AfriForum se Postmasburg-tak het op Saterdag 23 Julie 2016 katogies op die eilande naby dié dorp se ingang geïnstalleer.

Dié tak het besluit om in te spring nadat dit onder hul aandag gekom het dat dié eilande ’n groot veiligheidsrisiko vir motoriste inhou.

“Sowat 20 taklede het bymekaargekom en 150 katogies opgesit. Dit is wonderlik om te sien hoe gemeenskappe saamstaan om ’n verskil te maak,” sê Gonda Louw, AfriForum se streekskoördineerder vir die Noord-Kaap.

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Lede van Postmasburg se AfriForum-tak wat die ingang beveilig het.

Die burgerregte-organisasie AfriForum het op Woensdagaand 20 Julie 2016 ‘n nuwe takbestuur in Kuruman verkies.

Die takbestuur bestaan uit Pieter Serfontein (voorsitter), Louis Pieterse (ondervoorsitter), Corné Kruger (sekretaresse), Etienne Louw en Paul Marais (veiligheid), Braam van der Westhuizen (plaaslike regering), Herman van Wyk (omgewingsake), Ansie Cilliers (tesourier), Danie Briers (brande), Jacques Dumas (bemarking), Gerald Tonsing (jeug) en Hans Kruger, Sybrand Smit, Tanya Aucamp en Aalwyn Niewoudt as addisionele lede.

“Ek is oortuig daarvan dat die nuwe bestuur ‘n groot verskil in ons dorp gaan maak,” sê Pieter Serfontein, nuutverkose voorsitter van dié tak.

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Die nuwe bestuur. Foto: Hettie du Plessis

On 14 July 2016 the ladies of Kathu Women Against Crime along with Constable Welma Williams and Warrant Officer Julana Cloete of Kathu SAPS visited the community of Kathu Plaas.  They handed out clothes to all the people as well as food parcels.  The members of SAPS also addressed the children on their own safety especially on the topic of sexual offences.

Huppel Hasies het op Maandagoggend 18 Julie 2016 die Kathu polisiestasie besoek, waar hulle Nelson Mandela dag gevier het deur die SAPD te bedank vir hulle goeie diens in die gemeenskap.

In the countdown to the 21st International AIDS Conference all participants went outside the Kuruman Community Hall to release balloons and lighting of candles


In the wake of the visible decline in the mining activities around John Taolo Gaetsewe district, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has deemed it necessary to come up with an emphatic drive that aims at reviving the fortunes of small towns. The Small Town Regeneration initiative comes at a time when the economy is confronted with overall stagnant growth led by the slump in mineral prices on a global scale. In the two-day conference SALGA defined its position by calling stakeholders in the region to work together with municipalities to expedite economic development processes. There was a glimmer of hope as experts projected that mineral production is yet to boom and therefore municipalities must not slacken from their accelerated development plans. They said the minerals (manganese and iron ore) extracted from the local mines are key to the world economy and still in abundance underground. The July 12-13, 2016 conference held in Kuruman strategically aims at the host town and Kathu as entry points to effective spatial transformation, stimulating economic growth and the ultimate creation of employment in these two towns. In his opening statement councillor Willie Johnson, the Northern Cape SALGA chairperson said that out of the five districts the JTG was prioritised as one of the 27 distressed rural districts earmarked for such development.

“The John Taolo Gaetsewe district which covers about 6% of the geographic space of the Northern Cape Province is used primarily for extensive livestock farming. Despite a long time decline in agricultural output, the traditional mainstay of the region, the Karoo’s population and the economies of its largest service centres are growing. There are real socio-economic needs and development backlogs. The economic potential of the arid areas has never systematically been explored, yet the region has a unique potential to be tapped for great economic investment. The small towns of the region are focal points of investigation and provide a barometer to measure the economic dynamics of the JTG district. The John Taolo Gaetsewe District Small Towns Regeneration conference aims at providing a platform for stakeholders to discuss challenges and approaches towards realising the economic potential for small towns in the district. The proposed outcome of the conference was to influence government planning priorities in relation to the role of Kathu and Kuruman as well as the need to optimally utilise existing infrastructure in these towns and to determine a role for and opportunities for instrumental stakeholders such as business and economic sector agents in the regeneration of Kathu and Kuruman” he wrapped.

On 13 July 2016 members of Kathu SAPS, Constable Welma Williams and Cst Ditsele along with Warrant Officer Julana Cloete of Employee Health and Welness Unit of SAPS visited the children at Mapoteng.  The visit was part of a holiday program presented by SAPS, Youth against Crime, FAMSA and the Safety volunteer of the Department of Safety and Liaison. They interacted with the children by means of sport and games, and safety tips were also communicated to the children.

On 18 July 2016, members of Kathu SAPS decided to do something else than “safety” as their part of 67 minutes for Madiba, by visiting an old blind man in Mapoteng.  The man is in his mid-70’s and he is staying alone most of the time. They cleaned his house, and put up new curtains and bedding.  They also handed clothes and food parcels to him.  The youth of the Bikers for Christ started to paint his house on Saturday 2016-07-16.