During the month of February 2018, about eleven arrests have been registered for drunken driving alone, says the Station Commander of SAPS Ka-thu, Lieutenant Colonel Neville Klaassen.
Lieutenant Colonel Klaassen said that most worrying was that vehicles are being overturned in the central business district of the town. This is due to drunken drivers not observing the rules of the road, causing accidents due to over-speeding.
“Generally there is no vehicle that can overturn at the strictly regulated speed of 20-40km an hour. Unnecessary accidents have become normal in the town caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. This time around, the police are taking yet another approach to ensure drivers obser-ve the law.
“The other challenge encountered is that
most of these accidents are caused by people without drivers' licences. As we approach the Easter Holiday, the police have drafted a special diary to ascertain that road safety comes first and that those caught outside the precinct of the law are brought to book,” he said.
Lieutenant Colonel Klaassen said that in the past two months, the numbers of drivers arrested swelled to about 40 and 60 re-spectively, and the majority of these were intoxicated. He said that the police have an instant breathalyser that can detect the le-vel of alcohol intake and this machine short-ens the argument between the victim and officers on the road.
Lastly, he said that road carnage can be controlled if drivers can abide by the rules that promote safety on our roads.       

Kingstone Vhiya (40) a Zimbabwean teacher, was stabbed to death by his grade eight learner around midnight on Friday January 12, 2018.  
The teenage learner at Bosele Middle School in Manyeding went to his teacher’s house. He knocked at the door. As the teacher wanted to establish the purpose of his surprise visit before opening the door,
the alleged learner voiced his anger as to why the teacher had failed him in his grade. The learner, aged sixteen years, has to repeat grade eight.
As the teacher delayed in opening the door, the learner went to the window where he found a cellphone and took it. The teacher came out now knowing who he was talking to and exchanged words. After the
dialogue the teacher returned back into his house, but little did he know the learner had a knife and was planning on stabbing him from behind.
The learner stabbed Mr Vhiya in the back. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The learner was arrested on January 14, 2018.     

The wife of acclaimed artist Walter Meyer has been arrested for his murder.
Police said the 52-year-old painter‚ based in Upington‚ was "stabbed with a sharp object" on 22 December 2017 around 22:00.
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Dimakatso Mooi said his 29-year-old wife Sophia Meyer was arrested in connection with his murder.
She appeared in court on Wednesday 27 December 2017. She later appeared in the Upington Magistrates' Court to apply for bail and was been granted bail of R2000.
Arts Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweeted: "We are shocked and saddened to learn about the tragic events which have led to the passing of iconic South African artist Walter Meyer‚ whose works have been exhibited and celebrated for over three decades. We send our sincere condolen-ces to his family and friends."
Meyer‚ who was born in Aliwal North in the Eastern Cape‚ showcased his work as far afield as Germany‚ New York and Na-mibia. He counts Power Corporation‚ Canada‚ the Rupert Foundation and the South African Reserve Bank among a long list of collectors of his work. His web-site is also brimming with positive reviews.
“You made banal sun-bleached deserts alive and shimmering, you were a master, light came out of your paintings. South Africa has lost one of our very few great painters. A giant has fallen. May you find eternal peace and light,” Beezy Bailey wrote on Facebook.
“He is widely celebrated as possibly the finest painter of distinctly South African landscapes that this country has yet produced‚” Ivor Powell wrote in the Sun-day Times.
Ruth Jacobsen wrote in Business Day: “These paintings are extraordinarily truth-ful‚ not merely to a catalogue of factual detail‚ but to profoundly experienced reali-ty. Collectively they speak of the integrity of the purpose of the artist.”
Rest in peace, Walter, your extraordi-nary art will live on for ever.
Times Live, DFA & Die Vryburger

AfriForum se takke in Kalahari het op 21 November 2017 memorandums aan die plaaslike polisiestasies in dié streek oorhandig om die fokus op plaas-aanvalle en -moorde te vestig.
Die memorandums is by polisiestasies in die volgende dorpe oorhandig : Upington, Springbok, Kuruman en Kathu. By die meeste polisiestasies is die memoran-dums positief ontvang.
“Die aantal plaasaanvalle en -moorde
styg onrusbarend, veral in 2017, en ons wil graag saam met die polisie werk om te verseker dat dít daadwerklik beveg word. Plaasaanvalle moet geprioritiseer word,” sê Gonda Louw, AfriForum se streekskoör-dineerder vir die Noord-Kaap.
AfriForum is tans in proses om strukture wat gemik is op die bekamping van geweldsmisdaad in dorpe en op plase te vestig en te versterk.

During the week before Christmas 2017, the SAPS Kuruman discover-ed dagga with an estimated street value of more than R50 000 hidden in the bushes near Seven Miles village, in the John Taolo Gaetsewe district.
This discovery was made after the SAPS received tip-off from a community member.
Upon search and investigation in the veld, plastic bags filled with dagga and a plastic basin with content weighing 11.9 kg were found hidden in the bushes.
In a separate incident, the SAPS recover-ed a vehicle which had been reported stolen mid December 2017 at Hotazel. The vehicle was found abandoned this morning in Kathu.
Several houses in the John Taolo Gaet-sewe were raided and  stop and search activities were conducted.  
Undocumented persons, including want-ed suspects, were arrested at a road block
which was held on the R31 between Kuru-man and Hotazel and the N14 between Oli-fantshoek and Kathu. More than five thou-sand persons and vehicles were stopped and searched. The focus of the road block was to search for illegal goods, unlicenced firearms, stolen goods and stolen vehicles.
Fines to the value of R16 000 were issued to motorists for traffic offences ranging from driving motor vehicles without valid driver's licences and permits, overloading, driving  motor vehicles without number plates, unroadworthy vehicles and invalid licence discs.
Community members, including motor-ists, were delighted to see high police visibi-lity. Some of them pledged to assist and to partner with the police in the fight against crime.
During the road block more than hundred and fifty crime awareness and safety hints pamphlets were distributed.

An instantaneous response by the SAPS Kathu to an armed robbery at the OK Foods shop at the Engen garage in Kathu, saved more than R200 000 that had already been bagged by a team of four armed men from Garankuwa, Pretoria.
The incident happened at around 07:00 on Sunday morning November 26, 2017 during the change of shifts.
A private vehicle, a Ford Territory, regis-tration number FK 51 NG GP was parked suspiciously facing on-coming traffic, with two men inside. The other two men had al-ready gotten inside the shop to execute the crime, but in the full glare of one of the em-ployees, who tipped the police off in the wink of an eye and whom responded like-wise.
According to the Station Commander of SAPS Kathu, Lieutenant Colonel Neville Klaassen, the two robbers inside the shop
had guns - one of which was a stolen police weapon.
The two-armed robbers held the manager and employees in the office, while another employee was alerted of the situation and tipped the police off, the police station being situated just a stone throw away from the station.
The shift commander, Warrant Officer Raymond Tlhankana, and his team reacted swiftly and strategically raided the place. As the robbers approached their vehicle with the loot, the police was already waiting for them.
All four robbers were arrested at the scene and were being detained at the station. The Station Commander was greatly impressed with the reaction of his force. He said that most of the armed robberies in the area are orchestrated by people from outside the region.

The chilling morning news on Novem-ber 15, 2017 about the brutal murder of Kat Fourie at his smallholding near Seodin by his relatively new employee and the subsequent attempted murder of his wife Mariaan is still haunting the Kuruman community.
However, the suspected culprit was nab-bed in the late afternoon on the same day by the brave team of the vigilante group Wanya Tsotsi in Colestone after a tip-off by members of the community towards Ditha-kong - around 60km away from the crime scene.
Working hand and glove with the police, the vigilante team brought the 31-year old man to the SAPS Kuruman station and he was later transferred to the Kathu holding cells.
Around ten o'clock the following morning the murderer is alleged to have committed suicide in his holding cell using a blanket, four hours before he would have appeared in the Kathu magistrate court.
The culprit, a Lesotho national who understandably had been employed for only three weeks by the couple to do gene-ral chores in and around their residence, went amok and went for the jugular vein of the famous farmer in the early hours of the fateful Wednesday, took their bakkie, kidnapped his wife and drove off towards the N14. The bakkie succumbed to a puncture - the probable saviour to Mariaan -
wherupon the culprit left her tied to the bakkie only to be discovered by police on duty.
Speaking to Wanya Tsotsi members who went to Colestone village to nab the sus-pect, community members who know the activities of the vigilante group saw this man at the tavern early in the morning buying two crates of beer and enjoying them alone. It was during his lonely party that members of the community became suspicious. And indeed, as the suspicion grew while turning and looking sideways, little did he realise that the tip of the gun of the slain victim was protruding from his jacket.
Then the community contacted the vigi-lante group in Kuruman who quickly mobili-sed themselves, organised a vehicle and left for Colestone. Upon their arrival they approached the “target zone” at different intervals as mere tavern regulars of the area until they were whole. They greeted him as is customary. Finally, surrounded him and quickly rushed for the gun. They then discovered that the internal clothing was freshly-stained with blood stains con-firming the heinous act.
The vigilante group strongly expressed that crime has no colour, race nor tribe and that the crime committed by the deceased suspect to the white farmer was equally painful to everyone, hence the swift re-sponse.

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