Huge amount of cash on N1

Community & Police

A multi-disciplinary Tri-Lateral Operation yielded much de-sired results, where SAPS, Provincial Traffic officers and Home Affairs in the Northern Cape brought criminals to their knees over the long weekend. The focus of the operation was to clamp down on criminal activities throughout the Province, in search of illegal fire arms, stolen vehicles, transportation of illegal or stolen goods, wanted suspects, undocumented persons and drugs.  Tri-Lateral Operation is a simulta-neous crime prevention operation on the borders of neighbouring pro-vinces, between Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape   
Two men aged 18 and 21 are remanded in police custody, after appearing before the Colesberg Ma-gistrate's Court on Friday,22 Sep-tember 2017, on a charge of money laundering. The suspects were pin-ned-down at a road block on N1 Colesberg Weigh Bridge, after they
were found in possession of a huge amount of cash.
The value of cash confiscated can-not be disclosed for investigation reasons.
They were travelling in a white VW Golf V direction Cape Town from Pretoria.
The suspects' VW Golf V was stopped and searched at a road block, where luggage loaded with huge amounts of cash was found
stashed in the boot.
On Friday, 29 September 2017, the suspects will make a reappea-rance before the Colesberg Magis-trate's Court, for formal bail appli-cation.
The Northern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Peter Shivuri, commended mem-bers under his command for their vigilance by bringing the suspects to book.