Communities in the Northern Cape are still in shock after the cold-blooded murder of a DA councillor at the Kgatelopele municipality in Daniëlskuil, Johannes Baaitjie (49) who was gunned down on Wednesday 17 August 2016 after having received a call urging him to meet for business.

Mr Baaitjie’s hands and feet had been bound with wire and he had suffered two fatal head shots and one in the torso. Another man, who had accompanied Mr Baaitjie, but whom cannot be identified due to the nature of the investigation, was seriously injured and remains in a critical condition.

The case has since been investigated by the Hawks Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation and on Friday 19 August 2016, Zoniselo Magawu (36) the ANC candidate of ward 1 in the Kgatelopele municipality, was arrested in connection with the alleged murder of Mr Baaitjie and the alleged attempted murder of Mr Baaitjie’s business associate who had accompanied him.

According to the head of the DA constituency in Daniëlskuil, Mr Baaitjie had mentioned to him on several occassions during the election that he had received death threats and a case of intimidation was opened at the SAPS.

ANC provincial secretary, Zamani Saul, condemned the alleged assassination of Mr Baaitjie. “The ANC condemns any politically-motivated violence and killings and calls upon the law enforcement agencies to leave no stone unturned in their investigation. The perpetrators of this senseless crime must face the full might of the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, the National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), Lieutenant General Mthandazo Ntlemeza, has applauded the Northern Cape Hawks for the swift arrest of a suspect linked to the murder of Johannes Baatjie.

“I am very proud that our members worked around the clock to ensure the arrest of the the suspect. This arrest is a confirmation of our resolve to ensure that our country’s democracy is not meddled with and those who perpetrate these cowardly acts are brought to book as soon as possible. Our investigations are still continuing and we cannot rest until we find everybody involved,” Lieutenant General Ntlemeza said.


Back: Sr Monica de Klerk, Sr Nita Coetzee, Mavis du Toit, Cindey Meas, Ronel Swanepoel, Rita Lombaard and Dorothy Amon. Front: Lebogang Sebuseng, Constable Wilma Williams, Pikkie van der Linde and Laurika de Klerk.



Female members of SAPS, Women Against Crime, Health Care Practitioners and other influential women visited Kathu High School on Thursday 18 August 2016. They educated the matric girls about breast cancer, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse and other pressing issues that they might encounter in life. They also invited them to seek help if they ever find themselves in such a situation.



Each matric girl received a bracelet to remind them of everything they learned that day.

A marathon meeting took place at Red Sands on August 15, 2015 involving executives of ASSMANG Black Rock, Community Concerned Group (CCG) committee and SAPS representatives aimed at resolving alleged sticking points to the spasmodic protests taking place in the Hotazel area.

This has led to the suspension of implementation of the skills database for the next two weeks by ASSMANG. Assmang was quoted as saying “As a result of the meeting held between Assmang and CCG on the 15th August 2016, it was agreed to delay the implementation of the skills database (Hiyer) pending further consultation over the next 2 weeks.” The CCG members who claim to be representing the community at large, though have no official standing in the community nor recognised by any traditional councils, have of late, singled out ASSMANG as a deviant to their inconsistent demands. As a result a highly specialised skills database organisation Hiyer led by its chief executive officer Denis Fourie was engaged by the mine ostensibly to register unemployed community members especially the youths in the district. The mine brought in this consultant soon after an initial stakeholder meeting was held in April this year which offered a number of concessionary offers aimed at meeting the plight of the community. The move was seen as a clarion call to answer the expectations of the community. Following this meeting the consultant and his fourteen local team members who already have done extensive strides in consulting traditional leadership in the majority of villages on the exercise has been suspended for the next two weeks by the CCG. The CCG wants to be given the responsibility to run the technically provoking exercise on behalf of both the community and ASSMANG. In addition the group wants to be paid for the service and that the mine has to procure and pay offices for them. Another meeting is set for August 29, 2016 to look into the chain of demands from the CCG. Registration of local job-seekers was continuing smoothly and the intention is to capture each and every community who needs employment from a cleaner to the engineer based in the district. The system enables the prospective employer upon logging in to access the school and educational qualifications, both academic and tertiary as well as direct home affairs verification of criminal record of an individual. This system is geared to be broadened beyond mining houses to widen the employment net. While the CCG committee has good ambitions to own this technocratic responsibility, it shouldn’t have looked at the gift horse in the mouth; instead it should have humbled itself first, negotiated for skills training from Hiyer and meticulously get absorbed by the system without applying the laws of the Medes and Persians if they have the community at heart. Secondly the very same CCG committee is unskilled and not employed and has no direct source of income, meaning that running of this programme will require contributions from community members to sustain office bearers. In a nutshell the whole CCG system is likely to end up a mere circus and consequently defeat the mine’s long term solution to the district’s unemployment woes creating even more challenges for the mine by other members in the community.          

Die AfriForum-buurtwag in Kuruman het Donderdag 4 Augustus hulp verleen aan gemeenskapslede wat omstreeks 09:35 by die plaaslike Pick ‘n Pay beroof is.

Dit kom nadat ’n AfriForum-buurtwaglid op die toneel dadelik na beeldmateriaal gaan kyk het by die PostNet naby die Pick ‘n Pay, en ander gemeenskapslede deur middel van dié veiligheidsnetwerk se WhatsApp-groep van die rooftog in kennis gestel het. Na sowat ’n uur is twee verdagtes opgespoor en deur dié buurtwag agternagesit.

Volgens Gonda Louw, AfriForum se streekskoördineerder vir die Noord-Kaap, is die plaaslike Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiediens (SAPD) dadelik in kennis gestel toe die verdagtes by die Spar in Kuruman stop en die verdagtes is binne oomblikke gearresteer.

“Dit het verder aan die lig gekom dat die SAPD al vir ’n geruime tyd na dié verdagtes soek op aanklagte van kaartdiefstal, huisbrake, aanranding en paroolvoorwaardes wat nie nagekom is nie. Daar is 11 uitstaande sake teen dié twee verdagtes.”

“Hierdie was weereens ’n bewys van goeie samewerkingsooreenskomste tussen AfriForum, die SAPD en die gemeenskap,” sluit Louw af

Oor die jare het die Rietfontein polisiekantoor onder ‘n wolk van kritiek deurgeloop. Hierdie kritiek was gegrond op die aanstellings wat gemaak is en die frustrasies oor dienslewering van die lede. Maar die afgelope tyd word die vertroue in die lede herstel oor die suksesse wat behaal word waar die polisie en die gemeenskap saamwerk.

Hierdie ommekeer het te doen met die waarnemende stasiebevelvoerder Adjudant Offisier Van Wyk wat dien as ‘n vars briesie op die stasie wat sy span so motiveer om weer met trots die leuse ”Ons dien en beskerm” wil uitleef.

Adjudant Offisier Van Wyk het op 20 Junie 2016 die beheer van die Rietfontein polisiekantoor oorgeneem en die volgende is die suksesse van hom en sy lede :

Twee verdagtes is vir die moord van die 37-jarige Petrus Eiman gearrester.

Op 30 Junie is twee verdagtes gearresteer vir die handel dryf in dagga.

Op 5 Augustus is inligting uit die gemeenskap opgevolg en ‘n verdagte is vir handel in dagga gearresteer.

32 Telkompale en kabels van R70 000 is gekonfiskeer en verskeie arrestasies is gemaak.

Twee persone is op 7 Augustus op heterdaad gearresteer vir veediefstal en het op 10 Augustus in die hof verskyn.

Op 11 Augustus is ‘n man op die Rietfontein grenspos met 17,41kg wat betrap en is onmiddellik gearesteer. Die gearresteerde was onderweg met ‘n huurmotor na Namibië op pad.

Alle goeie dinge kom egter tot ‘n einde en hierdie energieke polisieman se vlerke by die Rietfontein polisiestasie word op 31 Augustus geknip, want hy moet plek maak vir die nuwe stasiebevelvoerder wat op 1 September sal oorneem.

Die gemeenskap sal Adjudant Offisier Van Wyk vir die goeie werk en leierskap mis, maar hy word alle sterkte toegebid vir sy loopbaan vorentoe.




Die waarnemende stasiebevelvoerder adjudant -offisier Van Wyk

There is a silent crisis within the traffic department at Ga-Segonyana municipality since a month or so ago. Most of the fleet used by the traffic department has been deemed unroadworthy due to advanced state of disrepair. As a result a fierce argument was and is still being raised against the senior traffic officer Mr Lesego Peter Lungile for sending the fleet for testing.

The whole fleet was considered a safety-risk to the traffic officers which eventually led to his suspension charged on a totally different act of the law- insubordination, dereliction of duty and reluctance to follow instructions from his superiors.  Some traffic officers either resort to gathering at their offices instead of manning roads while some have continued inspecting the streets to their optimum but cannot do anything should shrewd drivers think of escaping out of the various offences committed because they are mere pedestrians who only need mere loyalty from motorists to maintain their duties efficaciously.

Traffic officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the vehicles have succumbed to age and with frequent breakdowns to meet the standards of the modern vehicles they are entitled to regulate on the road. They believe and strongly appeal to management that charity begins at home and as a result the traffic department must have an exemplary fleet to man other vehicles on the roads.

In separate interviews with some managers, they concurred with the issue of the dilapidated state of the municipal fleet and hinted that a frantic effort is being made to procure a new fleet that will meet the standard of operations.

They (the managers) however bemoaned that traffic officers too have become cry-babies who want to take advantage of the situation by relaxing during the day and pretend to be busy after hours to justify overtime. The issue of overtime, according to some officials, has negative fiscal permutations and correspondingly needs a thorough scrutiny while encouraging officers’ routine daily performance.                   

Die AfriForum-tak in Kuruman, gemeenskapslede van dié dorp en die Ga-Segonyana Plaaslike Munisipaliteit het onlangs rommel en tuinvullis wat in velde in dié dorp lê, opgetel. Dít kom nadat klagtes van die gemeenskap ingestroom het oor die swak toestand waarin die dorp verkeer en dié AfriForum-tak genoodsaak was om ’n skoonmaakprojek te begin.

Volgens Gonda Louw, AfriForum se streekskoördineerder vir die Noord-Kaap, is daar ’n ooreenkoms met die munisipaliteit bereik om kragte saam te span en die dorp skoon te maak.

“Ons doen ’n beroep dat die inwoners van Kuruman geen vullis in velde gooi nie, maar eerder met die plaaslike munisipaliteit reëlings tref,” sluit Louw af.

Raak betrokke by dié tak deur “Kuruman” na 32532 (R1) te SMS.