Taxi war over territory

Community & Police

On March 19, 2018 taxi operators in Kathu express-ed their deepest provocation in their pursuit to make ends meet after one of them was injured by an illegal operator. The operators brought their collective fleet to a halt just across the magistrate court to ensure an unregistered driver of a Condor, who was arrested on March 16, 2018 for attacking one of his own with a hammer that deeply lacerated his left cheek, remains detained in the cells or else they would mete out befitting justice to him.
The genesis of the melee started in Mapoteng pick up point where the unregistered driver encroached onto the operators' territory and lured the
customers into his private vehicle. As he snatched the passengers, all hell broke loose.
The operators approached him and advised him to stop provoking them. He was surrounded by the operators, but was allowed the space to leave after their negotia-tions, however, as he was released from the scene, he left at such fierce speed that one of the drivers was hit.
The wounded taxi operator took chase of the culprit, managed to stop him and subsequently a real duel ensued between the two. The taxi driver disembarked from the taxi to confront the already exasperated Condor driver. Little did he know that a hammer was already in the Condor
driver's grasp waiting for the taxi driver to come closer. Indeed the  hammer did the untold damage on the taxi driver's cheek and he was rushed to hospital. He has since been transferred to the Kimberley hospital for speedy attention.
The culprit was arrested on the same day and was detained at Kathu police station for the court hearing on March 19, 2018. He was denied bail on the day and the case was postponed to March 26, 2018.
Taxi operators have warned illegal transporters operating in their area or hell will prevail.