About 21 members of the community around Mothibistad area were nabbed by the police for public violence on July 5, 2016 in the early hours of the day. These were released the following day at Mothibistad magistrate court and will reappear on July 27, 2016.

Protesters from Mapoteng, Promised Land and Magojaneng converged at the Seodin Cross, Mothibistad junction, early in the morning around 03:00 and resorted to protests demanding for better service delivery from the Ga-Segonyana municipality.

The protest, predominantly spearheaded by the EFF members, has become consistent, clamouring for the supply of electricity, water and other services.

A month ago, another protest march was conducted, pointing at the same grievances in which a memorandum was presented to the Ga-Segonyana municipality authorities. The protestors went to Kagung along N14 highway where they burnt tyres in the early hours of the morning and an altercation with the police ensued leading to some of them being arrested.

After the arrest, members of the EFF went to the Kuruman police station demanding for their unconditional release of the detainees, or they be arrested too as a way of solidarity with their counterparts. They also demanded to meet with the mayor of Ga-Segonyana municipality councillor Gibson Anthony.

The police did its best to facilitate the meeting at 14:00 that afternoon at the station’s community hall. The meeting was however aborted prematurely when the EFF members demanded the release of their comrades as a precondition to the meeting they had requested.


EFF members besiege Kuruman Police Station demanding the release of some of their comrades arrested earlier in the morning

The SAPS Postmasburg is investigating the murder of Latoyo Bosch (22) after her body was found in her boyfriend’s bedroom at their home in Newtown, Postmasburg.

According to Captain Sergio Kock from the Provincial Corporate Communication office of the SAPS, it is alleged that the deceased was visiting her boyfriend’s house on Saturday 02 July 2016. Her body was discovered by her boyfriend’s sister at approximately 17:30. It is alleged that Bosch died as a result of suffocation.

Police are requesting assistance in tracing her boyfriend, known as Lebogang Christopher Mogabeng (29) as he can possibly assist with information regarding the incident. He was last seen on the day of the incident.

Anyone with information can forward it to Detective Sergeant Raneo Molelekeng on 082 302 0391 or 053 313 9329. The investigation continues


July 8, 2016 will go a long way in the memory of SAPS members in the John Taolo Gaetsewe cluster.

The force’s cluster commander Brigadier Phiwayinkosi Mnguni was elevated to the rank of Major General with effect from June 1, 2016 to become the deputy provincial commissioner responsible for visible policing. This has logistically necessitated his highly deserved transfer to the provincial capital of Kimberley. However the Major General would not just leave Kuruman station and the community at the eleventh hour.

He had to stay for a month in Kuruman clad in the new position, bidding farewell to all stakeholders who supported him in the past six years. A farewell party was held at the Red Sands to bid him farewell and commemorating his ascendancy to the highly esteemed position in the police force.

Every member of the police force yearned to have the slightest chance to speak about the newly appointed Major General’s character. Taking notes by my ears, there were numerous superlatives to do with his boldness and firmness that members of the force ushered. He was described as a humble and an all-embracing SAPS member and a fatherly figure, not a commander who just wanted things done his way. They also consolidated that indeed the position bestowed upon him was unquestionably meritorious. He has thirty six years in the force and befittingly the expression that says, “Follow the river and you will finally reach the sea” is descriptively appropriate of him. Giving his own account the Deputy Commissioner said that dedication to duty and courage will always yield positive results. He mentioned several transfers around his profession outside his home area of Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal; a strength that must be upheld in the force to maintain duty worthiness of members to deliver adequate service to different communities.


Major General Mnguni (wearing cap) flanked by fellow members, friends & colleagues at Red Sands.    

On 21 June 2016 the safety volunteers of Kathu, Kenneth Khukhe and Kedumetse Sebogo visited 89 businesses of A Sector.  The purpose of the visit was to sensitize them on the security at their businesses and to hear if they have any complaints that need the attention of SAPS.

Op Saterdag 2016.07.09 het die onwettige verkoop van ‘n skootrekenaar skeef geloop en ontaard in ‘n huisroof en verkragting. Die SAPD van Paballelo het reageer op inligting vanaf ‘n lid van die publiek wat na bewering in Kingstraat met sy eie huissleutels in die gesig gegooi was, en

het gaan ondersoek instel by sy woning te Azaliastraat. Daar gekom was die woning wawyd oop.

Die huis eienaar het sy selfoon vermis en ‘n verdagte persoon is geidentifiseer. ‘n Dame (Kongolese burger) het by die SAPD aangekom en gerapporteer dat sy verkrag was.

Saam met haar was familielede wat genoem het dat vier verdagte persone voor die voorval by haar woning te Ikepestraat kom navraag doen het of sy nie belangstel om ‘n skootrekenaar te koop nie. Sy wou dit egter  nie koop nie. Verdagtes het ombeweeg na Powerstraat waar hul weer by ‘n ander woning die rekenaar wou verkoop. Die 24 jarige Kongolese dame wou ook nie. Hul het egter die woning se deur oop forseer. Twee verdagtes het die woning binnegegaan. Die een verdagte bekend aan haar het haar verkrag en die ander persoon bekend aan haar het goed in die woning geroof.

Daar is 3 horlosies, sonbrille, Nike tekkies, ring en selfoon geneem.

‘n Deurbraak is gemaak en ‘n verdagte is opgespoor by ‘n woning in Dawidstraat waar daar ook beslag gelê is op een horlosie en die ring. Die skootrekenaar is by sy ouerhuis beslag op gelê.

Verdagte sal op 2016.07.11/12 in die hof verskyn vir huisbraak en diefstal.  

Followers of the murder case of Wandile Bozwana have been kept anxious as the case was further postponed to August 22, 2016.

According to sources the suspected culprits are baring it all like children swimming in a river. This is in the best interests of the sorrowful family, friends, business partners and the community at large.

City Press reported that two sources close to the investigation said that the man, whose alleged role in the murder was to co-ordinate the hitmen and liaise with the “masterminds”, was already spilling the beans on who were the real masterminds.

“He has already provided some information to the investigation team that will guide them to . . . more people who ordered the hit,” said a highly placed source. The publication reported R100 000 was paid to the hitmen and that politicians and businessmen were involved in the killing. Due to the planning of the hit, there was no way Bozwana could escape it. Ten individuals had already been approached to give statements to the Hawks investigators."

The allegations by City Press that businessmen and politicians who had paid the hitmen R100 000 were the masterminds behind Bozwana's assassination suggest that speculations that his death was a hit orchestrated by those who stood to benefit from his death, were not entirely off the mark."

The investigating team has so far managed to sniff out the role players in the barbaric act that occurred on October 2, 2015 and is still amassing corroborative facts from the assassins.

Information has trickled that some of the murder plotters are from the same provinces where he had massive business activities, ie the Northern Cape and North West.

While rushing into conclusions is not an ideal trajectory at the moment, the investigating from the intelligentsia ought to be given the space to get to the bottom of the conspiratorial murder. The truth is that an ordinary person would not just conspire to kill a man of this stature because, amid critics, he was seen as a redeemer and a role model to affluence. Anxiety is on the upsurge by those loyal to the late outspoken man that let the ultimate designers to the murder be named and shamed.

Having mentioned the Northern Cape as one of the havens of some of the masterminds, Kuruman residents have started smelling a rat.

When Cain killed Abel his brother, God said, “....your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground” Genesis 4:10-11. The key message is, “There is no secret or escape in killing a human being”         

During June 2016, the safety volunteers Kenneth Khukhe and Kedumetse Sebego along with the chairperson of the Kathu CPF joined forces and distributed clothes to the people in Mapoteng, to lighten the burden of the cold winter a bit.  The community welcomed them and were very excited about the parcels they received.