Murderer hangs himself in cell

Community & Police

The chilling morning news on Novem-ber 15, 2017 about the brutal murder of Kat Fourie at his smallholding near Seodin by his relatively new employee and the subsequent attempted murder of his wife Mariaan is still haunting the Kuruman community.
However, the suspected culprit was nab-bed in the late afternoon on the same day by the brave team of the vigilante group Wanya Tsotsi in Colestone after a tip-off by members of the community towards Ditha-kong - around 60km away from the crime scene.
Working hand and glove with the police, the vigilante team brought the 31-year old man to the SAPS Kuruman station and he was later transferred to the Kathu holding cells.
Around ten o'clock the following morning the murderer is alleged to have committed suicide in his holding cell using a blanket, four hours before he would have appeared in the Kathu magistrate court.
The culprit, a Lesotho national who understandably had been employed for only three weeks by the couple to do gene-ral chores in and around their residence, went amok and went for the jugular vein of the famous farmer in the early hours of the fateful Wednesday, took their bakkie, kidnapped his wife and drove off towards the N14. The bakkie succumbed to a puncture - the probable saviour to Mariaan -
wherupon the culprit left her tied to the bakkie only to be discovered by police on duty.
Speaking to Wanya Tsotsi members who went to Colestone village to nab the sus-pect, community members who know the activities of the vigilante group saw this man at the tavern early in the morning buying two crates of beer and enjoying them alone. It was during his lonely party that members of the community became suspicious. And indeed, as the suspicion grew while turning and looking sideways, little did he realise that the tip of the gun of the slain victim was protruding from his jacket.
Then the community contacted the vigi-lante group in Kuruman who quickly mobili-sed themselves, organised a vehicle and left for Colestone. Upon their arrival they approached the “target zone” at different intervals as mere tavern regulars of the area until they were whole. They greeted him as is customary. Finally, surrounded him and quickly rushed for the gun. They then discovered that the internal clothing was freshly-stained with blood stains con-firming the heinous act.
The vigilante group strongly expressed that crime has no colour, race nor tribe and that the crime committed by the deceased suspect to the white farmer was equally painful to everyone, hence the swift re-sponse.