder after a 31-year old woman was found beaten and badly injured lying on the street. A 36-year old man was arrested in connection with the case. The police are investigating to determine what led to the assault. The investigation continues. 



The police in Bothitong opened a case of culpable homicide after a 16-year old boy was fatally wounded in a car accident on Saturday 17 September 2016 at approximately 14:00 at Bothitong village.

The police are busy investigating to determine the cause of accident after they found the vehicle overturned.

The name of the deceased will be released after the next of kin has been informed.

The investigation continues.



The police in Batlharos are investigating a case of armed robbery that occurred on Friday 16 September 2016 at around 20:00 in Maruping.

Allegedly the two foreign nationals were at their business premises when three armed males entered the shop and ordered them to the bedroom where they demanded cash while assaulting them.

One of the victims sustained injuries after he was beaten with the fire arm on the head. The suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash, two cellphones and cigarettes worth an estimated amount of R2000.

No arrest has yet been made. The police are following all leads. The investigation continues.

Op Dinsdag 13 September 2016 het die Polisie die Pikkie Pret kleuters besoek. Die vriendelike konstabels het aan die maatjies van die toerusting gewys, wat deur die Polisie gebruik word. Van die maats kon dit selfs vashou en aantrek. Hulle het ook gesien hoe lyk 'n polisie beampte in vol uniform.

Die maats het ook gehoor van die gevare wat skuil op straat en daar is ook verduidelik wat 'n vreemdeling is.

Pikkie Pret personeel bedank graag vir Konstabel Williams, Konstabel Meyer, Kenneth Khukhe en Gift Sebego. Ons het jul besoek baie geniet!