Learner murders Zimbabwean educator

Community & Police

Kingstone Vhiya (40) a Zimbabwean teacher, was stabbed to death by his grade eight learner around midnight on Friday January 12, 2018.  
The teenage learner at Bosele Middle School in Manyeding went to his teacher’s house. He knocked at the door. As the teacher wanted to establish the purpose of his surprise visit before opening the door,
the alleged learner voiced his anger as to why the teacher had failed him in his grade. The learner, aged sixteen years, has to repeat grade eight.
As the teacher delayed in opening the door, the learner went to the window where he found a cellphone and took it. The teacher came out now knowing who he was talking to and exchanged words. After the
dialogue the teacher returned back into his house, but little did he know the learner had a knife and was planning on stabbing him from behind.
The learner stabbed Mr Vhiya in the back. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The learner was arrested on January 14, 2018.