Batlharos tribal offices gutted

Community & Police

As tensions remain high in the vast village of Batlharos, hooli-gans have taken a new twist to express their anger.
The tribal office had its two offices gutted by fire on April 23, 2018 during the night.
When the Kathu Gazette visited the tribal offices in the afternoon, the pre-mises were already cordoned off, with the main entrance closed.
SAPS members were on site waiting for the forensic team to come and as-sess the extent of the damage. The police were still investigating the mat-ter.
Reliable sources revealed that the chief and secretary's offices had been extensively damaged by the fire. The unresolved conflict surrounding the chief and her divergent community could be the source of the burning of the tribal office.
Authorities have condemned the burning of the tribal office as acts of lawlessness.