Learner gangsterism needs firm hand

Community & Police

The entire country is haunted by yet another wave of lack of discipline in schools.
Learners are on the rampage, attacking fellow learners in and outside the school pre-mises for very flimsy reasons.
Educators too find themselves trapped in the fracas. Bankara High School was on April 18, 2018 in that wave of madness where learners stormed at each other in groups, terrorising those who still have the appetite to learn.
Police had to intervene to bring the situation under control but, as is usual, casualties mark the episodes of this nature. One of the learners had to be rushed to the Kimberley hospital after being butchered in the stomach.
The learners involved in these self-in-duced atrocities, carry lethal weapons to mete out justice against their targeted anta-gonists. This leaves the vulnerable educator equally engulfed in danger.
Most teachers in this area have raised their serious concerns about the level of learner delinquency driven predominantly by the use of drugs.
Educators do not see a breakthrough soon, as long as learners have access to these drugs.
Most educators, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that if the source of drugs is not eliminated, current intervention methods will remain ineffective, because the sup-pliers know their lucrative consumers are at schools.
 In Kuruman Mapoteng another group of youths created a similar drama on April 20, 2018, however the police, upon getting the
information, responded swiftly and this time upped their sleeves as a demonstration that they are obliged to control anarchy and hooliganism in children.
Adults now have realised that political rhetoric has created more harm than good to their children hidden in the false jacket of democracy and the misinterpretation of human rights.
If politicians have retracted from their failed policies and recycled the 'back to the
basics mantra'. Why can't they declare the Biblical mantra of 'Spare the rod and spoil the child too?'
Children have become like a vehicle in mo-tion without a steering wheel, with the hope that if you utter the words 'democracy or hu-man rights' it will take the preferred direction.
“That kind of thinking is delusionary and keeps us in this state of affairs,” concerned parents said . . .