JTG Cluster office relocates to Siya- themba

Community & Police

The JTG SAPS cluster is being reloca-ted to Kathu within the next two weeks from Kuruman police station.
In an interview with the Kathu Gazette, the Cluster Commander, Major General Johan Bean, said that this arrangement is not an impromptu decision.
“The relocation of the cluster offices from Kuruman to Siyathemba in Kathu is a deci-sion that was suggested six or so years ago, before the construction of the new Siyathemba station and before my arrival here. The plan was in line with the reloca-tion of the Dingleton community, where the whole service infrastructure was set for Siyathemba.
“The Kuruman police station has inade-quate offices and no space to accommo-date expansion of the cluster team . As the SAPS Dingleton office  is being relocated to Siyathemba, so will the cluster office be
shifted  concurrently from Kuruman .”
Major General Bean said that Kumba will be transfering the SAPS Dingleton office as from November 6, 2017.
He further revealed that a skeletal team will remain in Kuruman that includes detect-ives and administrative clerks as more ope-rations are in progress.
The community in and around Kuruman feels it is of the opinion that whoever brought the idea and implemented the transfer of the cluster office to Kathu, has created a logistical challenge as Kuruman is more concentrated and central to the public.  
Regardless of whether villages are ser-viced by Bothithong, Mothibistad or Kathu,  the nerve centre remains Kuruman town, hence, they believe, the cluster office situ-ated in Kuruman was advantageous to all and sundry .