Detective nabbed for bribe

Community & Police

Temptations have spoiled the good work that the detective, Johannes Shupping (29) has been doing between Kuruman and Kathu stations. The detective was arrested in Kathu station on May 4, 2018 for allegedly taking a bribe to help out a complainant. The bribe, accord-ing to sources, was to be given in parts and the first part led to the arrest.
The complainant approached the detec-tive for assistance and as negotiations progressed well the detective allegedly end-ed up soliciting for something to en-sure speedy intervention was made. The client was taken aback on hearing that there ought to be something out of his poc-ket to have his matter attended to with im-mediate attention.
He took the matter to the Kimberley of-fice. The Kimberley office set a trap and availed the money that led to the arrest of the detective. He is on a R500 bail. A num-ber of allegations have been raised in the past where some SAPS members solicit or are sweetened to cut short the hand of justice. While this is a sad story to SAPS members it also must be an awakening call that wrong-doing in the discourse of justice has a very short journey